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  1. Steve, I don't mean to annoy you, but I caught part of MONKEY BUSINESS (1931) during my TV Providers live broadcast in SD (on both my CRT and HDTV) and aside from normal "pillar-boxing" (vertical black bars on Left and Right of picture) visible on the 16:9 HDTV, the native 4:3 ratio picture was presented as it should be (No "Postage Stamp" picture at my end). (on the 4:3 CRT the picture filled the screen). I then watched it in it's entirety via WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND with the same satisfactory result as above. Since I know that when you say ON DEMAND, that you are referring to your TV Providers On-Demand channel, and Not WATCH TCM, I strongly suggest that you direct your query to Comcast, as TCM is apparently not to fault for what you are experiencing this time (or we all would be experiencing it). Just a suggestion. But I think you already know that even when TCM is to blame for an issue (as it frequently is), they never directly respond to any of us here (or at least have yet to do so). Whereas, I believe I have read that Comcast customers sometimes do receive some kind of a response (favorable or not) from Comcast.
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    WATCH TCM not working

    The problem is still ongoing. Albeit sporadic. Have no idea what the TCM "techies" are attempting to accomplish. Aside from the recent sporadic WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND failures, I've not noticed any other obvious (post 6/20/2018) changes... (good or bad). TCM does what they do incognito, without forewarning. We generally only notice the negative post effects (after the fact), So who knows. I will not consider this issue "resolved" until I have spent at least a week or more without encountering it. Then I will still remain apprehensive, as no doubt some other (minor or major) issue will arise within a month, as has been TCM's apparent routine for going on a year now.
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    What is this all about?

    TCM...... Baaaaaad.....
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    TCM and Chrome

    Google Chrome.... Baaaaad.... Mozilla Firefox... Gooooood....
  5. Spence, these boards have a very short "time-out" period. Especially noticeable when carefully composing and typing out any post much longer than a "tweet." You can spare yourself a lot of future frustration and heartache, by adopting the practice of habitually Copying Your FINISHED POST to your Clipboard, BEFORE Submitting it! This way, if the website timed out, and didn't accept it, you can Sign-in again, and REPASTE your ENTIRE POST, without the need to remember or recompose what your original post said!
  6. It's "okay" if you do not mind a host of third-party vendor telemetry "spyware" cookies gaining access into your system, monitoring your every on-line move... Making you ever more vulnerable to a hack attack. Most "free" sites fund themselves through revenue gained via access granted to 3rd-party vendors. Some (the more "legitimate" ones) merely wish to market their wares to likely potential customers, via annoying pop-ups. Sorta-like TV commercials and newspaper/magazine adds in the "old-days." In the "old days" if you had a newspaper or magazine subscription, then the first party vendor had some (albeit rather limited) data about you. At the very least you were a tangible asset item on their value sheet. And more so, if you volunteered additional subscription info often solicited about yourself on a little mail-in card... i.e. "Do you own your own home?, or rent an apartment? Age, Educational level and Income range? Marital status?, Number and age of children?, Dependents?," etc. Similar seeming unnecessary extraneously "personal" stuff, like asked on many product registration cards. When we received our commercial Television via a rooftop antenna, or set-top "rabbit ears," the broadcasters had no personal info from it's masses of viewers and so relied upon data solicitors such as Nielsen's. If you were solicited to be a Nielsen viewer then (generally for a small token recompense, meant to "legalize" the information transaction) you "volunteered" to provide much more detailed information about yourself and your household, in addition to your TV viewing habits. The collected input of their "Nielsen families," data was broken down into various demographic categories formulated for their "ratings systems." In this way various Nielsen families were assumed to generally represent the larger segments of the TV viewing population. This data was then made available by broadcasters, so third-party "Sponsors" could better tailor their "commercials" to the more popular stations and shows, etc. based upon their individual Nielsen ratings. But we've since quickly come a very long, long way, with today's ubiquitous and readily accessible electronic devices and internet access. Our ever more personal information is a valuable commodity, and every on-line vendor (and most brick and mortar retailers) wants more and more of it. Sign-up for a "store shopping card" that must be swiped at every transaction and you are granting the seller access to your most personal purchasing habits (albeit for that particular store or chain). Same thing for your credit card vendor whenever you make a credit card transaction (on-line or not). Sign-up for "free" on-line "coupons" and you are paying for those discounts by granting vendor cookies into your device. A "cookie" was a friendly little name given to a once familiar and tasty household "treat." Like an "Easter Egg" in those old computer games with which (if you knew how to locate them, or happened to accidentally stumble upon them) you were granted access to something extra, like "special powers" or access to better tools, weapons, or treasure, etc. But today's technology has turned that once friendly term into something ranging from simply annoying to severely and dangerously malicious. But all "cookies" are invasive (to lesser and more frequently greater degrees). Like a little fine-print blip, most websites will "warn you" that by simply accessing them you are granting "them" access to your device via installation of their (and 3rd party) "cookies." They will most often offer a link to their "Privacy Policy" page, which will outline in legalese that you are voluntarily granting them (AND their 3rd Party Vendors) access to whatever information about you that their "cookies" can provide. Some "cookies" merely monitor your on-line habits, but others delve much more deeply into the innermost parts of your device. "Tracking" or Telemetry spyware "cookies" regular "phone-home" with whatever data they have accumulated, much in real-time. Some just monitor your "on-line" activity, whereas others monitor everything you do with your device, from every mouse click, and keystroke, to every opened folder and document (on-line or not). Some access everything stored in your device, from what hardware and software you have on-board, to the content of your emails, to whatever personal files and information you may have stored within. Cookies from "Legitimate" vendors are supposed to be "self-limiting," meaning their access is supposed to automatically "expire" with a "self-destruct" date after a period of time. But many will automatically renew themselves, granting perpetual access once they are on-board, and practically all automatically renew themselves with a repeat visit to any site that "hosts" them. Cookies range from (and allow potential access to) annoying adware, and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), to more deliberate Malware and viruses, to hostage and ransom ware, and even worse. Firewalls, Anti-virus and anti-malware software, and some add-on programs, etc. are available to help the average on-line visitor combat against the worst of the above. Browser settings can be adjusted to varying degrees of accessibility (and vulnerability) limiting unwanted Cookies and Tracking activity. But these sites are like internet personal information "vampires," which are repelled by the scent of "garlic" and the sight of an on-line "cross." They ask, or rather require (in many instances) that you dismantle or inactivate your defenses, so that "they" can gain access into your "home." In return "they" promise you the of joy of everlasting "life" (of the damned) for the temporal pleasure of their "on-line" company. Everlasting, because whatever information "they" have gained from you is theirs, in perpetuity, to be used or sold and reused by anyone, at anytime, for as long as you are alive, and perhaps even afterward. We have few defenses against these voracious predators, as they are evolving more rapidly than our ability to combat them. Therefore we must be ever vigilant, least we fall victim to those of their more insidious breed. It makes matters worse when we know not whom to trust or turn to, that truly has our best interest at heart, as they are as rare as hens-teeth. Many of those that say they are there defend and promote us, really desire to do so only for their own purpose and advantage. Like a coyote who will defend your hen-house against foxes, so that they may prey first upon your chickens. Microsoft and Google are among those which seek such exclusivity, assuming that among their 3rd Party vendors no foxes lie. Whenever you access TCM, you are warned that this site uses third-party cookies. Whenever you "sign-in" to TCM (assuming that you have not allowed them to "remember" you) your browser likely further warns you that this site is insecure. On top of that, TCM now requires their users to set their browser "privacy settings" to both ALLOW ALL THIRD-PARTY COOKIES AND SITE DATA, and ALLOW SITE TRACKING.... That's like Dracula saying "I bid you welcome!" "Enter of your own free will, but leave all garlands of garlic, crosses, stakes, mirrors, and holy water at the door." TCM may be seductively attractive in appearance and "inviting," but what lies beneath is a corporate vampire, desiring to "drink your milkshake dry." MooooHaaaHaaaHaaaa!!!! ..... To borrow a quote from our most illustrious "leader," "We are all much safer now." "America and the world can "sleep well tonight!"
  7. Stephan55

    WATCH TCM not working

    Win 10 & Google Chrome... two "bad" choices (IMHO), Oh and MS Edge, too! Welcome to the wonderfully frustrating world of WATCH TCM, ON-DEMAND! To repeat the oft repeated and much paraphrased quote: "You Aint Seen Nothing Yet!" This latest piece of WATCH TCM crapola was noticed and first posted about yesterday (7/11/2018) late afternoon. (See those dated posts in the following thread.) Since "it" began, it comes and goes, and repeats again (functionality wise)... You may be able to watch a movie at one moment, and then not the next. Also Noticed that the Live streams appear not to be affected, and can still look at the clips, trailer, and intro videos, even when the ON-DEMAND movies refuse to load. As is most often the case, these current woes are being innitiated by "someone" at TCM. "They" may be trying to "fix" something else, but in the process keep screwing with the ability to WATCH TCM movies ON-DEMAND! Only "they" know what they are up to and why... and, as usual, TCM isn't telling any of their subscribers about any of it! Rest assured, as invasively screwed up as Win 10, MS Edge, and Google Chrome are, what is currently happening has nothing directly to do with any of our Operating Systems, or our choice of Browsers. It is strictly TCM behaving badly, as it too often does, and only "those" at TCM know when (or if) this latest (of a long and ever growing line) of TCM inflicted problems will be "resolved." If "Patience" is a virtue, then yours will be repeatedly tested, again and again, by TCM. If shared misery offers any comfort, then you are far from alone with WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND!
  8. Stephan55

    New tcm Website?

    That "peaceful" lull is generally the calm before the next storm. With TCM, it's sorta like being in the "eye of a hurricane," and there are wave after wave of "hurricanes" when it comes to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND! It worked okay earlier today for me as well, but after reading these last two posts, I had another queasy feeling in my gut. I just attempted to load PARTY GIRL and had the exact same experience as described by andy. I closed out Firefox, reloaded, and same thing again, no matter what movie I tried. Even after I "successfully" signed-in with my TV Service Provider I couldn't get a single movie to load. No problem with the clips or intros, Just the main feature! TCM is definitely dicking with us again! And as usual they do it with no lube. Everything here is insecure enough, and I will NOT use another browser less safe than Firefox. Stopped even troubleshooting with Google Chrome because their persistent cookies made their way into all of my other test browsers... infected all of them, even Firefox. I finally got rid of them but it was a chore, and I won't touch Google Chrome at all after that. So I cannot verify whether it "works" or not. But I can attest that Firefox currently doesn't. Who knows what shenanigans the "know-it-all" jerks are up to?... Again... I am "trusting" that "somebody" at the TCM end will eventually realize that they have again broken something that was at least "functional" and hopefully will correct it. Stuff like this generally happens when somebody from on-high tries to make some sort of "remedial" correction, to something else... Maybe they are attempting to reinstate the "Expiration Dates" on the the Films page???? That at least would be something useful. But as scsu1975 says, who knows. I will try back later. But I'm not holding my breathe with any anticipation of watching an on-line TCM movie tonight! Thanks for reporting this guys! And thanks TCM for more of the same'O, same'O.... (crapola that is)!
  9. Stephan55

    New tcm Website?

    Hi judy, Since TCM's webpage designers have removed the former convenient access to the schedule/s from your "app," perhaps you can save and bookmark these links on your device? (Copied and pasted from an earlier post in this thread) See if these links work for you. Just change the dates on the following to whatever you want to see that might be coming up. Be aware that any TCM schedule beyond the current week is subject to potential change. CST = Central Standard Time, you can change that to whatever your time zone is (EST, CST, MST, PST). Always use the Year, month, day format. For the whole month schedule always enter the first day of the month. Daily Full Weekly Monthly If the links work for you, copy and save them someplace so you can refer back to them whenever you want.
  10. AUDIO OUT-OF-SYNC ISSUES CONTINUE FOR WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND! Considering all of the major issues of late, I suppose it may seem a little "petty" of me to start such a thread, as this. But I annoyingly noticed when watching THE SNAKE PIT (1948) this afternoon (Saturday, 7/7/2018) that the audio is "slightly" but distinctly, out-of-sync. This occurs only within the movie itself, and not during Alicia Malone's intro and outro. It is most apparent when the camera switches between characters and one begins to speak, with the audio slightly trailing behind the video. Regarding this particular movie, I suppose that I should be quite pleased that WATCH TCM actually made it available in it's entirety ON-DEMAND (this time), as the last time that it aired on TCM (Monday evening, 3/5/2018) it wasn't made available for WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND until 4 days later (Friday, 3/9/2018), and then only in a severely truncated form, allowing only 8.5 minutes of actual movie play (from a 108 min movie) between an intro and outro by Dave Karger. (Of course after reporting the problem here, TCM "promptly corrected it" allowing it's viewers the satisfaction of watching this really understated movie at that time....) NOT!!! I am aware of other threads complaining about similar and worse audio out-of-sync issues (in particular with Comcast) Pleading here in vain, for "someone" at TCM to correct the "problem" (often with no follow-up report of an actual resolution). But it appears that several of those threads were referring to problems experienced while attempting to watch a TCM movie that was offered by their TV Providers On-Demand service, and Not via WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. My post refers to the latter case. I don't actually expect TCM to do anything "corrective" about this movie, especially since it is due to expire tomorrow. But I am posting rather to affirm to other WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND viewers that this type of problem still continues to (intermittently) exist, and I have carefully assessed that it again originates with TCM. I haven't attempted to view every WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND movie, so I cannot attest to how widespread it may be. And this is the first time that I have personally noticed it since the Website Revision last month (6/20/2018). But I have spot-checked the available movies both before and after SNAKE PIT, and they were in-sync, as was Alicia Malone's intro/outro. And I attempted re-viewing this movie twice (today), and both times the out-of-sync audio persisted (only during, and throughout the actual movie). So I feel quite confident in concluding that TCM did not properly calibrate their downstream output, nor (no surprise) did they check to make sure the output was as it should be (at least with this particular movie). I know that this (along with numerous other "problems") bothers TCM viewers, even if TCM could (and really should) care more "themselves" about any issues that affect their WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND "product." So for those viewers experiencing such issues, rest assured that you are not imagining it, it is really happening, and you are far from alone with this experience. Unfortunately, since it originates with TCM, there is no corrective work-around available to TCM viewers for this type of problem.
  11. That is because (hint, hint) it is the same TCM SD signal (with the same source error) being transmitted by, and received from TCM. Your TV Service Provider (Comcast) then takes that same TCM SD signal, and "up-scales" it for their "HD" channel. So what you see on Comcast's HD TCM channel, is not "true HD," but rather an "upscaled conversion" transmitted from their end, Not a "separate" HD transmission originating from TCM. To Reiterate, TCM signals are transmitted in SD 480p, regardless of whether an actual HD remaster of the movie commercially exists or not. This makes it quite easy to narrow any HD channel problems (related to TCM) as a fault by the TV Service Provider, and Not TCM.
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    Please add SD versions ASAP.

    I cautiously (and hesitatingly) reply to this Really bizarre scenario.... In one thread you complain that movies are not available in "HD" from your cable TV Provider, so you are unable to watch them on your HDTV; and in another you complain that they are not available in "SD" from your cable provider (Comcast), so you are unable to view them on your SD (CRT) TV. And in other threads you complain about your TV Service Provider (Comcast's) ever diminishing list of their On-Demand TCM content... While in still other threads you complain about your TV Service Provider (Comcast) broadcasting their movies in either "Letter-box" or "Match-box" format??? As far as I am aware, TCM only streams their movies in "Standard Definition" (480). This has remained the case since 1994, when all of their signals were analog. Even today, with the tiny handful of older movies that actually have been digitally remastered and converted to "High Definition," and which are currently commercially available in "true HD" (DVD or Blu-ray) format (be that 720p, 1080p, or 2K) are still being transmitted and streamed by TCM in SD 480p or i signals. Prior to the 2005 Digital Transition Mandate, all U.S. TV signals were analog, and all U.S. stations broadcast in 480 "Standard Definition." The deadline for Digital implementation was 2009, however a few stations were in "compliance" before that, while others required more time. In 2005 the HD "standard" was considered 720p, and SD 480p signals could be "up-scaled" to 720i. By 2009, the HD "standard" was 1080p, and 720p signals could be "up-scaled" to 1080i. Since then "HD" has reached (and surpassed) 2k, 4k, and even 8k, though very few stations (if any) offer content in those "Ultra-High" definitions. However, one can stream some of the more recent HD conversions from a few on-line providers such as PBS, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, etc. in up to 720p, and 1080p (and a very few in 2k). But the overwhelming majority of what TCM broadcasts pre-dates 2005, and currently resides on actual film and/or analog restoration "Masters". Likewise, most of TCM's content has not (yet) undergone digital remastering to anything greater than 480p ("Standard Definition"), and many of their transmissions are still analog-to-digital signal conversions. So it has been TCM's long standing policy to broadcast and stream in SD, even when a few of the older movies actually have been remastered and converted to HD. (To date, only a relative few of the older "classic" movies have been re-scanned and converted to the latest Higher Definition digital levels.) Case in point, HARPER (1966) was digitally remastered into a HD Blu-ray conversion, and made available for commercial purchase in that format earlier this year (2/27/2018). However the recent TCM broadcast and WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND stream was still in SD format. FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK (1941) has NOT yet been digitally remastered in true HD. And the recent TCM broadcast and WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND stream was still in SD (480). Broadcasters, Station channels and many on-line streaming services have the technical capability to "up-scale" original SD signals and offer them to their customers in a higher definition (generally 720i or 1080i) but, unless the original format is 720p or 1080p (or 2k plus) this is not "true" HD, simply an "up-scaled" signal conversion. WATCH TCM may eventually up-scale their signals as well, but for now (I believe) their transmissions are still in SD 480 (as is the vast majority of their content). "True" Higher Definition signals use much more bandwidth than those in Standard Definition, or those which have been "interlaced" or "up-scaled" to "appear" in HD. "High Definition" is ever evolving and has no "official" standard (today 720-1080p is still referred to as HD, even though "Ultra HD" technology exists (with growing levels of content). Higher (wider, broader) Bandwidth translates into higher cost in dollars, which is why most TV providers still broadcast the majority of their content in SD, or use SD-to-"HD" "up-scaling" technology (because it is cheaper than transmitting in "true HD"). So, when a customer selects an "HD" movie channel from their TV Service Provider (unless the programing was originally produced in HD) what they often are actually seeing is an "up-scaled" HD "conversion" on their HDTV screens. The old CRT TVs were more forgiving of noticable resolution differences between SD and HD, as they were originally designed for an a abundance of 4:3 aspect ratio film content, delivered by analog signals (in Standard Resolution) to their relatively small screens. Today's flat screen digital panels are generally much larger, and ever more are being purchased in the latest "Ultra" HDTV category (with relatively little native UHDTV content currently available). Large 2k-8k resolution widescreens are much more sensitive to revealing the difference in lower resolutions, with far fewer native pixels. And current "up-scale" and De-interlacing" technology is not (yet) capable of rendering lower resolution pictures on these larger (>32") HDTV screens to a degree where consumers are not visibly aware of such differences. Consumers readily notice the difference between viewing a "true HD" Blue-ray, and then watching TV programing that has either been transmitted via an "up-scaled" signal, or in native SD format. Without an understanding the technology, consumers readily become "dissatisfied" and clamor for "HD" channels and "HD" content to be viewed on their large, expensive, HDTV and Ultra HDTV. In the "old" days, persons were more content to stay at home and watch "old" movies and TV shows on their "tiny" B&W (and later color) CRT TV screens. That is why movie producers began shooting ever more movies in wider screen formats, with stereophonic sound... to get people out of their homes and back into the theaters again. Today, persons want to sit at home and have that movie "theater" experience on their super large, Ultra HDTVs, with surround sound... But most do not realize the vast resolution quality difference between "adaptable" analog film, projected onto a screen, and the relatively "unforgiving rigid" nature of today's prevalent digital image technology. And so, without fully comprehending "why," many of today's consumers have inadvertently set themselves up to become dissatisfied. Movies filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio will fill an older analog SD CRT 4:3 ratio TV screen, but when viewed on a 16:9 ratio HDTV there will be "pillar-boxing" (vertical black bars on either side of the picture). Movies filmed in 16:9 aspect ratio, will completely fill a 16:9 ratio monitor, but on a 4:3 ratio screen there will be "letter-boxing" (horizontal black bars above and below the picture). And movies filmed in wider Panavision 2.20:1 aspect ratio (post 1953 productions), or even wider CinemaScope, will appear "letter-boxed" on 16:9 ratio screens (and severely "letter-boxed" on 4:3 ratio TV screens). But any movie presented in "Window-boxed" (aka "Match-Box") format (with black bars on all four sides), appearing with severely distorted, widened, and squashed figures, is due to either a "re-edited" and embedded video source, or a "reformatting" calibration software/hardware equipment transmission error. To be clear (depending upon the TV screens aspect ratio) "Pillar-boxing" and "Letter-boxing" format is normal, whereas the above described "Window-boxing" and "Match-box" format is NOT. TCM apparently never responds to it's viewers about anything (at least not yet). But if they did (in this case), they would likely say that their signals are uniformly transmitted in digital SD these days, and blame your SD-HD problems on your TV Service Provider. Your TV Service Provider will also likely blame TCM, or their movie provider "vendors" (whomever they are), but it is my opinion that your varying SD-"HD" content from Comcast (as far as TCM is concerned) is due to problems at Comcast's "up-scaling" and transmission end. And your TV Service Provider's limited On-Demand movie selection (regarding TCM) is likely due to some internal contract dispute between Comcast and TCM. I have said all of this before, in other threads, so this is a less detailed re-iteration, with the hope that perhaps it will maybe "click" this time. Regardless, waiting for TCM to resolve anything is quite apparently fruitless. So contacting your Comcast cable provider is likely your last "best" resort for any resolution to your "apparent" Comcast TV Provider problems.
  13. Stephan55

    Illicit (1931) still not in ON DEMAND

    Not sure what the actual reason could be for every case, Andy. NOT every movie that TCM broadcasts is also made available for repeat ON-DEMAND viewing. In some situations the movie may be restrictively licensed and leased for limited "on air" viewings only, and not for repeat ON-DEMAND viewers. FAQ Q: What movies are available? A: Most of the films that air on TCM are available on Watch TCM. However, due to licensing issues, some titles may not be available. Shorts that air on the network are also available on Watch TCM as well as hosted introductions to movies. Q: How long are movies available? A: Movies are available generally for 7 days in Watch TCM after they air on Turner Classic Movies. In most cases, movies will appear in Watch TCM within 3 hours after they air on the network. However I feel certain that is not the legitimate reason in every case. As I have often caught the tail-end of a TCM broadcast and the blue screen logo appears stating ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM however the movie never appears on the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND playlist. Also (esp. in none prime time broadcasts), movies will sometimes show up ON-DEMAND, even without the TCM logo telling us that they "might." Regarding the perennial "favorite" YANKEE DOODLE DANDY, TCM has broadcast this bygone "flag-waving" classic practically every year... But the last time that it was actually made available for WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND viewers was the tail-end of 2015. When it aired last month (June 2018) I caught the end of the "live" broadcast and it actually said, ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM... However again, the movie never appeared on the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND playlist. When it repeat aired this 4th of July, there was no such TCM logo at the end of the movie, and it went directly to Ben's little outro speal... So sometimes (too often actually) there is no apparent "rhyme or reason" for what does and does NOT happen regarding TCM... Regarding the end-of-movie broadcast TCM "reminder" logo... Past experience has shown me that it should more accurately say: "MIGHT" ALSO "BE" AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM.
  14. Stephan55

    New tcm Website?

    Good question GF, wish there was a good and simple answer for you. I've noticed numerous little quirks like that, not only on the TCM schedule, but elsewhere. Genres, and sub-genres, (i.e. a "Foreign" drama, comedy, musical, Or a "Silent" comedy, drama, romance, etc.) or any combination of genre/sub-genre (romdram, romcom, romcomdram, musical romcom,....) I don't think that there is any recognized universal "standard" that applies the same everywhere. Same thing at my local library, when I am looking for a film, or book or whatever. (I mean "Fiction" and "Non-Fiction" covers a lot of ground.) And with movies, Lots of different categories, but many can so easily overlap. i.e. what makes an "Action film" different from a drama with action in it? Can a "Family" film also be a drama, romance, comedy, or musical, etc.? Where does one draw the line between a "Horror" film, and a "Sci-fi" that is also horror? What about a "War" film with romance and action that happens to take place during a war? And I think every movie has some drama in it, right? So why is drama even a category, except maybe to differentiate from a documentary? On and on, like that. The Documentary section is much simpler to peruse. I suppose it just gets too complicated and would confuse the restocking staff (as well as more of the patrons) so they just try to keep things "simple" and perhaps use whatever category label that the distributor used. So one just has to kinda adapt to whatever, where ever. Regarding TCM, I just generally look at the title and date first. If the title is familiar, but the year is not, I think, maybe it's a remake that I haven't seen. If a title is unfamiliar, I think, perhaps I've never seen it and may like to, so I delve a little deeper to find more out about it. Sometimes one cannot tell by just the title what the films country of origin is, as it may be an English translation. Regardless, I have learned to not base too much credence on the "genre" that is posted, as I may not exactly agree with someone else about that, and I have noticed frequent errors. A relatively minor "schedule" question that I have is with the posted year of a film. Often I've noticed a discrepancy between what is posted on TCM and the copyright year given in the actual movie (generally written in roman numerals on the older "classics"). Why are they not always the same? Perhaps we might both find some answers in those various "Sub Forums" on these boards?
  15. Stephan55

    HD versions missing in ON DEMAND

    I will make one more observational comment before I quit this thread, hopefully for good. When switching back and forth between SD and "HD" channels airing TCM via my current TV Service Provider (COX). I have noticed one consistent anomaly. There is a slight "airtime delay" from SD to HD. Meaning that for perhaps a second, noticeable movie play will be repeated when switching from SD to HD. The conclusion that I am drawing from that, is COX's SD channel is broadcast first, quickly followed by the HD channel. This likely happens because TCM's signal is directed to (or picked up by) the SD channels receivers before being rebroadcast in "HD". This makes sense if the only signals that TCM sends out are in Standard Definition, meaning that even when a movie has been digitally reformatted to HD (and is available in HD DVD or Blu-Ray), that TCM only airs what it airs in SD. I remember reading awhile back (can't recall my sources at the moment) that TCM doesn't show anything in true HD, and this observation seems to bare that out (at least with COX). I interpret that to mean... That the only thing "HD" about a TCM movie (broadcast on COX) is due to "up-scaling" by their equipment. And on my relatively small (these days) 32" and 40" HDTV screens, that renders the "HD" and SD channel pictures indistinguishable from each other to my viewing eyes. I seriously doubt that TCM only singles out COX to do this with, I would imagine that all TV Providers are receiving the same signals from TCM. Which, if I am deducing this correctly, means that all (or mostly all) of the "HD" and at least some of the SD channel "problems" regarding TCM movies is most likely due to "problems" with the TV Providers "upscale/downscale" conversion process and equipment when attempting to offer a native SD program as an "HD" one. In as much as TCM is often to blame for an awful lot of viewer misery, this fault likely does not lie with them. But with the TV Service Providers. Just my opinion, based upon personal observation, past experience, and what others are complaining about. Regarding problems with TCM movies aired by a TV Service Provider and then being made available on the TV Service Provider's On-Demand replay channels... in either "HD" or SD... That could again be related to the TV Service Provider's equipment (hardware & software issues). But I'd more likely consider that a diminishing number of available On-Demand TCM movies from your TV Service Provider's On-Demand channels is more likely due to some contract dispute between them (Comcast) and TCM, or Time Warner (now WarnerMedia), or TCM's parent company (AT&T), or one (or more) of TCM's parent company's vendors, etc. This often occurs when one party wants more money for a product or service than another party is willing to pay. In fact, there have been discussions on these very boards regarding persons having a two year contract with some TV Service Provider, at a high enough tier level just so they could receive TCM, and then TCM was removed from that tier due to a contract dispute between the TV Service Provider and TCM, over money. Perhaps this may be related in some way to the recent Time Warner (including TCM) acquisition by AT&T... wouldn't surprise me a bit! Or a "Big-boy" power-play coming into effect after the FCC's repeal of Net Neutrality (which also wouldn't surprise me). In any event, I can relate to your anger and frustration regarding paying for a "product" or service that you once received, believe that you are entitled to, and that is now being denied. Like I think I have already said in this thread, the only reason why I subscribe to COX's TV service is to receive TCM. And for these last few years (since 2015) it has almost exclusively been to be able to access and "sign-in" to WATCH TCM and view their ON-DEMAND movies at my convenience. If either COX or TCM denied be that, then I would discontinue my TV Service Provider contract with COX by the time that the next months bill is due. Thankfully I have a rather large video library to fall back upon for when that does eventually happen.
  16. Stephan55

    Watch TCM

    Hi Vickey, Very, very sadly, TCM has never yet directly responded to any queries that any of us, that have posted in threads here, have reported. Neither to phone calls, assorted emails, or even snail mail (not ever over the decade plus that I have been around here). All of TCM's avenues of "communication" appear to be dead ends. Not to discourage you, as I do encourage all to at least try, and you may (and I sincerely hope you will be) the first to actually get a direct reply from someone (anyone) that actually works at TCM. And if you do, please start a thread here posting about it because we all would like to know that it actually happened to someone here! In the meantime.... Not sure how long you have been experiencing this, or if this is related to your problem... But have you also made sure that your Browser Privacy Settings are set to allow TCM and their 3rd Party vendors to TRACK you? If you have been using WATCH TCM successfully the last two years then you probably already know that TCM made a change back then requiring all viewers of WATCH TCM on-line, to have their Browser Privacy Settings set to ALLOW ALL 3rd Party Cookies and Site Data onto their devices in order to successfully "sign-in" and actually watch an on-line movie from TCM... Well, as of this last Website revision, that most of us experienced on 6/20/2018, TCM added that they also require that all viewers change their Browser Privacy Settings to Allow TCM and their 3rd Party "affiliates" and Vendors, etc. to TRACK your whereabouts and on-line activities. The TCM website is notoriously Not Safe, nor Secure, so if this proves to be the reason why you are unable to "load a movie" on your various devices, then I strongly suggest you habitually adopt the following routine Whenever you use WATCH TCM to stream an on-line movie: First, always keep Both the WATCH TCM Films page and Your Browsers Privacy & Security Options Page Open and readily available in separate Tabs on the browsers upper bar. Before ever attempting to "sign-in" to WATCH TCM, be sure to Delete your Browsing History. Then change your Browser Privacy & Security Settings to ALWAYS ALLOW both 3rd Party Cookies and Site Data, AND, ALLOW website TRACKING. Then "sign-in" to WATCH TCM with your your TV Service Provider account info. Then, A second or two immediately after your movie effectively loads and begins to play, Pause the movie, go back into your Privacy Settings and Reverse them to something you deem is more satisfactorily "secure." Then reload (or refresh) the Browser Privacy Options tab, and clear your cache of cookies and site data, and again delete your browsing history. Then Return to the WATCH TCM film page, and relax and enjoy the movie! If you wish to watch another TCM movie, Be sure to Exit and Reload a Fresh browser for each movie that you watch on TCM, AND Repeat the above process! I know that all the above may appear a little excessive, But this is what TCM has forced us to resort to in order to (Hopefully) minimize TCM's invasiveness. We are all vulnerable enough to a world of uninvited calamity whenever we do anything on-line, and TCM is ever insistent that we make ourselves even more vulnerable by leaving the door wide open for any intruder who wishes to enter our systems. If we wish to continue enjoying the WATCH TCM movies, then we need to be as reasonably careful and "safe" as we can be while doing so. BTW, the "safest" (most user sympathetic) browser to use these days apparently is Firefox. (And the most user sympathetic search engine appears to be DuckDuckGo.) Avoid using Google and Google Chrome (as they employ their own persistent telemetry "spyware") as does Microsoft Edge and Bing. Of course those using the MS Windows 10 Operating System, are pretty well stuck with MS's heavy, controlling hand and invasive telemetry, and may wish to consider switching their OS to one of Linux's that is most applicable to specific devices. Hope this helps.
  17. Stephan55


    ANOTHER TRUNCATED MOVIE ON WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND! JUNE 2018 was a particularly disruptive month for WATCH TCM viewers, with the WATCH TCM "sign-in" undergoing another invasive revamp, along with an almost total WATCH TCM website redesign (sprung on us 6/20/2018). As result I (and others) watched far fewer movies than I (we) normally would have, and I am no longer actively seeking out which movies that TCM offers that are cut-short. But when I encounter them I may still take the time to come back here and Update this thread! However, before the unnecessary "complete" overhaul of the Website I wanted to rewatch another old favorite and, to my dismay, discovered that it had been callously cut-short by TCM! On Tuesday AM (6/5/2018) BROADCAST THE GREAT ZIEGFELD (1936) musical bio, in its entirety, but offered it ON-DEMAND shortened by the final 28 plus minutes! The movie abruptly stopped short and after a brief pause a Noir promo ad began. Note: the "live" broadcast was complete, It Appears that Only the ON-DEMAND TCM subscribers are evidently “deserving” of such carelessly UNMONITORED and CUT-UP Product. "Thanks" Again TCM, for Paying Attention to Detail! It only serves to frustrate and alienate your subscriber viewers when you continue to do such "fine" work!
  18. ANOTHER SNAKE PIT ON WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND!!! FIFTH time I've re-edited AND Re-posted this thread. PLEASE READ IT BEFORE YOU MAKE ANOTHER DECISION TO DELETE IT! THE SNAKE PIT (1948) which TCM broadcast last Monday evening (3/5/2018) but didn't make available for ON-DEMAND viewing until late in the evening of Friday, 3/9/2018 (4 days later) allowing an ON-DEMAND viewing window until 3/13/2018 (maybe 4 Full days???) was not only belatedly listed, but when one actually attempts to watch it they will sadly discover that there is ONLY 11.33 MIN there to view, and after subtracting Dave Karger's INTRO (1.46 MIN), and THEN at 10.35 MIN, Dave Karger's OUTRO, that leaves ONLY about 8.5 MIN OF ACTUAL MOVIE!!! THE SNAKE PIT runs approx. 108 min, so this time TCM has cut off about 100 min of the remaining movie!!! Last month (Feb. 2018) TCM Cut THE CHAMP in half. The month prior (Jan. 2018) they cut a third off of WINGS OF DESIRE. In Dec. 2017, they cut a few minutes off the end of another movie reported on these boards.... Same has occurred in previous months (and years), though until recently I wasn't aware that this has turned into a MONTHLY REPEAT ISSUE! And that is only the movies that I (and a few others here) have actually caught and attempted to post here about!!! I don't understand Why it appears to be so difficult for persons at TCM to actually monitor their own streaming and ON-DEMAND output! Regardless, This is NOT a good practice model and only serves to continually frustrate and alienate TCM viewers.
  19. This question was addressed (though I doubt to your satisfaction) in your other thread. BTW, If you ever do get a direct response from anyone at TCM (regarding any query), please create a thread to let everyone here know about it as it would likely be a "first ever" on these boards.
  20. This question has been asked and answered numerous times in other forums (most often the General Discussion forum). When Ted Turner actually "owned" TCM he also owned a huge library of the MGM and Warner Bros movies that was part of his original acquisition. In fact, he founded TCM as part of a showcase to air all of those older movies that he had ready access to. But Ted sold TCM, and the video library along with it. TCM no longer has as ready access to a lot of the movies that it originally did, and must lease them (as it does most movies) from the companies that own the rights to them, as well as those who control movies from other old studios such as Paramount, Universal, Columbia, RKO, even Disney and a slew of others. So TCM makes deals where they can show these leased movies so many times during a given period. And some which they can also offer on their WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND website. In order to take full advantage of the re-showing allowed for these movies, the TCM programmers come up with various overlapping movie themes to allow them to show some of the same movies several times before their lease expires. Most of the other general filler movies are those which TCM has more ready access, or cheaper, longer term leases, and TCM still has a library of movies that they can fall back on, albeit much smaller than the original one was. TCM is always negotiating with movie distributors trying to cut deals to show other studio movies. Sometimes they do, and there will be some sort of TCM "premier" of a movie that may not actually be new (as in a recent release), but one that TCM has never been able to show before. BTW, unless a channel has access to original content it must do the same thing as TCM and lease movies from those which control them. That is why on other movie channels such as AMC (for example) you will also see the same movies shown several times during a given period. It is the way the "game" has been played for many decades. The primary difference being that TCM thus far has stuck to it's original mantra about airing its movies "Uncut, and uninterrupted by commercials." Here are some links from one of the board members who took a lot of effort to gather hard data on the movies that TCM has aired since 1994, and how many times each has been shown. MovieCollectorOH statistical reports on TCM broadcasts
  21. Stephan55

    HD versions missing in ON DEMAND

    I don't know what kind of deal your TV Service Provider has with TCM regarding which TCM movies Comcast is authorized to replay on their On-Demand. It is obviously not all of them, and far from the same number that WATCH TCM makes available to all of us to stream directly from their own website. But I think it makes dollars and cents (sense) for WATCH TCM to carry more ON-DEMAND movies than the TV Service Providers, unless they are perhaps willing to pay extra to have more... Otherwise fewer people would probably access TCM directly for those movies. Regarding the 1954 Judy Garland & James Mason version of ASIB, it aired earlier as part of the Musicals Spotlight this month. Then this last week they aired the non-musical 1937 version with Fredric March and Janet Gaynor. It is not unusual for TCM to program originals and remakes close together, they have done it before. Both of those versions were available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, and the most recently aired 1937 version is currently still on their list. TMF (1941) Bogie noir classic aired yesterday as part of several films featuring Peter Lorre that TCM was spotlighting. That version actually has been remastered in High Definition for Blu-Ray. I don't know whether the HD version is in 1080p or Ultra HD 2k or 4k. It is also still available on DVD (probably 480p or 720p). Amazon has both for rent or purchase I own 480p copies of all three movie versions of TMF, 1941 (with Bogie & Mary Astor), 1931 (with Ricardo Cortez & Bebe Daniels), and the 1936 version, Satan Met a Lady, with Warren William & Bette Davis). The local library has an older Bogie DVD copy for anyone to borrow (for free). And it is also currently available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND (though I doubt that TCM is streaming the HD Blu-Ray version.) I actually watched a few scenes of it when it was on TV yesterday. I even switched between the COX HD channel and the SD channel on the same 40" HDTV, No noticeable difference at my end from the SD channel version and the "HD" channel, both had pillar-boxing, and both pictures were crisp and otherwise indistinguishable, same with the later widescreen movies I've contrasted. Couldn't really see a noticeable difference with TCM movies one way or another. Again, I don't know what the contract is between Comcast and TCM for On-Demand movies. But if you weren't such a hard head about it you could stream it from WATCH TCM right now. Maybe it wouldn't be in HD, but I am not a fanatic about HD in tv anyway. In my personal video library, I have hundreds of old VHS tapes that I have converted to DVD (many of which were never made available in DVD format). And literally thousands of other DVDs (and nary a one is a 1080p HD or Blu-Ray). I have both 720p and 1080p HDTVs, I also have a Blu-Ray player, so I can watch true HD when I choose too. (Also still have a couple of functional Analog CRT sets, along with back-up VHS and DVD players). I do have quite a few older movies (especially my VHS to DVD conversions) that would certainly benefit from a digital remaster. But I'd rather not spoil my huge investment in SD movies and documentaries by watching a lot of HDTV. Besides my biggest HDTV is only 40" and the others are 32" (or smaller) and for the little visual difference between HD and SD watched on any of those, it is not worth it to me to go the Blu-Ray route with my entire collection.
  22. Refer to posts in this thread regarding the "New" WATCH TCM "sign-in" protocol.
  23. Stephan55

    New tcm Website?

    That sounds like total hog wash to me. After all these years of TCM ignoring user input from their own website, I find it extremely difficult to believe that they would be responsive to user requests anywhere, regarding anything. If that be the case, then if they get enough negative reviews will they reverse what they have recently done? I do not think that is likely. What is more believe-able to me, based on past experience (my own and others), is that "they" do what they do, and did what they did strictly on the onus of their own CEO, with total disregard for what their subscriber users think or want, or think they want. And "they" will continue to steam-roll on, until they get another "great" idea to change something or other, again, with no solicitation or user feed-back! That is my considered opinion
  24. Stephan55

    HD versions missing in ON DEMAND

    Thanks for the links Steve. It appears that your Pacific Time Zone access to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND titles, is exactly the same as mine. If I were to make an assessment based on just this limited data (from you and me) I would say that it appears that there are no current restrictions on the WATCH TCM movies based on one's TV Provider sign-in (at least not so regarding TV Service providers Comcast and COX). So even though Comcast's On-Demand movies from TCM may be negligible and currently corrupt, as a TCM subscriber you still have access to the "full-meal-deal" via WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. That is good to know. Wonder how long it will remain like that? Most entry levels from TV Service Providers do NOT include TCM, so it appears you are saying goodbye. But you are not completely "cutting-the-cord" as you are still continuing to subscribe to Comcast at their lowest level. COX's entry level includes little more than what we used to be able to get "free" via an antenna. For me it would be silly to pay a TV Service Provider a monthly fee for that. When I say goodbye to TCM I am saying good bye to cable tv completely, as TCM is the only reason why I currently subscribe to them for TV at all. Everything else that I have an interest in watching I can get on-line either for free (i.e. PBS, YouTube, etc.) or for a small monthly ala carte fee (i.e. NetFlix). Or I can become a regular at my local public library and watch whatever DVD's they have on hand (or can borrow via an inter library loan) "free" of charge (paid for by my taxes). If I have a hankering for more there are relatively inexpensive streaming service packages such as Hulu, and others, and I have heard that Sling TV even offers TCM, but I don't know if it's the same (relatively full) content as WATCH TCM. I just checked and it looks like Comcast may even have an on-line TV package called STREAM Though that article is rather old (7/13/2015) and STREAM may not exist today, at least not at $15/mo. But point is, you can spare yourself a huge chunk of that $280/monthly Comcast TV fee, and for the price of a good quality ISP (with an ample data cap) you can still watch much more than you have time for via streaming. But if you choose to do that, and enjoy it on your big-screen TV, you will be required to either use a PC as your receiver, or enable a "smart" TV's on-line features. I personally dislike TV's that are "Smart" enough to spy on me and relay my viewing habits to a company server. Bad enough with this on-going TCM crap, but at least with my current PC, OS, and Firefox browser, I retain some semblance of "control." When I think of something heralding "An End of an Era," (regarding television) for me that most recently happened in 2015, when my personal DVR's were no longer fully functional with my TV Service Provider, and I was required by my TV Service provider to pay rent for a separate receiver for each Television that I wanted TV access in the house. That is when I became a dedicated WATCH TCM online consumer. Anyway buddy, I wish you the best. We both probably watch way more TV than we should anyway, so I applaud your downsizing. One day (probably sooner than later) I'll likely be following your lead. Take care and Good luck!
  25. Stephan55

    HD versions missing in ON DEMAND

    Okay, I see where you are coming from.... Sure, you pay your TV Service Provider the big bucks so you can receive TCM movies and watch them on your big screen TV (in their proper (native) aspect ratio). And your TV Service Provider also offers some of those TCM broadcasted movies in their On-Demand programing. Some in supposed HD, and others in their native SD. And therein lies the problems and frustration that you are currently experiencing... One, Your TV Service Provider is currently sending you SD & HD movies in distorted Window-Boxed aspect ratio's. And Two, the selection of your TV Providers On-Demand TCM movies is far less than those broadcasted. And Three, the problem appears to be on-going, with no sense of resolution. Is that a correct summation? But I think that you are failing to see a "bigger" picture... As a TCM TV subscriber you are given access to their list of available WATCH TCM on-line movies. My past experience with them has revealed that TCM generally makes about 85-90% of what they broadcast also available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. As of this moment, WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND has a list of 79 feature movies and shorts available for On-Demand streaming. From that list all of the 65 full feature movies were recently aired live (within the last 7 days). Although the last few months they have been showing ever more of those in distorted "Window-Box" format, still, the vast majority is stream-able in their original native, i.e. 4.3 (1.33:1), 16:9, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios. I know that you pay your TV Service Provider money so you can watch TCM movies on your TV, and you would like to do so at your convenience, On-Demand.... Now wrap your head around this.... In order to watch TCM at all you have to pay some TV Service provider a fee regardless. So does it really matter whether those TCM movies come to you through your TV Service Provider's TCM access, or whether you receive them directly from TCM without the middle-man? (aside from the necessity of "signing-in" with TCM using your TV Service Provider's account information.) Isn't the "bigger picture" (the reason that you subscribe to TCM in the first place) for you to get the TCM movies that you want to watch and be able to watch them (in their original native aspect ratio) on on your big-screen TV? Well you can do just that! (if you are so inclined). Call it a "work-around," but it does work! As I have shared with you (in previous posts) you can stream your WATCH TCM movies ON-DEMAND to your PC (or another portable device) and then use either an HDMI cable or WiFi to watch those movies on your big-screen TV. Problem solved? Well it apparently would be, so long as the contract between your TV Service Provider and TCM is at least equivalent to what mine apparently is. What I am not sure of (and until now haven't asked anyone to verify) is whether the list of WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND movies is consistent with all TCM on-line viewers, or whether it varies from one TV Service Provider to another? I am informed that folks who watch TCM from Canada have certain caveats and restrictions especially regarding on-line TCM access. So, Would you mind doing me a favor and Get on-line and Check the list of WATCH TCM movies that TCM has available ON-DEMAND? Just report the day and time of your count, and I can cross reference to see if they are the same or not with my TV Service Provider (COX). If there appears to be a greater or lesser difference it would also be relevant to share the name of your TV Service Provider. Thanks I just received a card in the mail from AT&T. It was a Privacy Update "officially" informing me that WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) recently "joined" AT&T, and AT&T and their affiliate companies share "my information"... yada, yada... but "My privacy always comes first, as always..." More yada, "Please read the ...." I have one remaining telephone land-line with AT&T and for years have been receiving solicitations to switch to DIRECTV and internet. But after going through poor service and contract hassles with other cable providers, I am hesitant to sign a two year contract and pay potentially more (after an intro year) for possibly poorer service and less access than what I already have... At least with COX I can cancel at any time with no penalty. Another concern is... I feel that it is just a matter of time before the controlling ISP and TV Providers begin to take advantage of their hard-lobbied repeal of the FCC Net Neutrality Rules. Without FCC regulations, mandating that they do otherwise, there is now nothing to prevent these major players from exercising corporate favoritism and initiate penalties against companies and customers which subscribe to others for their content and services. i.e. fewer available channels, and limited "specialty" channel access, restricted programing, additional surcharges and higher fees to access content controlled by them. And variable streaming speeds for internet users, with their affiliates and clients receiving access to greater (faster) bandwidth, and others only for a premium price, etc. That is, after all, what monopolies do. And that was what Net Neutrality was there to protect against. Lip service aside, these corporations didn't spend all that money and fight so hard to "deregulate" themselves for the benefit of public good... They did it for greater profit at the public's expense, as usual. And it was our tax dollars which funded "our" governments (military) research, development and initial implementation of the internet in the first place. Then "our" government handed it over to the corporations... And today, "We" have no legal "rights" to equal, unbiased, access to that which we paid for. The Federal Communications Commission (an "independent" agency of the United States government which was created by statute to fairly regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable) has been bought and paid for by corporations who wish to turn telecommunication access into a publicly funded, privately controlled, unregulated for profit, "toll turnpike," rather than an equal access information highway. To use words of "our" illustrious fuhrer... "Sad, very, very sad...."

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