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  1. dougiezerts

    Sophia Loren Film

    Thanks for the info on it!
  2. dougiezerts

    Sophia Loren Film

    A few months ago, TCM showed a new short film starring Sophia Loren. It was about a woman whose lover is breaking up with her via a phone call. It was directed by her own son! I believe it was called THE CONVERSATION. Do any of you know if this movie is on DVD? I would really like to purchase it. Thanks in advance.
  3. dougiezerts

    Favorite Film Era

    What's your favorite film era? In other words, what period do you most enjoy watching films that were made during? Mine is the 1960's. The old Hayes Office was gone, and filmmakers were being more daring and experimental in their movies.
  4. dougiezerts

    "The World's Greatest Sinner"

    It is a brilliant film, and in some ways beyond its time. How much involvement to Frank Zappa have with it?
  5. dougiezerts

    A Page of Madness (Teinosuke Kinugasa 1926)

    I've got this film on video. A very strange, very surreal movie, a real favorite! My copy has an avant garde soundtrack recorded in the late 60's that goes perfectly with it.
  6. dougiezerts

    TCM's Archives

    How extensive is TCM's archives? And are there certain films they don't have access to?
  7. dougiezerts

    THX 1138

    I agree. It's one of my favorite sci fi films.
  8. dougiezerts


    One thing I'll say in defense of modern movies: They didn't have the Hayes Office hanging over them.
  9. dougiezerts

    Two Best Cult Titles Say I!

    WILD BOYS ON THE ROAD. A depression-era film about a group of teenaged boys (and one girl) who become hobos.
  10. dougiezerts

    Modern Silents

    Have any of you seen silent films of more recent years? SILENT MOVIE by Mel Brooks is the most obvious example. And it's a great celebration of the silent slapstick genre. Personally, I think it would have been better if it was in black and white. Then there's David Lynch's masterpiece ERASERHEAD. It does have dialog, but only a little bit. Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON is mostly silent. I've never seen it, yet. The surreal Canadian filmmaker Guy Madden has made a few silent movies.
  11. dougiezerts

    All Foreign Film Network

    Well, thanks for the info. It does sound pretty complicated!
  12. dougiezerts

    All Foreign Film Network

    I've got an idea: What if there was a cable network devoted entirely to foreign (made outside the US) movies? Perhaps TCM would be involved in setting it up. The films would be shown complete, unedited, without commercials, and subtitled. Perhaps films there were never imported to the US would be shown for the first time, too.
  13. dougiezerts

    Yvette Vickers Found Dead

    Wow, what a sad ending! RIP
  14. dougiezerts

    All Shorts Day

    A few years ago, TCM devoted an entire day to short films, both new and classic. Do any of you know if they'll be doing that again, anytime soon? I really enjoyed that.
  15. dougiezerts

    Anybody out there know & love "The Phantom of the Paradise"

    I'm surprised this movie doesn't have the cult status ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW has! After all, they're both from the same period.

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