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  1. thomasterryjr

    Stars that deserve discussion

    May I nudge TCM Programmer and see if they will consider giving Gene Hackman a day in their Summer Under the Stars tribute? Please TCM Programmer and thank you.
  2. thomasterryjr

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    "Everyone who has contributed to the archaic expressions thread I really like you. Why? Because you have moxie. Anyone who has moxie is all right by me". "Moxie" is an archaic movie term meaning you have "courage and nerve". The word "Moxie" is still being used in the Northeast United States because there is a soft drink which goes by this very name and has been selling since 1876.
  3. thomasterryjr

    What movies did you rate a 9 or 10 this month?

    I am fully aware that "31 Days Of Oscar" is basically reruns and a lot of the same for some of you. For some of us it is an introduction to films which we have never seen before. This was the first time I have actually sat down and watched "South Pacific". I found the music just wonderful. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The acting was good. Mitzi Gaynor did well in her portrayal of Ensign Nellie Forbush. I found the main story plot interesting but the sub-plot was blatant racism. The use of color filters was interesting but sometimes contracted from the story. Do we really need to see Bloody Mary singing through a red filter? With the gorgeous scenery and setting as the South Pacific why do you need color filters? Since this was my first time screening "South Pacific" I am going to be generous and give this film a "9". I hope TCM has control of this film for awhile so we can see it again later this year in the Spring or Summer. Now I am going to digress from review of movies to a review of film shorts. I rarely see one or two-reel shorts on TCM anymore so to see two of my favorites was a treat. "Stop, Look, and Listen" is a stop action film about driving safety. The catch is the two main characters are not in cars, the characters are the actual vehicle sliding on the ground. There are two characters, one who is driving "sensibly/by the rules" and the other "super-aggressive"/"road-rage" type. This is a cute little film which holds my attention every-time I see it on TCM. I don't know how long it took to complete this film but it was well worth it and most deserving of its Oscar nomination. I give this one-reel wonder a "10". The other one-reel wonder which I am going to give a rating of "10" is "Jammin' the Blues". Lester Young, Illinois Jacquet, Barney Kessel and a few of their best friends get together in a dark, smoky atmosphere for a jam session. Just a wonderful fun film to watch.
  4. thomasterryjr

    4-star good movies

    I often thought the reason TCM Programmer schedule four star movies overnight Eastern time is because they knew I liked this title and they wanted to annoy me and make me fume. They did this just recently when they scheduled "The Bicycle Thieves" two hours before dawn on the East Coast. All seriousness aside, titles such as "The Last Picture Show," "Network," are habitually scheduled by TCM Programmer for 2:00 A.M. and 3:00 A.M. starting times on the East Coast due to subject matter and language. Personally I believe TCM Programmer should realize we are adults who are mature enough to handle subject matter and language which is presented in a four star movie such as "The Last Picture Show" and should be allowed to be scheduled for an 8:00 P.M. or 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. Eastern start time.
  5. thomasterryjr

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    Hey!!! Don't let any of these archaic expressions from films make you cringe and get uncomfortable. Buck up man!!! Buck up!!! "Buck up" meaning brighten up. Cheer up!!!
  6. thomasterryjr

    Notable performances by women in classic films

    Eleanor Parker in the 1950 movie "Caged". In the beginning of the movie she has this adorable, innocent, girlish, vulnerable and caring persona. By the end of the movie she is hardened, callous, unemotional, somewhat sinister, and uncaring persona. Eleanor Parker showed what a magnificent actress she was at that time with her depiction of how being incarcerated can poison a person physically and psychologically over time. Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 movie "Gaslight" is also worthy of notice. Her character is a timid and vulnerable woman in the beginning of the movie who by the middle of the movie is questioning her sanity. By the end of the movie she is a strong, confident and independent woman. Both of these actresses had me believing they were the characters they were depicting which made me take note of their respective magnificent Oscar winning performances which they so richly deserved.
  7. thomasterryjr

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    I have a few favorites: "Coffee and sinkers". If you asked for coffee and sinkers today at Dunkin' Doughnuts you would get a blank stare. Sinkers are slang for doughnuts. Another one: "Don't be Ridic". "Are you sure it won't be any problem having me over for dinner tonight to meet your folks?" "Don't be ridic. You are more than welcome. I will pick you up at seven." "Ridic" is short for "ridiculous". One more: "Here, have a snifter". Someone, possibly a hick, another archaic expression not used today, is offering you an alcoholic drink, possibly illegally produced.
  8. thomasterryjr

    What movies did you rate a 9 or 10 this month?

    I remember when I first join the TCM Message Board some 10, 12 years ago, if I made a remark like "I give TCM Programmer a rating of "4" for scheduling such a magnificent movie such as "The Bicycle Thieves" two hours before dawn for East Coast viewing" TCM Programmer would provide an answer and explanation why this happen. That does not happen anymore and I wish TCM Programmer would start communicating with TCM Nation again like he/she use to.
  9. thomasterryjr

    What movies did you rate a 9 or 10 this month?

    There are "9" and "10" rated films if you want to rate them that high and you can if you wanted to. For example, I was angry I missed "The Bicycle Thieves" due to the fact that it was scheduled just before dawn on the East Coast and I overslept. The plot is simple: A man gets a job hanging posters. To hang the posters he needs a bicycle. The bicycle is stolen and with the help of his son he goes searching for the bicycle. This film is so powerful as it shows the desperation and harshness of life in post-war Italy as a father tries to provide for family. It is also a Father and Son movie because while the Father is looking for his stolen bicycle he does not notice what he is doing to his son who is watching how he is handling the experience of the theft of the bicycle. The plot, actors, soundtrack fit together to make "Bicycle Thieves" an authentic, great cinematic feature which deserves more than a rating of "6". I will give "Bicycle Thieves" a "10" because beauty and grading is in the eye of the beholder. I will also give TCM programmer a 4 for scheduling this great film at such an ungodly hour but I appreciate the fact they had the courtesy to even schedule this film.
  10. thomasterryjr

    What movies did you rate a 9 or 10 this month?

    I am going to be brief in my review of a movie which I am going to rate a 9 for the cast but only a 5 for the script. This was the first time I had seen this movie: "That Uncertain Feeling" with Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith, Eve Arden, Harry Davenport, Alan Mowbray. Ernst Lubitsch was the Director of the film. TCM has made me a great admirer of the films of Ernst Lubitsch and the infamous "Lubitsch Touch". I did not see it in this film. I can see the Lubitsch touch in such films as "The Love Parade," "The Smiling Lieutenant," "One Hour With You," "Trouble in Paradise," "The Merry Widow," "To Be or Not to Be,". I did not see it as much in this film. Normally when I watch a Ernst Lubitsch film I am double over in laughter. Not so with this film. Maybe it was the script/plot. The cast for this film give it their best with what they had to work with. Melyvn Douglas was in his usual suave character mode. Burgess Meredith played his part well as competition for Merle Oberon's attention. Merle Oberon was looking absolutely gorgeous in this film. Just stunning. I did notice there were a lack of close-ups of Ms. Oberon in this film. Usually a leading lady doesn't mind having the camera lens close to her face.
  11. thomasterryjr

    colorizing deserves another shot

    I give up. What is her name? Also if you have the time, you stated you were a professional "colorist". Can you give TCM Nation an example of what this photo would look like colorized? Please and thank you.
  12. thomasterryjr

    colorizing deserves another shot

    I use to hold the opinion it would be nice to colorize black and white movies. I received a two-by-four verbal beating on this message board for holding that opinion and I saw the error of my ways. I really do not believe colorizing would be a good idea. Film Noir classics such as "The Spiral Staircase," "Murder, My Sweet," "The Big Heat," "Out of the Past," "Detour," "Gun Crazy," and so many other Film Noir titles would lose that certain edge of suspense and drama if they were presented in color. One film which I believe was great as a color semi "Film Noir" film but would have been even better if presented as a black and white film was "L.A Confidential" released in 1997. I assume the Director and others in power felt they could not really sell a black and white film to a 1997 audience use to watching a film in color but the film came out fine and it was appreciated by the the public and critics.
  13. thomasterryjr

    Screen Legends, according to Starz

    All list of anything start arguments. I looked at the Starz Legendary list and was surprised to find one actress not listed who seems to bring more attention for her outside interests than her acting: Angelina Jolie. Granted she has won awards for her acting prowess, "Gia," "Girl, Interrupted", I wonder why she was not given her due on the Starz Legendary list. She seems to be nominated for enough acting awards but does not win. I guess its better to be mention than it is being ignored. Another actress who might not be quite a Starz Legendary type but flies near the "Legendary" radar: very dependable Amy Irving.
  14. thomasterryjr

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2019

    I don't mean to digress from the actual subject matter of the 2019 inductees but I would like to throw a couple tidbits out for discussion. I often wondered how one gain's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Do you have to have a hot streak of consecutive years of excellence, for example, five, six years of great singles and/or albums? Does the band stay together for 15 years after having some successful singles/albums over a short period of time? This is just thoughts mind you. I have looked at Connie Francis' discography. She had a five year hot streak of singles and albums and was very popular on TV and movies. Isn't this enough evidence to warrant being included on the ballot for consideration? Another group which was popular in the 1970s was Jethro Tull. Have they ever been included on the ballot for consideration into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? They had some singles which were played on the radio and critically acclaimed albums in the 1970s. In the case of Connie Francis ever being inducted into the Hall of Fame: I hope they do so while she is alive. I have such a great dislike when people do not take a good look at someone's body of work while they are living then give recognition to them for their work posthumously. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did this with Donna Summer. They waited until she died then they inducted her into the Hall of Fame a year after her death.
  15. thomasterryjr

    What movies did you rate a 9 or 10 this month?

    I watched a movie which I never heard of but I was aware of the actress who starred in the picture. The title of the film was "Lady On A Train" The actress was Deanna Durbin. I was really impressed by this picture and Ms. Durbin. I am going to give this picture nine stars out of ten. I am going to confess the only Deanna Durbin movie I remember seeing on TCM is "One Hundred Men and A Girl" and a movie short with Judy Garland as a young teenager. So I was taken back to see her as a charming young woman in this movie. I found her acting skills credible in this flick. She seem to have the knack for comedy and I know she can sing. She was given a great script which mixed murder, mystery, a musical, and comedy into one plot and she was able to carry the movie. She had a great supporting cast in Dan Duryea, Ralph Bellamy, Edward Everett Norton, and Alan Jenkins. I found this movie entertaining and surprising with the twist ending. I must digress now. First I absolutely love it when an actor finally decides to play against type, his reputation in movies. The writers for this movie had me thinking Dan Duryea's character was the bad guy when it was actually Ralph Bellamy. I guess Bellamy wanted to get out of being typecast as the good guy who always loses the girl in the end. It was surprising. I felt the same way when I watched for the first time "Once Upon A Time In the West" with Henry Fonda and "3:10 to Yuma" with Glenn Ford playing the bad guys. A side note before signing off: Being a man I notice these things on a woman. I have never seen a woman change her hairstyle so many times in a movie in such a short period of time as Deanna Durbin's character. She had a "Wendy's" type pony-tail hairstyle in the movie theater. When she is entering the Club Circus she has a gravity defying hairstyle with two rolls of hair on the back of her neck. She has another hairstyle when she sings "Give Me A Little Kiss", another hairstyle when she sings "Night and Day". She had another hairstyle when she was being stalked by Allen Jenkins in the hotel room while singing "Silent Night". She had her hair tied in a bundle on the top of her head when she woke up in the author's bedroom and was hiding upstairs from some people. This is not a complaint mind you. She looked absolutely gorgeous throughout the film. But when does her character find the time to do all of these things to her hair when she is trying to solve a murder?

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