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  1. thomasterryjr

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    I stand corrected and thank you. I thought Ms. Russell's splendid performance in "Mourning Becomes Electra" was worthy of Oscar consideration.
  2. thomasterryjr

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    When I first saw the title I thought "Mourning Becomes What!!?". Did someone misspell "Morning". Who or what is an "Electra"? I watched the movie and I found out what the definitive definition of a "Dysfunctional Family" is. This is a good film and I enjoy watching it when TCM programmer decides to schedule it during daylight hours. It is surprising that with all the powerful performances in this film only Michael Redgrave was able to receive an Oscar nomination. Kirk Douglas and Rosalind Russell should have been nominated as well for their respective performances.
  3. thomasterryjr

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    I am so very sorry but I must contradict your statement about the movie "Bunny Lake Is Missing". You are not alone. Any movie which has a plot line that states a woman reporting her young daughter missing but nobody has actually seen her daughter nor is there any evidence of her daughter's existence is the type of movie which fascinates me, especially the last twenty minutes of this masterpiece. Kudos to the young actress Carol Lynley who held her own against maybe the greatest male actor of the twentieth century, Laurence Olivier.
  4. thomasterryjr

    Great moments in cinema.

    I normally do not bother to read all of the pages of a thread when it goes six and ten pages. So I had time on my hands and I was surprised to see that nobody in TCM Nation did not acknowledge the last scene in Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" as a great moment in Cinema. To refresh your memory, the Tramp has just been released from jail and he is walking down the street when he passes by the flower shop where the blind girl which he had been assisting financially in getting an operation to gain her eyesight. He stares in the window at her and she, not knowing that the Tramp is the benefactor for her cured eye-sight operation, laughs at him and then tries to coax him into taking a flower she is offering him. She comes outside to hand the flower to him, the Tramp turns and attempts to walk away, she takes his hand to give him the flower and she instantly knows by touching his hand that this was the man who helped her in getting her eyesight. The look of surprise on her face when she realizes that he was the one who helped her pay for the eye operation to cure her blindness, afterwards the shot of the Tramp's face before the picture slowly fades to black. The End. The background music soundtrack makes this scene even more powerful and one of the most emotionally breath-taking scenes ever film.
  5. I second the motion for seeing Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" on a movie theater screen with an audience. I saw "Modern Times" on a theater screen outdoors and enjoyed it. I also would like to see Laurel and Hardy's "The Music Box," "South Pacific" and "This is Cinerama" on a movie theater screen.
  6. Who would have thought in December 1980 when Tom Hanks was part of an ABC television series with Peter Scolari and Donna Dixon titled "Bosum Buddies" would be receiving the Cecil B. Demille from Hollywood constituents for his body of work. It goes to prove that you can become someone who matters and a superstar no matter where or how you start in any business.
  7. thomasterryjr

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    I feel I am the only person, maybe a very few people, who likes "Jewel Robbery" with William Powell and Kay Francis. I think this is a hilarious, sophisticated film. I love the robbery scene in the jewelry store where if you do not do what you are told there are two guns shoved in your face to make you reconsider your stubbornness. Another film which I feel I am the one of a few who view this film as a favorite is a Tony Curtis, Claudia Cardinale, Sharon Tate film, "Don't Make Waves." An adult California beach movie with a side of bedroom farce. Claudia is oh so gorgeous as always but Sharon Tate makes me want to crash through the television screen to get a hold of her as she is jumping up and down on a trampoline, sometimes in slow motion, sometime stop motion. Both films could be labelled as "time-waster": Something you watch without really expecting much, maybe on a day when you don't really feel like going out and need to fill some time before you go on to something else. But, by golly, I like both films, they are major favorites, and I am sticking with them.
  8. thomasterryjr

    What movies did you rate a 9 or 10 this month?

    Did you actually watch all of these titles in July 2019? Quite an impressive list. "City Lights" is and always will be rated a "10" and a "Four Star" movie.
  9. thomasterryjr

    Great moments in cinema.

    I could not find the video clip for this great moment in cinema. Maybe someone else more technically advance can place it in this thread on my behalf. I am sure everyone in TCM Nation has seen this film. It was awarded the Best Picture Oscar in 1942. The title: Mrs. Miniver. At the end of the movie actor Henry Wilcoxon portraying "The Vicar" delivers an overwhelmingly stirring sermon to the congregation in his bomb-tattered church. Every-time I see Mr. Wilcoxon deliver the speech which has become known as the "Wilcoxon Speech" I become happy, exhilarated and nod my head up and down. If you ever want to learn how to deliver a persuasive speech just watch actor Henry Wilcoxon in the last scene of Mrs. Miniver.
  10. thomasterryjr

    Quality movies that you don't want to see again

    I must confess to a try at revisionist history or is it simply bad memory. Actually four people survive Javier Bardem's character: the gas station attendant and the secretary who did not want to give out an address or something. Bardem's character was going to kill her as well but he heard a toilet flush and decided to leave her alive. The two kids at the end of the movie make four survivors of Javier Bardem's character in "No Country For Old Men".
  11. thomasterryjr

    Quality movies that you don't want to see again

    One of the best compliments you can give an actor or actress is you forget who they really are and believe they are the character. Javier Bardem in the movie "No Country For Old Men" won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of a psychotic killer out to recover some money. Every person who came in contact with Javier Bardem's character was killed with the exception of two children he met at the end of the movie. He was downright crazy ruthless. Josh Brolin stayed ahead of him for the majority of the movie but was eventually gun down. Tommy Lee Jones' Sheriff character couldn't face the enormity of the crimes. Javier Bardem's character was not caught by the way. He got away with just a broken arm. Javier Bardem's character frightened and disturbed me terribly but I thought this was a great great movie when I saw it, much deserving for the Best Picture Oscar. I just will not watch it again because of Javier Bardem's realistic portrayal of the killer was too much for me. Too tell you how much his portrayal bothered me, when he was in the movie "Skyfall" I felt somewhat antsy but I got over it. I have watched Skyfall a couple of times.
  12. thomasterryjr

    Which movie would you love to see that doesn't get shown too often??

    There was an over 15 year hiatus between scheduling "South Pacific" on TCM but the wait was worth it. I thought maybe TCM had finally wrestled the rights to show this title. The one title which I have never seen in my life and it seems to be absent from other classic movie channels is "Oklahoma". Why is this title absent from movie channels?
  13. thomasterryjr

    should tcm consider airing TV fare?

    I would like to ask our esteem colleague, Brown Shoes, a question which might take some research on his or her part by looking at the Friday schedule for the month of July 2019. You state TCM schedules mostly two star or less movies. I am interested in your opinion: TCM is showing movies from what is regarded the greatest year of cinema, 1939. Of all of the movies TCM is showing from the year 1939 which do you regard as four star movies and which do you regard as two stars and less? I am asking because your opinions about movies shown on TCM are very strong, valued, interesting and will most likely stimulate much conversation on this thread. Thank you.
  14. thomasterryjr

    should tcm consider airing TV fare?

    I know I bumped and knock down a beehive by asking if made for TV movies could qualify for scheduling on TCM. I will probably be seen as a hypocrite by stating after further review I remember TCM showing the same TV special twice in one evening a few years ago. Frank Sinatra was the Star of the Month I believe and TCM programmer thought it would be advantageous to show his November 1965 TV special which ironically won an Emmy for that year. That TV special was one of the best TV specials I have ever seen in my life. I had never seen nor heard of this TV special until that evening when TCM showed it. It was wonderful and to top it all off Frank had a cold while taping the TV special and he sounded magnificent. If TCM programmer could consider a made for TV movie, TV episode and/or TV special which is acceptable to TCM's criteria for quality cinema/programming on the network and has relevance to the career of the actor/actress who is Star of the Month then I say let them enlighten us.
  15. thomasterryjr

    should tcm consider airing TV fare?

    I take by the tone of the responses in this thread that showing TV fare is foolish and not needed on TCM which I agree. I do have a question about TV movies which were made in the 70s and 80s like the ABC Network's "Trilogy of Terror" and mini-series like "Roots","Shogun", "Thorn Birds", "Centennial". Could TV movies qualify as movies to be shown on TCM if you could receive permission from whomever owns the rights to these titles?

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