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  1. Thanks to scsu1975 for answering my first post to this site so quickly. I've got to try my luck once again with this question I emailed to TCM afew years ago. "What types of movie media are in the TCM vaults"? My guess is that most by now are on a DVD of some type. Were some on 16mm? An example of a movie which I thought might be on 16mm was "Meet John Doe".I've never seen a quality copy of this movie. FWIW: I can't believe such a great channel like TCM exists. Please keep doing it.
  2. Mike97

    Cult Movie,late 50's or early 60's

    Many Thanks! to scsu1975. I "like" this forum. After trying Google, IMDB, complex searches, I couldn't find this actor. SCSU came to my rescue nearly instantly. I think that I knew so little about the two movies I saw Arch in, was that I was probably exercising on my Schwinn bike and had the TV on only while exercising and because the movies held my interest so little, didn't pay too close attention to them. But, I became curious about them.Glad to know that Arch was rather successful in life, his acting notwithstanding. Thanks again,scsu. Mike
  3. I saw parts of two movies perhaps as much as a year ago on, I think, TCM. I've tried in vain to find the name of the star in each. In one, he was a ruthless killer--in the other a rock star. The most notable characteristic of him was that he had a very low hairline. He might have been rather hairy and blondish. I also think he was somewhat short. I'd be greatful if someone could help me find his name. It's only for curiosity. Thanks

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