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  1. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    Banned, Politically Incorrect Pre-Code Cartoons... (some of us can remember watching these on TV) More Banned Betty.... Colorized version....(Not for Purists)
  2. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars! Been looking for a more appropriate forum to place this thread, and this one appears to be it. If someone has already created a similar thread here, please let me know about it and I'll request to have my thread "fused" with that one. Really Love these little musical tributes with either video or photo montages. Please contribute your favorites (or any that amuse/entertain/make you smile, or shed a tear) here to share with myself and the rest of us who enjoy such loving creativity! Thanks all Hah, Love it. That song was very popular among the "green" crowd I hung with in the late eighties. Along with that dancing baby, what was the name of that dance....??? Ah yes, The Macarena! Long version, Full song Another goody And another.... And.... You Likey?.... Take that, Dancing With The Stars! More! And More.... For those romantics among us.... Come on, you know you Love this... A beautiful woman with beautiful music.... More Music please.... Just one more.... How about... And for the Ladies... And for us Boomer boys! Sadly.... For Speedracer & Tom.... For those who Can't get enough Flynn? In with Flynn... Back to the beginning... And Forward, Toward the End.... Ahhh those glorious 50's.... Really loving this YouTube channel, one fused hit after another! Finding it extremely addictive... a lucky find. Well I'm sure I could keep this up all night, in fact I just did. I certainly hope that those of you who stuck with this enjoyed it as much as I did sharing it with you. So for all you Lovely Ladies and Fine Gents out there in TCM land, this is radio Stephan55, wishing you pleasant dreams, and goodnight!
  3. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    Like Vintage Horror?
  4. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    Heady for Hedy?.... In Any Language, Beautiful!
  5. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    Anyone Like Mae? Oh that Delilah! No wonder Samson fell.... Smart Lady.... Take your time with Mae.... She's No Angel, but....
  6. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    The Roaring Twenties! The Jazz Age!
  7. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    We Can Dance! 110 Years of Dance! (in 4 min)
  8. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    Anybody still like Swing? How About..... More.... Like Funk?
  9. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    Let's Dance... with the Stars! Want More Bowie.... Show us How it's Done, Ladies!
  10. ...REMOVE THE CHAMP FROM ON-DEMAND! Either Remove THE CHAMP (1931) from the TCM ON-DEMAND line-up this week, or MAKE IT COMPLETELY VIEWABLE! Leaving less than Half of the movie ON-LINE only makes TCM look Bad, and makes those of use who try to view it frustrated and angry! I reported this issue here last Sat. AM (2/17/2018), You promptly DELETED that thread without comment. It's NOW late Monday and the issue is still unaddressed and unresolved! And Moderator, Please DO NOT DELETE MY THREAD this time, without at least showing me the courtesy that you have forwarded this concern to "whomever" it is that you occasionally forward our concerns to, and that "they" are aware of the problem, and are addressing it (one way or the other)!
  11. Musical Montage Tributes to our favorite Stars!

    And now, back to... The Macarena Everybody Loves The Macarena!
  12. But I wish you'd reconsider Joe, cause I think with your mastery of the concise post, you'd end up with a lot of followers here. I know I'd be one!
  13. Sorry Joe, once you sign yourself in as a member here whatever information provided (intentionally or not) becomes the sole and exclusive property of TCM to use, share, or sell as they so wish. All of us here are owned by TCM!!!
  14. Mad Scientist Review Board

    SansFin is BACK!!!!
  15. Mad Scientist Review Board

    Does anyone here remember seeing a flick that I haven't seen since I first saw at the drive-in back when.... I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) which featured a very young Michael Landon as the experimental victim of an evil doctor played by the iconic character actor, Whit Bissell. Landon is a teen with anger management issues that make him the perfect "candidate" for Bissell's primitive regression experiments. It was the first half of a horrific double feature paired with... you guessed it I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (1957) also starring Whit Bissell, who in this one plays Professor Frankenstein (a descendant of the original) who takes the mangled corpses of teenage automobile accident victims and reassembles them. It was back in those days when I also first saw the original Fly and Return Of... Oh and The Alligator People (1959) which featured George Macready (I think as a doctor, but can't remember if he was evil or "mad" in that one), also Bruce Bennett, and a one armed alligator hater played by Lon Chaney Jr. I do remember there were some experiments involved which turned a tortured soul into a two legged alligator. But likewise haven't reseen that one since those old drive-in days, so memories are kinda vague.
  16. Who Has the Best Male Figure in Hollywood?

    Now it is as clear as mud to me why their wee wee's are so small, in contrast to the rest of them... Of course marble can be kinda cold, so that may be an explanation for that one. Seriously though, Michelangelo's Pieta is really out of proportion, but most observers never seem to notice it because the perspective is almost perfect.
  17. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    That's it Tom, Beam Ends. It was an early biographical book of Flynn's memoirs of adventure sailing around Australia & New Guinea back when he was a young man. I think it was first published in the mid '30s. I remember first reading it when I was still quite an impressionable young lad myself. And again many years later I checked it out from a library. I've since searched for a copy to "own" but it has been out-of-print a number of years now and whenever I look for it in used book stores it is terribly overpriced. Seems there's always someone desiring to make an obscene buck off Flynn, even today. I do own a well worn paperback copy of My Wicked, Wicked Ways, Flynn's reflective autobiography written shortly before his death. He also wrote another book, a work of pure fiction, that no doubt was also pure Flynn. Gonna have to check that one out, now that I'm at a safer (less impressionable) age to do so. I feel for what you said: "Flynn was almost alone as a rogue to envy. It's a damn shame that with so much going for him he was also self destructive." Not exactly the best role model for anyone to want to follow. In fact the antithesis of one. Still I've always been attracted to such lovable rogues. And I went through a potentially "self-destructive" phase during my life as well, though I didn't exactly realize it as such at the time. I was one of the "lucky" ones, who pulled out before it was time to pay the piper.
  18. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    Ha, a suitably ugly photo of her. Leona Helmsley aka "The Queen of Mean" "We don't pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes" Hah, also sounds like something Trump laughingly says when he "files" his....
  19. programming changed

    I could really go off on a rant here, but suffice that I certainly believe that it is disgraceful for the pharmaceutical industry to have such political clout in this country that they are allowed to "rape" the general populace with impunity for the sake of obscene levels of corporate gain (read that greed). Of course those sentiments can easily be applied to a host of corporate "industries" in the states, and elsewhere. sadly.
  20. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    I agree 100%. Great topic for a thread. Too bad we don't have access to that second Flynn film, cause in his third (also missing in action) Murder at Monte Carlo (1934) he was already being cast as the lead. Tom would've been the ideal person for that one. So which of you guys are going to follow through with this???.... Right now I'm being stumped by this thread, but off the top I'm thinking of some silent star like Valentino who may still have some of his very early films around before he became the great heart throb of women everywhere. I feel certain there are many others. Very few, aside from Flynn, seemed to become a lead star practically over night. Most of them had to work at it for awhile. I mentioned earlier BEN HUR (1925), there was a whole shebang of future stars as extras in that one. But try as I may, even freeze framing, it's like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack trying to locate any of them in those massive crowd scenes. But then they're all in costume, and I'm not exactly sure of what they'd look like to recognize them even if I saw them. But I'm certain there are many others. Which one of you guys wants to step up to bat on this one?
  21. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    You're very welcome TJ, I much enjoyed them myself. Without looking I couldn't have identified the titles, but I was aware of a couple of "lost" British films that he'd been in after In the Wake of the Bounty (1933) and before Captain Blood (1935). I would love if a copy of those would be "rediscovered" in someones private collection sometime. I have tried to get a look at practically everything he's been in, or that has been made about him. Even read a couple of his books. I had a "black sheep" elder uncle who I saw photos of when he was a young man in the late '30's-early '40's and he could have been Flynn's twin. My mom, aunts and uncles told me stories about him, how he had the gift of gab and was able to charm the socks off of both women and men. He was married several times simultaneously. He would charm a girl and her entire family, marry her, treat her like a queen, and then up and vanish. All his wives apparently still loved him and wanted him back, even after they'd hire a detective and discover that he'd be in another town, often in a different state, and married to another girl, doing the same thing all over again. He was hauled into court for bigamy on more than one occasion, but none of these women ever prosecuted. They just wanted him back. He sounded so amazing to me that I once fancied following in his footsteps. But I never had Flynn or my uncle's fantastic looks or charm, so my early efforts at juggling more than one girlfriend at the same time often ended in dismal failure. I think my mistake was trying to conceal one girl from another in the same school. Girls and women do talk to each other, and share stories about their boyfriends. I'd eventually be confronted and end up losing out on both. When I obtained my own set of wheels and could cavort with girls from different schools I had better luck. But sadly my eyes always seemed to be bigger than my... ahem, in those days. And I do reflect with a sense of shame about some of my behavior from back then. Sorry about straying off subject a bit, but that is how Flynn indirectly affected me when growing up. After all, what adolescent in their juvenile mind, after watching Captain Blood, and Robin Hood, et al, wouldn't want to be like Errol Flynn.
  22. Mad Scientist Review Board

    You may be right about that Nipper, but the two sci-fi horror precodes directed by Michael Curtiz Doctor X (1932) and Mystery of the Wax (1933) were also filmed in full color, albeit using the two-strip technicolor process, still pretty good, esp. back then. Both of those films were "horrific" and featured the lovely Fay Wray (as the heroine) and Lionel Atwill (who could also be pretty sinister)...
  23. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    Isn't it though... I marvel as as well. Some people I know, that know little about any of this stuff themselves, think that I know a lot. Then I come on these boards and realize how much of a "piker" I really am. I'm thankful we've got folks around here like Tom and several others who really do know a lot about this stuff we all seem to love, and are so non-condescendingly willing to freely share their wisdom with the rest of us here! Learned much over the years, but there's always so much more to learn....
  24. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    My thoughts as well. I'm confusing myself as well on the different distinctions. What ("who") exactly are they, and how would they all stack on a pyramid chart? Is this correct, in front of the screen we have: Lead Actors (to include both genders) Support Actors Character actors (which can also lead or support) Professional Extras (which can also be character actors) Bit players (are these the "Little People" CG is trying to delineate, or would they be the "Professional Extras," or are they an separate "group" entirely? I think she said they are "more obscure" than "Support Actors," but are regularly enough employed to make a living as a "professional" what?) Non-professional Extras (pretty safe to say that these folks are the "civilian" non-actors that appear in large scenes) Am I missing anything here? I don't know Tom, I'd think he probably comes close enough to "fit-the-bill" but we'll likely have to wait until CG comes back to see if he meets her criteria??? Whenever I'd see Irving's name appear, I'd confuse him with Lloyd and think Oh, he must have occasionally "acted" in a film or two before and after he became a director... The distinction of my error didn't become readily apparent to me until just now with your post. BTW Tom, I know what big a fan you and Speedracer are of Errol Flynn (I am too). I came across several music and tribute videos on YouTube last night and posted them over there There were a few dedicated to Errol that I think you may enjoy. Being the fan that you are, you probably have already seen all there is to see of Flynn, but maybe not.... You might want to take a "look see" over there just in case. Thanks Tom, Sepia and Jakeem for all your great and very informative posts, thru the years, I've learned a lot from you.
  25. programming changed

    I just reread myself with that thought in mind, and I'll be darn if I don't hear ole Will myself in those words. Saw Seconds in the theatre when it first came out. It was such an odd-offbeat role for Rock, at that time I didn't quite know what to make of it. But for a long while afterward I couldn't use a drill without thinking of that movie.... In fact, I can hear that sound now in my head.... I don't think he made another sci-fi type flick until Embryo was released, about 10 years later. That was another kind of freaky/kinky futuristic film. Artificial wombs, hormone intervention, accelerated growth... aside from Jeremy Rifkin, who'd of guessed. But I had the hots for Barbara Carrera back then so I was game for it!

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