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  1. We all go a little mad sometimes, right?

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    2. Muster


      That's awesome Psycho is one of my favorite movies too, smh it sounds like more of a downgrade :angry: #JusticeForStephan

    3. Stephan55


      Well, that's what I thought as well. In the beginning it was a real mess. They've straightened out most of the quirks by now, and we're adapting to the rest. However some of the "good" features have been sacrificed in the process.
      Stick around long enough and you'll see it happen again.
      A major one usually occurs about every two or three years or so.
      What I dislike most is losing simple access to all the old posts, and my conversations with some folks that are no longer here. Some of those posts made me laugh out-loud.
      I believe that they still exist, but without the old thread links or knowing the thread title, I can't find them (going back several years now).
      For future reference, if there is something posted that you think you might want to read again or refer to at a later date, save a copy of the post or link someplace outside of these boards.

    4. Muster


      Damn bruh that really sucks :angry: that seemed like a genuinely great feature to have. How long have you been here?? 

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