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  1. doctorxx

    New tarzan film with Buster Crabbe!

    According to IMDB this was a 200 minute chapter play. They must have cut a hell of a lot to reduce it to a 60 minute movie! Jacquline Wells wound up Julie Bishop when she went to Warners. A lot of people dont know that MGM originally wanted Herman Brix to play the role of Tarzan but he was injured and the part went to Weismuller. Brix turned into Bruce Bennett went he went to Warners.
  2. doctorxx

    Ronald Colman-Splendid actor

    For Willbefree- the movie you saw was probably A Double Life ,one of Colmans final films I believe it was also Shelley Winters film debut.
  3. doctorxx

    Jean Seberg

    Seberg never looked more beautiful than in the French film The Five Day Lover! The camera man must have been in love with her as each shot shows off her beauty perfectly.
  4. My favorite performances are Random Harvest, Tale of Two Cities and Lost Horizon. What are yours?
  5. doctorxx

    Joan Leslie

    She worked with Cagney, Bogart, Raft, Cooper and Astaire! What stories she could tell. Robert Osborne PLEASE interview her while she is still with us.
  6. I would love to see this film on TCM. The play is currently on Broaday and getting rave reviews. The DVD of the play with Lee Cobb is excellent. The version by Hoffman is good also. Miller's Salesman ranks right up there with Streetcar and Long Days Journey as America's greatest plays.
  7. doctorxx

    Hollywood Cowboys

    The basic advice to actors coming to Hollywood was "learn to ride. " Of the major stars never to make a Western were Cary Grant, Ronald Colman, Fredrich March, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Were there others?
  8. doctorxx

    Robert Duvall

    Is there a finer actor in todays movies than Duvall? I just saw Get Low on DVD and he is marvelous. What a career starting with To Kill A Mockingbird up to today.
  9. Both Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein would have been sensational in 3D. When House of Wax was released n 1953 I sat spellbound by the effects. Even the sound was 3D with a scene where the villain throws a chair at the camera and you hear it crash in back of you.That was 60 years ago and I remember it with a smile.
  10. doctorxx

    You Are Granted 3 Wishes

    All the Paramount films till unseen from 1929 to 1945 on TCM. All 6 of the Montez/Hall Technicolor epics. The Donald O Connor and Peggy Ryan films of the early 40s
  11. doctorxx

    Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel, Superman and Batman were all introduced thu comic books of the late 30s early 40s. All three were made into serials. Then in the 60s Batman and Superman made it big in the movies. Why has no company not made a major film of Captain Marvel?
  12. doctorxx

    Red Light/ WB 1949

    Anyone seen this film? Stars George Raft, Virginia Mayo and Raymond Burr. I felt I had seen all of Mayo's films but this title drew a blank. Was Raft still on the WB payroll as late as 1949?
  13. doctorxx

    Moon and Sixpence

    Probably George Sanders finest role. On Tuesday at 6:15. Well worth watching.
  14. Bronson kicked around with minor parts usually without dialogue until he made House of Wax which was a big hit in 3D. What turned him into a featured player and then a star? With his slavic features he seems an unlikely movie star. What elevated him to stardom?
  15. doctorxx

    Maria Montez

    How did she become a star? She could not act, sing or dance! She was attractive in the hispanic vein but so were many others.Just what did she have? Friends in high places at Universal?

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