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  1. rohanaka


    Thanks very much,Mr. SCSU, for the post on the film about Edith Cavell. I first read of her story several years ago in a small collection of biographies on heroes of the Christian faith. Her story is pretty amazing. I am sure the film was part fiction and part fact, but it is great to hear that it was so moving to the people who viewed it back in the day. PS: what a great idea for a thread. I've enjoyed viewing so far. I am sure there will be some pretty fine gems uncovered here as the year progresses. Will look forward to reading about them. Thanks for your hard work putting it together.
  2. Best wishes to you, Miss B. Have a truly happy Christmas and a blessed New Year!
  3. Woo, Miss B! That sounds like a lovely feast!! (brussels sprouts. oh baby!) Hope the day was good to you and you had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! ❤️
  4. BEST wishes to you Miss B for a happy, HAPPY birthday!! The Big Guy was so happy it's your birthday.... he made a special dance video just for you!
  5. Wishing you a VERY happy birthday, dear Miss B!!!!! From me and the Big Guy too!! (my goodness, me oh MY, I had forgotten what a party animal he is!!) Hope your day is a happy one, friend.
  6. rohanaka

    Western Movie Rambles

    Hahaha!!! No worries, Stumpy. That just means I get to celebrate longer!! (Thanks for the smile, Miss B!)
  7. rohanaka

    Western Movie Rambles

    Hahahaha!!!! Thanks Miss B (and Stumpy too!!) You are a day early, but I am happy to have a well wish from a friend any day, so thanks for thinking of me. (And well.. I probably deserve a good swat now and then too, if we're being honest here.. ha. So no hard feeling's Stumpy) Hope YOU are having a lovely day too, my friend.
  8. rohanaka

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    Well hurry up and get back on that horse, already. (so we can think up some cleverly devised plans to knock you off again) KIDDING!!! just kidding. Very happy to see your name on this board again, sir.
  9. Glad that Irma is out of the way for you now, little missy. And here's hoping you get passed by this time by her cousin Maria. Hang in there Miss B.. batten down those hatches again and will pray you stay safe and sound, all through the entire season.
  10. Glad to hear you are safe and sound, and a-ok, Miss B!!! Very thankful you were not in the worst of it. Will hope the rest of the hurricane season is a breeze.... but a mild and pleasant one. (not with hurricane force winds!)
  11. Praying for you, Miss B, and all who are in the path of the storm. Sending a huge hug your way!! Stay safe!
  12. Thanks, Mr. SCSU, I am sorry to hear that you had the same problem too. It really is a shame. Woo.. if misery loves company, then I am in good shape around here. Thanks for the tips on how to clean up my missing pictures. I may look into options for a different way to post pics again, someday. (if only to try and clean up my mess on a few posts here and possibly in a couple of other threads I enjoy looking at now and then) But wowsa.. that would take a heap of time to go through and recreate them all. So I don't think it will happen any time soon. I am afraid I have too many irons in my fire right now to take on a project like that. It will have to be something for me to check into on a rainy day (or snowy day.. some kinda day.. ha) sometime in the future, perhaps. And I am glad that my photos are all still around SOMEwhere. But thankfully almost all of the pictures I have on photobucket are ones I also have saved to my computer, so I am not too worried about losing them (I usually only put them on photobucket just for the purpose of posting here) but I appreciate the tip about downloading. I may go through and double check some of my albums just to make sure I have everything I want to keep . It is just a shame that so many posts for everyone with a photobucket acct are all going to be held hostage this way. I am SO happy that it appears Kyle must have used a different method for posting his pics here. Let's hope his lovely posters and pictures are able to stick around for everyone to enjoy.
  13. Hello dear Sue Sue.. sorry to hear I am not alone (in the photobucket dilemma.) I took a look on your thread... I am glad you found a good alternative. For my part.. I am SO happy that Kyle's posters were not lost. Boy.. that was the first thing I checked when I saw that mine were gone. What a relief to see that all his hard work is still able to be enjoyed!
  14. Well.. sadly it appears that my free photobucket account is being held prisoner (by photobucket.. ha!) and the access I had to post pics from there has been removed unless I want to upgrade. But what is worse is that I also see now that all the pics I had posted on here previously (when the account was free) also appear to be lost too.. at least for viewing purposes on this website. And the images I posted have now been replaced by an annoying announcement by photobucket to update my account with them (from a free account to a paying one) Now THAT is really disappointing (at least to me) because it has made a mess out of this thread in particular from some of the posts I have made to honor Kyle's efforts to showcase some really wonderful vintage images and artwork of our men and women in uniform and the armed services in general. So I apologize for all the "dopey looking" little announcements you will see to please upgrade my photobucket account.. but alas.. it is not in my budget to pay for such things, so I won't be doing that. And rather than go through this entire message board one post at a time to edit and delete all the pictures that USED to be there... I will just say... please enjoy all the posts from Kyle.. who is the one who started this thread in the first place. His posts are the ones that I wanted you to see here anyway, as they REALLY are worth viewing.. and you can just scroll right on through any of mine that have the annoying photobucket messages. God bless Kyle's memory.. he is dearly missed and I am glad that this thread is still available for you to enjoy. (even if you have to step over the puddles that were left by me in the wake of photobucket's changes to my acct.) Sorry for any inconvenience folks.
  15. Hello little missy. Glad you got the chance to enjoy that Hitchcock class. Sounds like it would have been fun!!

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