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  1. We all go a little mad sometimes, right?

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    2. Stephan55


      I started watching TCM back in '94, but didn't grow to regularly appreciate the uniqueness of the channel until later. Eventually discovered the website and became interested enough to periodically lurk for a couple of years before I finally joined to post a question in 2008.
      I'm not a frequent poster, but I do regularly come back here to see what's going on and make a comment every now and then.
      Sometimes, after a dry spell, I'll discover that someone that I used to get a kick from hasn't posted for several months, then wonder if they are still around, or just got tired of this place.
      A few of the real regular characters that I used to enjoy reading and chatting with on occasion have since passed away.
      All I knew of them was from these boards, but a couple of us here researched and referred those of us interested to links about lives we never fully knew or could appreciate while they were with us! 
      Such is the consequence of non-personal communication and anonymous use of character names and avatars.

    3. Muster


      That's a long time to be on here, yeah i havent made real friends on here maybe its not the right place but i definetly am glad to be around people who love classic movies, its so amazing!

    4. Stephan55


      I don't think that it's possible to make "real" friends with anyone just posting on an internet board.
      But it is possible to appreciate some of the posts and (in a very narrow way) develop some kind of a simple perspective and "appreciation" regarding those who write them. Perhaps more so if the subject matter is limited to that of "classic" (whatever that word means) movies.
      So if that kicks your starter, then you are in the "right" place! :)

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