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  1. 43 minutes ago, slim pickins said:

    Sorry I missed your post Stephan. Was away part of last week. Glad to hear you got to finish Tora! Tora! Tora! Watched it many times. I just recently checked out the 2-disc special edition from the library. I'm a bit of history film nerd and enjoyed listening to the optional commentary by director Richard Fleischer & Japanese film historian Stuart Galbraith IV.

    Most of the films have been loading fairly well lately. All but one that is:

    Merrily We Live ( 1938)

    I also noticed the overview:

    and film info:

    databases are empty.


    Yeah me too, I'd seen it a few times before, but just had a hankering to rewatch. But that was the last WATCH TCM ON DEMAND  movie that I have been able to see that I have wanted to see since Thursday night.
    TCM went kaplop (for me & Win 7 Pro & Firefox) last Tues-Wed., then everything worked again for Thurs (Valentines Day), and Friday practically eveything refused to load again (just like in your OP). All except 16 movies which I had already seen numerous times, and half of those (that haven't yet expired) have also stopped loading now. Nothing "new" added since last Friday on will load, and so No WATCH TCM (except live streams) since last Friday.
    I am paying for nothing. And TCM doesn't give a rats Azz. So I am afraid I am cutting TCM out of the cable tier that I pay for (since I'm not getting it anyway) and going down to basic by next TVSP bill day.
    It has to be a Win 7/Firefox glitch at the TCM end, since no one else except those of us that haven't gone over to Win 10, are being screwed by this.
    And since there are still a diminishing handful of "playable movies left, and the Live stream still works, I know that it isn't an adobe Flash conflict, or really even a total Win 7 conflict.
    I've changed nothing before or since this happened at my end, so it's just TCM behaving very badly again.
    But this time I have really reached my limit and the only power i have is to stop paying to be an unserviced TCM subscriber.
    Anyway, good for you, for now. But beware as the past "norm" had been for TCM to mostly screw the various app and alternate device users, now it appears to just be us old-timers still using a PC with something older than Win 10.

    So adios amigo. And don't take any wooden nickels.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Swithin said:

    I remember the first song I ever learned. I was in a car with my grandmother and her friend. My uncle was driving. My grandmother and her friend sang "The Sidewalks of New York." I liked it so much I made them sing it again and again, and I learned it. I must have been four years old, or something like that. It's still my favorite New York song. I deeply resent that this great song has been overshadowed  by that vulgar "Start spreading the news..." song.

    Here's the song with the story of its creation.
    The Sidewalks of New York


    Great remembrance story Swithin. And the narration and vintage photos reminded me of something right out of a PBS documentary. That song is a classic and I've never heard it sung just like this before.
    Very sweet, almost like an homage to a bygone era.
    Thank you, and please share again.

  3. 4 hours ago, Michael Rennie said:

    Chromium is nice because it allows Linux distributions that require open-source software to package up a web browser that’s almost identical to Chrome and ship it to their users.

    Thanks again Mike,
    I'm all for Open Source Everything (Down with DRM, Up with Open Source).
    Yes, even good ole Firefox uses some of the "good" stuff from Google...
    I'll take the good stuff, I just don't want to be strapped by their lousy telemetry spyware anymore than Microsoft's.
    Firefox and Linux has stripped that crap out.

    I think I told you about back when I still occasionally used Google Chrome for troubleshooting. What happened is Googles persistent spyware wouldn't stay contained in the Google browser, it escaped and infected every other browser on my PC. It was a real hassle finally getting rid of it.
    Same'O when MS covertly started loading their Win 10 OS on my machine. I read up that they were were doing it to others and after I learned where the "hidden" MS files were located I was shocked to find that they were doing the same damn thing to me. 
    Another pain getting all that crap outa my machine and blocking all of the so called "security" updates that allowed them to do it again. And that was just the tip of the ice berg. After that No more trust in either Google or Microsoft.

    I remember back in the day when "Just Google it" was synonymous to doing a web search.
    I stopped saying that a few years ago, Now I say "Just DuckDuckGo it."

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

    Stephen, I remember when Roger Miller became a big star and had all those hit records.

     But I have to tell you long before that he had written a hit record for Andy Williams. Before anyone had ever heard of "Moon River".

    And Up until his death, Andy performed the song at his theater in Branson.

     I'm going to attempt to give you the title right now from memory:


    In the summertime when all the trees and leaves are green and the Red Bird Sings I'll be blue cause you don't want my love.


    Andy Williams and Roger Miller - (In The Summertime) You Don't Want My Love (1960)



    Thanks Princess, I remember the song, but not much about the history around it, so I just checked it out.
    In 1960 the song, written & performed by Roger Miller, was also recorded by Andy Williams, and The Chordettes, Skeeter Davis, and Teresa Brewer in 1961.
    But the lasting impact was not held by either Miller, nor any of the female artists, but as you said it was good old Andy ("Moon River") Williams.

    BTW, I fell in love with "Moon River" off the radio, long before I ever saw Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was another song that I liked so much that I memorized.

    Moon River - Andy Williams

    Audrey Hepburn - Moon River (Best Version)


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  5. On 2/17/2019 at 8:49 PM, Vautrin said:

    My father belonged to a church bowling team and sometimes he'd take me along. I was just

    a kid and had little interest in bowling. I just liked to run around the bowling alley and eat

    junk food and drink cokes. Occasionally I would sit at a table and watch the bowling. There

    was also some kind of sound system that played music. The one song I remember hearing

    was Walk Right In. It had a nice melody and those crazy lyrics. I got a kick whenever it was

    played at the bowling alley. It still sounds pretty cool.

    The rooftop singers Walk right in (1963)


    Ha ha, I remember that one, thank you so much. 
    A year or so later these songs came out and for some reason I kinda have them all jumbled together with the Rooftop Singers (in an appealing way).
    They were so catchy that I even memorized the lyrics to King of the Road and Flowers On the Wall.

    Roger Miller - King of the Road - With Lyrics! (1965)


    Roger Miller "Dang Me" (1964)


    Roger Miller - England Swings (1965)


    The Statler Brothers - Flowers On The Wall 1966 (Country Music Greats)


    Daddy Sang Bass By The Statler Brothers


  6. On 2/17/2019 at 6:18 PM, NipkowDisc said:

    55 years ago my family had a beatles 45 with Help on one side and three dog night on the reverse.

    boy, we shoulda held on to that...

    perry como?...

    SCTV - Perry Como Still Alive


    Too funny Nipper,
    These Perry Como songs were often on the radio when I was a kid.
    (I ended up memorizing the lyrics of the last two). :)

    Perry Como - Catch a Falling Star (Audio)


    Perry Como - And I Love You So (Lyrics)


    Perry Como "It's Impossible"


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  7. On 2/17/2019 at 5:36 PM, cigarjoe said:

    Great string of nostalgia there CJ.
    I fondly remember each as if it were yesterday, thanks

    Imagine, almost sixty years ago, two little kids, one on the west coast, and 2,500 miles away, another over on the east coast, and they may have been listening to the exact same music at the same time. Probably both humming, whistling or singing the same tunes, with their little transister radios held up to their ears.

    I do believe that music can create a bond of "sameness" that transcends all distances and boundaries. :)

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  8. On 2/17/2019 at 5:53 PM, Princess of Tap said:

     I bought my first Yardbirds record in 65, "For Your Love". I was always disappointed that they didn't go further in the charts or in American popularity. Technically they were A Cut Above the Rest. And their debut number was Superior to anything The Byrds or The Rolling Stones had done for their first outing.

     All their numbers were good and I thought all their records were worth buying, but my favorite was "Over Under Sideways Down Backward Forward Square and Round"-- I think that's right because it's been quite a few years.

    I lost track of Jeff Beck in the 70s, but found him around the mid-80s in an album with Rod Stewart: "Infatuation".  Of course, their tour never quite got off the ground for obvious internecine squabbling. Though the two of them did a nice version of "All Right Now" in that album.

     Then much to my amazement in recent years Jeff hooked up with Brian Wilson. Apparently that worked for a little while too.

    for Princess,

    Yardbirds - For Your Love (1965)

    The Yardbirds- Over, Under, Sideways, Down


    Rod Stewart (with Jeff Beck) 1984 Infatuation - LIVE!


    Rod Stewart - All Right Now (Vinyl)


    Brian Wilson with Jeff Beck - Our Prayer / Child Is Father To The Man / Surfs Up


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  9. 1 hour ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

    Two pictures are worth one Kuleshov Effect.

    See where the bias creeps in? The instant loss of rigor? Put any two images side by side and falsehood is the immediate result. Heck, this is what may have led in the first place, to all the wonky coffee-table book popculture theories out there, wouldn't surprise me... :wacko:


    Great, Thank you Sarge for introducing an interesting and very relevant subject (esp. for an "off-topic" movie website)
    And after reading the Wikipedia write up on the subject (since it is, after all, about video image juxtapositions) I present a series of non-textual illustrative adjuncts.

    The Kuleshov Effect

    Kuleshov Effect / Effetto Kuleshov

    The Kuleshov Effect - Everything You Need To Know

    The Kuleshov Effect- A Silent Experiment


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  10. On 2/18/2019 at 5:41 PM, cigarjoe said:

    Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, I've read his Attack and Defense of Fortified Places, he could tell you exactly how long a defence would last. There are some nice examples of his fortification designs here in the Eastern part of North America.

    Image result for Fort Ticonderoga

    Ft. Carillon (Ticonderoga)

    Image result for louisbourg fort


     Image result for Fort. Duquesne

    Ft. Duquesne

    Great aerial views of classic "Star" forts. The design offers an adequately manned fort to present overlapping fields of fire on each side.
    For their day and age, they were as close to impregnable as the word implies.

    Sébastien Le Prestre de Vaubanébastien_Le_Prestre_de_Vauban


  11. 3 minutes ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

    frankly I find much of digital 'culture' horrifying. It engenders fuzzy-mindedness; I see people turning into dribbling simpletons before my eyes. Unable to think, assess, question, defy, imagine, plan, or create. Unable to place a finger on the lowest rung of the Kohlberg Scale.

    What a bleak future for humanity this portends. :huh:
    Let us hope that this thread, tiny and videocentric as it is, may offer one small candle to enlighten the darkness upon which we tread.

  12. 4 hours ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

    Unfortunately, I really can't make any promises. I appreciate your seeking my inclusion in the project however, and I thank you for the kind words on my activity here so far. But see, well... Youtube simply gives me a significant headache ...with all the ads and the jargon and the silly icons which need figuring out every time. Second, I just despise 'videos' in general. They don't promote critical thinking as does reading. I can't evaluate or verify anything I might view in a video; whereas I can do so with most texts. An example of one of the few vids I've watched so far (YTD) was the 'found-footage' of the San Francisco earthquake and the streetcar footage of olde New York. But all those dinosaur videos I had to skip. Who made them? Where do they come from? Un-sourced information is just not my thing. 

    I understand where you are coming from. And as a sole source of "information" I do agree with you.
    And I too dislike the embedded "ads" in several of the more lengthy YouTube video's.
    That said, however, I've discovered that once a video has been linked elsewhere, such as a thread in these boards, that any associated disruptive ad does not follow it.
    And too, anybody can say anything, which is why all things need to be fact checked from reputable sources.
    But as a "teaching" tool it is pretty difficult to beat video as it stimulates two of our most receptive senses (sight and sound). And again, the subject matter on a video may already have been well researched and authenticated by the viewer, but presented in both an entertaining, informative and reaffirming way.

    I am thinking that in some of the videos that I will link here that you will already be well informed about the subject and in full agreement. And if not, pause, and web search the topic and present a counter-argument, or expansion upon the subject matter.

    I suspect when I begin posting some of the more controversial "debated" topics, that there may be many such posts.... And I welcome them as that is part of the learning process.

    The dino videos, I posted are easily verifiable by any who care to check. Unless one attempts to counter that evolution is a mere theory which lacks substance of any kind.
    Or if one happens to be a member of the 'Flat Earth Society' which requires quite a bit of information often presented in simplistic albeit accurate terms to make it digestible.

    BTW, I have a few more little map/videos that are rather concise, but very informative in an an audio visual sense.

    I will follow this with a link or two that I'd planned to save for later, but as examples of what I am talking about.
    I know that You possess critical thinking skills, and I welcome any inquisitive and informed discussion about anything.
    Hang in there with us, Sarge. You may find some of this stuff to be pretty good.

  13. 3 hours ago, Michael Rennie said:

    I am not going to visit you in the funny farm when you go bonkers without TCM.

    Boy, I sure hope that TCM withdrawals won't require regular hits with Narcan.
    Especially since everybody here will say "I told you so," and nobody will come to visit me with candy and flowers. :(

    3 hours ago, Michael Rennie said:

    Maybe you worry too much. Just buy a streaming product and enjoy TCM.

    How sad it will be if it comes down to that, one PC just for the internet only with (god forbid) Windows 10 on board.
    No escaping it, evil controls all that we see and hear, and monitors everything that we do.
    And it's name is Microsoft, and its archangel is Google. :rolleyes:;)

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  14. 12 minutes ago, Michael Rennie said:

    According to this article, which isn't completely current, yes for Hulu's website and Windows 7.


    Thanks Mike, I am aware that Hulu used to support Win 7, and this 2017 link is certainly closer to the present than 2010.
    But the reason why I ask is because Hulu's own site fails to make any mention of any Windows OS other than Win 10 in their system recommendations link (and you know how I feel about Win 10).


  15. 3 minutes ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

    fun to skim on Gutenberg

    Yes, truly.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    In this threads reserved post I will include all those "World Library" links that I posted in the "birds" thread.

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