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  1. rosebette

    “Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II”

    This story is related to the new book by Robert Matzen which is to be released later this winter, which is also written up in the TCM site. He also wrote Fireball, which was about Carole Lombard, focusing on the tragic plane crash in which she died, and a wartime bio of Jimmy Stewart, Mission. I'm a fan of his Errol and Olivia. I'm actually looking forward to this new book. Matzen's a good writer with some interesting takes on his subjects, and he really does his research. Dutch Girl might be the breakthrough book for him.
  2. rosebette

    I Just Watched...

    Despite the political incorrectness, I found the Ritz brothers incredibly funny. My husband's just back from the hospital and almost lost a few stitches. They were also terrific dancers -- some of their musical numbers are amazing. Harry's rubber face and drag acts were a scream. I'm ashamed I laughed so hard. I can see why Mel Brooks admired them; like him, they pushed the extremes of taste to get a gag.
  3. Except for Cary Elwes, who is paying a kind of comic homage through Mel Brooks' Men in Tights, the others are pale imitations. Kevin Costner with his midwestern twang? Alan Rickman steals the picture from him handily. The dour and pudgy middle-aged Russell Crowe in Robin Hood: The Legend Begins? So when is the next part of the story -- when he starts collecting Medicare? The aging and wistful Sean Connery in Robin and Marian might be a better telling of that tale.
  4. rosebette

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    This makes me want to weep.
  5. rosebette

    I Just Watched...

    This is my favorite Titanic movie, too. My feelings about the most recent version -- too long, and it would have been much improved if the song "My Heart Will Go On" were cut, and Leonard DiCaprio drowned in the first scene.
  6. I could get political and express my hope that she keeps the Supreme Court busy so that they don't render any catastrophic decisions on other issues!
  7. Especially if you watch some of those Warner bloopers with Olivia cussing like a little sailor. Olivia's bloopers are at around the 5 minute marker, but I watched the whole thing -- so much **** fun! Errol getting tickled in Gentleman Jim is worth a view, but you get to see all the top actors blowing their lines and cursing.
  8. rosebette

    Movie Hypnotherapy

    The Court Jester in which hypnosis renders court jester Danny Kaye into an expert swordsman.
  9. rosebette

    I Just Watched...

    Green Light (1937) - A kind of drippy film in which everyone is nauseatingly noble. I'm an Episcopalian, but I go to church on Sunday; I don't need sermons interrupting my views of the young and gorgeous Errol Flynn. Anita Louise is pretty, but pretty characterless. I spent the flick rooting for the feistier Margaret Lindsey. However, if I were heading toward death and my last vision was like Spring Byington's, of good doctor Errol in his scrubs, I'd die a happy woman.
  10. rosebette

    Your Movie Soulmate

    No, I got the T-Shirt at the Warner Brothers store more than 25 years ago. (They don't have them anymore!) I also have one I bought for my dad with Bogie saying, "I stick my neck out for nobody," a white one with a Warners' logo and faces of many stars, as well as a Perfect Specimen cup with Errol Flynn and Joan Blondell (the handle broke and I can't bear to throw it out). The necks of the T-shirts are all frayed, but I still wear them to bed. However, my husband does say the Bette Davis shirt is a real turn-off.
  11. rosebette

    Your Movie Soulmate

    If you're all going to the dark side, I own a T-Shirt with Bette Davis' picture and the statement "What a dump!"
  12. rosebette

    I Just Watched...

    A Town Like Alice - This movie is a gem, not for Peter Finch, who is very good in it, but for the outstanding performance by Virginia McKenna and the ensemble cast of women. I found this movie compelling and moving. I had seen the British miniseries many years ago on public TV and wondered if a film could do this story justice, but I ended up being just as riveted, even though I knew how it would turn out. The movie also had a balanced depiction of the Japanese in the character of the Japanese sergeant who accompanies the women on their trek.
  13. rosebette

    Your Movie Soulmate

    Ronald Colman's character in Lost Horizon. I feel both his dissatisfaction with the world as it is when he goes on his little bender while he's on the plane, as well as the desire for that ideal world once he's in Shangri-La. Those melancholy eyes are indeed "soulful" when he leaves.
  14. rosebette

    I Just Watched...

    Saturday, my husband and I debated about whether to watch this one or the premiere of the Churchill bio, Darkest Hour, on HBO. Fearing we might fall asleep during the Churchill film, we decided to climb into the sewer and watch Kongo, especially after reviews stating that it was about the most depraved precode ever. We were rewarded, feeling as if we needed a bath after viewing it (which most of the characters of that movie seemed to need, too!).

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