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    WH staffer takes a shot at boyfriend

    The other securities are guaranteed by the courts. We've seen time and time again how corrupt and oppressive the courts can be. Ever read the Justice Dept. report on Ferguson? Ever read any of the proceedings of the courts operating under the Patriot Act? They keep preaching the importance of the 2nd Amendment because it's the last bastion, the last recourse, and weakening it in any way removes our last defense. I, personally, feel we don't need to revamp current gun laws. What we need to do is start enforcing the ones we have. In most states, having a gun while committing a crime adds years to the sentence, but DAs routinely take that off the table in exchange for a quick plea on lesser charges. If they put away for 10 years every criminal who used a gun, the drop in crime would be astonishing.
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    The Case of the Missing Apostrophes

    For a while, we called her our poof girl. Someone (not me) eventually told her why.
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    Movie Clichés cont'd..

    Have you ever been on a bus in Peru? It's a little unbelievable when the brakes do work.
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    The Case of the Missing Apostrophes

    Not to test you, specifically. It's just something I do when talking about proofreading, just like the way I purposely mispell some words.
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    The Case of the Missing Apostrophes

    Years ago, I put "excellent poofreading skills" as a requirement for a position we had open. More than two dozen applicants, not one of them caught it. It's incredibly difficult to proofread your own writing because your brain automatically adds any words you out.
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    She said to post a few things from her Imgur folder. She didn't specify cat pictures. (Even after all these years, I'm still struggling to train her for life with a literalist.)
  13. Knives are the weapon of choice in China.
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    November Schedule -- Norma Shearer as SotM!

    That's one I've been waiting for. It's not a premiere -- must have been shown ages ago.
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    A Petition to TCM Forums?

    You can add me to the list -- I'd love to see the post counts, view counts, and other vanity stuff disappear. They're never necessary and rarely useful. Serious forums don't use them. Just in case anyone is in serious need of nightmares -- some forums also display the number of likes the poster's received! Can you imagine the number of sock puppets and swelled heads that leads to?
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    laffite and TheGayDivorcee -- she appreciates your kind words. She'd say so herself, but at the moment, she's strictly a mouser! Wrist and hand surgery means no keyboarding, limiting her to using a mouse to copy and paste. Don't worry -- she's not in pain. They wired in an electronic thing to scramble the nerves (no comment on whether the effect traveled up to her brain). It makes her happy she can keep this thread going. Your appreciation really makes her day.
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    Surgeries. The cast on her wrist has so many wires coming out of it, she can probably pick up shortwave broadcasts from Tibet. To top it off, the docs figured it was a good time to remove a ganglion cyst from her other hand. She's a devil of a mouser (click, copy, and paste), but she'd have to hunt and peck with her nose to type anything. Not to worry -- she's well and happy and as devilish as ever. It's kinda like a cat wearing a cone; it puts a crimp in how much mischief she can do.
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    SansFin (who can't use a keyboard at the moment) really wants to know if TCM's programmers get to pick every movie that's shown, or if the studios make up packages of what they want to rent out, leaving the programmers to find slots for movies they'd never have chosen.
  20. Looks like a great challenge! skimpole -- Eric Rohmer is a great SotM. He did a lot of interesting movies in 70s & 80s. I've liked his attitude ever since I learned he named himself after Sax Rohmer who wrote the FuManchu books. Many movies scattered throughout which I'd love to see again. Barton_Keyes -- You had me when you scheduled the Colman version of The Prisoner of Zenda. The Virginia Mayo movies would mean a full day of me getting nothing done! Both great schedules. Can't wait to see what else comes in. SansFin loves both these schedules, too. She's strictly a mouser at the moment (cut'n'paste like a devil; no keyboard clicking for a while yet (wrist problem)). Her thoughts and praise are with you all.
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    From around the galaxy

    It's pretty definite SansFin won't be returning to this thread, so I thought I'd pop in and give my 2 cents. She's got a lot on her plate these days (she's facing another surgery, her dad is in the hospital, her friends and relatives in Odessa and Donetsk (sp?) are in danger, and a dozen other things), This thread is how she zones it all out. She often chuckles while reading it, and she's had a lot of fun searching for stuff to post. Wednesday morning was different. When I asked what's wrong, she said "a joke I don't find funny." By the time she finished what she was doing (deleting posts?), she was fine. It's clear to me it just hit her wrong. Her writing is a hot button. Mentioning it always makes her serious and sad. To have that happen where she escapes everything serious and sad, well, it didn't sit right. Normally, she rolls with the punches and trades insults with the best of them. This time, real world problems made her a little too vulnerable. My advice -- move on. She's tuned out this thread, so she won't be reading compliments or apologies. I checked her ignore list, and no one was added. That tells me she doesn't consider it serious. I'm sure you'll be seeing her posts in other threads.
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    Where is SansFin?

    Just popping in to thank everyone for their good wishes. The people here mean a lot to her. Best thing (other than finally tying her down) is she broke my ankle after the dancing. She'd never have forgiven me if I hadn't given her a couple of spins. And yes, the dancing is crazy. Far crazier than that video shows. Those people look sober. I don't think anyone at our dance was. Besides the food tally, we went through a bottle of vodka per person, and some of us were drinking rum or scotch. (I'll now go back into hiding until the next TCM Programming Challenge.)
  23. Capuchin

    If I could turn back time!!

    I'd use it so I could talk Elaine May out of making Ishtar (1987) or Bill Cosby out of making Leonard Part 6 (1987).
  24. Capuchin

    Why do I have: "0 warning points" ?

    Before anybody gets the idea I'm the bad guy in this -- a couple of months ago, I opened my credit card statement to find she'd charged $2,116 at a palm reader. She didn't tell me she'd created a fake statement until after I contacted the bank. At least I told her about the dummy page before she blew up at the moderators!

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