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  1. markfp2

    TCM Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    Just out of curiosity, how do you know that TCM hasn't made an effort? They could have made a big effort but just couldn't come up with a deal. What always puzzles me is why they'd even schedule a title before they have a signed contract for it. It happens too many times to just be an oversight.
  2. markfp2

    On feeling like an imposter

    SunAndMoon, I'm sorry that somebody said that to you and you were bothered by it. The only person who should feel like a jerk is the person who said it. The great thing about being a movie-lover is that there's something for everybody in the world of classic cinema and nobody has the right to tell you what you should see or not see. Enjoy what you like and don't worry about what somebody else might think. Remember too, there's nothing to be ashamed of if you haven't seen some well-known classic film and you don't owe anybody an apology for that.
  3. Actually, as far as bringing attention to the original film goes, I'm all for that. It's just that I'm no longer getting all bent out of shape when I hear that some classic is being remade.
  4. I use to get all worked up over remakes too, but I guess I've mellowed as I've gotten older. So what's the big deal? It's simply a new interpretation of the original source material. The original movie will always be what it is and no new version will change that.
  5. markfp2

    Men You Love to Hate in the Movies!

    From the time I first saw THE COMEDY OF TERRORS, when I was just a teenager, it's been one of my favorite "just for fun" films. To see Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone and Peter Lorre all in the same film, a comedy no less, makes me feel good every time I watch it. Sure they're hamming it up, but I'll bet they were having a grand time doing it. It's not exactly Oscar material, but at least for me it's great fun.
  6. markfp2

    Hotels that carry TCM - compiling a list

    I once had a nice chat with the manager of a major chain hotel in this area and I asked him why they didn't carry TCM. He was very open and honest with me. He said that when he made his deal with the cable company, he naturally chose all the major entertainment, sports and news channels that his, mainly business, customers would expect. Then he said that he avoided TCM because his corporate bosses felt that having a non-commercial movie channel included for free would drain business from the premium channels like HBO and Showtime that his hotel charged extra for and made money from. I didn't like his answer, but I did appreciate his honesty.
  7. markfp2

    The Paramount Network Jan 18.

    Since Paramount sold off it's pre-1948 film library to MCA way back when and those are now owned by Universal, I wouldn't hold my breath that the Paramount Channel is going to be showing many of them.
  8. markfp2

    CBS once again validates colo(u)rizing

    While I still oppose colorizing of classic b/w movies, I have to admit that this was the best job of colorizing, I've ever seen. If I hadn't known it was originally b/w I would have assumed it was shot in color. For contrast, I caught a little bit of the horrible colorized version of MIRACLE ON 34th STREET which his been playing all over the last few weeks. Not only was the process poor, but some idiot gave Maureen O'Hara BROWN hair instead of her fiery RED. You'd really think that somebody at Fox would have caught that, or maybe they just don't care. If the studios really must show colorized versions, then they should scrap all there earlier efforts and remake them to look as good as the Van Dyke shows. Then maybe some of us "closed-minded purists" might be more accepting of them.
  9. markfp2

    Watch TCM for ROKU

    I have a Roku and the only way to get TCM is if you subscribe to Sling TV which gives you, via streaming, a bunch of popular cable channels for $20 a month and then pay an extra $5 for their movie add-on which includes TCM. I don't subscribe because I get TCM on DirecTV, so I can't say anything about Sling one way or the other, but I guess a lot of folks use it as an alternative to expensive cable.
  10. markfp2

    Suggest a Movie feature

    Over the years, I've had two or or three or my requests filled, but keep in mind that unless TCM already has that title under contract with a studio or distributor it can take months or even years before they show it. Getting a film often requires negotiations with the rights holder and for any number of reasons the film may not be available to TCM. The most common is some other channel has exclusive rights to it, such as ABC and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Still it's always worth making suggestions, just don't expect them too soon.
  11. markfp2

    Letterbox Movies on TCM

    Can't say I've noticed lately either, but it does happen from time-to-time. Usually because it's what the distributor sends them. I don't think TCM intentionally orders the wrong format but I sometimes wonder if anybody actually looks at it before it airs.
  12. markfp2

    RKO/Desilu Prop Seen In Citizen Kane

    I don't have any idea, but it does have a "manly" look to it so maybe it could be in one of the offices.
  13. markfp2

    Now Playing Magazine Emailed Yet?

    I don't know the specifics of how bulk emails go out, but mine was time-stamped as being received at 6:02 am ET this morning (9/1)
  14. markfp2

    Now Playing Magazine Emailed Yet?

    They sent out an August issue, which I think was probably a test run right on August 1st. I hope TCM starts to realize that folks like to have them sooner than that. I'm not one who needs it a month early, but a week or two would be nice.
  15. markfp2

    Now Playing Magazine - August 2017 Issue

    I believe all the functions regarding subscriptions were handled by the outside company that actually printed and distributed the magazine for TCM. Their contract with TCM probably ended with the mailing of the final issue and that number was deactivated.

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