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  1. classicstar181

    Favorite Actor and Actress

    Audrey Hepburn- Everything shes in (Shes my very favorite!) Cary Grant- Everything he is in ( i am making it easy on myself LOL) Vivien Leigh-Gone With the Wind, Waterloo Bridge. Bette Davis- All About Eve Grace Kelly ( everything shes ever been in) Clark Gable -It Happend One Night & Gone With the Wind. Jimmy Stewart- The Philadelphia Story, Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation & Rear Window -Ashley
  2. classicstar181

    What have you Bought/Taped Lately?

    VHS:The Big Sleep, Key Largo, The Whole Town is Talking, Rear Window ( awesome movie),& All About Eve. DVD: It Happend One night, and War & Peace.
  3. classicstar181

    my favorite musical

    my favorites are The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge!, and Chicago. -Ash
  4. classicstar181

    AFI's 100yrs...100 Songs"-(upcoming June special)

    I am just really glad that Moon River was #4 -Ash
  5. classicstar181

    A Great Movie Alert!

    Thank you path for this alert! Ive been dying to see The Maltese Falcon
  6. classicstar181

    Your Favorite Child Stars

    mine are Margaret O'Brien & Elizabeth Taylor -Ashley
  7. classicstar181

    ages of everyone on the board

    I am 21.. I loved classic movies sense I was 8 years old. ) -Ashley
  8. classicstar181

    Our new host...

    I am young.. 20... I have been watching TCM for along time.. I just hope they dont turn into another AMC or else ill be very upset!! . Ash*
  9. classicstar181

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    I love this quote from arsenic and old lace... "Insanity runs through my family.. practically gallops!". Such a funny movie!! Ash*
  10. classicstar181

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    "Oh so we are going to talk about me now are we? Goody!"-Kate ( The philadelphia Story). "Oh, Hello Toppy!"-Constance Bennett ( Topper.. I LOVE that movie!!). "Is annoying people your life's mission?"-Ginger Rogers ( I cant remember which movie its from though for the life of me!). "I want to marry a rockafeller (then betty grable says) "which one?" (and marilyn monroe says back) "oh i dont care!!". ( How to Marry a Millionare).. I'll think of more later, these quotes are great though I love reading them all and then laughing!! Ash*
  11. classicstar181

    Kate and the Duke

    Those were played, I think they were on either in the morning or very late at night. But I know they played Desk Set for a fact. I agree though their tribute was very nice. I love Kate too . Ash*
  12. classicstar181

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    Gotta love Gone With The Wind!! My very favorite line from that movie is "I can shoot straight, if I dont have to shoot too far"-Scarlett. Another favorite from How to Marry a Millionare is "I would like to marry a Rockafeller"-Marilyn Monroe, and then Betty Grable asks "Which one" and Marilyn says "Oh I dont care!" LOL. I also like in The Awful Truth where Irene Dunne says " I wouldnt live with you even if you were dipped in plantinum" And in Desk Set when Kate says "My hair is naturally natural!". Bringing up Baby's " I cant give you anything but love baby!!" And I love it when Kate says "Oh My sainted Aunt!" in The Philadelphia Story. LOL Sorry so long.. ~Ash
  13. classicstar181

    What would you like to see on TCM?

    I think I posted but i am not sure if it came up or not so i am sorry if I posted this twice . I would love to see The Bachelor and The Bobbysoxer ( Cary Grant & Myrna Loy). I would also like to see Holiday ( Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant) and Lover Come Back ( Doris Day) Thanks!! Ash
  14. classicstar181


    Drama/Comedy Adams Rib Bringing up Baby Gone With The Wind Charade Father Goose Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Mr. Blandings Builds his dream house. Lured Suspicion The Thin Man The Awful Truth The Grass is Greener ... lol ill stop now! Musicals : Moulin Rouge The Sound of Music A Star is Born There's no business like show business Actors: Cary Grant ( my very favorite) Spencer Tracy Clark Gable James Stewart Gregory Peck Van Johnson Actresses : Katharine Hepburn ( very favorite) Lucille Ball ( tied with Kate) Jean Simmons Myrna Loy Vivien Leigh Audrey Hepburn Doris Day
  15. classicstar181


    Thanks everyone for the welcome!! I really love this site. Thank god the rain stopped! LOL I was beginning to feel waterlogged! Its nice to meet you guys! ~Ash

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