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  1. rayallen

    '31 Days Of Oscar': A necessary evil?

    There are options. Like the off button.
  2. rayallen


    > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}The "Super Bowl" was named by Lamar Hunt, original owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, when he saw his young son playing with a "super ball", and got the idea. Good thing he wasn't playing with a Mr. Potato Head.
  3. rayallen

    Best"bad" girl?

    > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}I suspect that willbefree was just having fun, and that she is fully aware that *Double Indemnity* is a fictional story. I suspect I already suspected that, and I suspect I was just having some fun back. I suspect.
  4. rayallen

    Best"bad" girl?

    > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}Ooooh, I forgot about Mrs. Dietrichson. That anklet! Poor Fred, he didn't stand a chance. > > BUT, if he didn't take the time to record his story in the dictographmachinethingy, he could have easily made it to Tijuana. Then again, we wouldn't have had the movie, so.......... > > Did they extradite from Tijuana in 1944? You know, it's fiction...
  5. rayallen

    Irene Dunne in "The Awful Truth"

    And a little something called "*My Favorite Wife*".
  6. rayallen

    Tonight's silly question

    > {quote:title=markfp2 wrote:}{quote}There's no such thing as a silly question. Although, there's no guarantee that you won't get silly answers. The "roarless" lion was indeed on MGM pictures during the silent era. I know, because I've seen dozens of them. Maybe they should have followed it with a card that said "ROAR!"on it. Subtitles for the lion! That's pretty good! I thank you for the response. I didn't understand why they would have the lion in the roaring motion if we weren't able to hear it.
  7. I feel this should be obvious, maybe someone knows. I was watching an MGM silent the other night on TCM. The opening credits were preceded by the famous "roaring" lion. I say "roaring" in quotes, because of course, being a silent movie there was no roar. Did TCM or a later distributor add the MGM lion opening, or did they really use it during the silent era? I ask because I don't know why they would use the iconic roar if there was no accompanying sound.
  8. Maybe one day we'll just all refer to ourselves as "people". Of course, we may have to wait for an alien invasion for that to happen.
  9. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}ps - Otis, baby, right you are, I'd be very surprised if the term "Yanks", referring to Americans, was still in common use, if indeed it ever was. I suspect maybe Canadians employ the word occasionally, as a joke, just as perhaps Americans sometimes call Canadians "Canucks". Now, I don't know about other Canadians, but I rarely use the word, and do not think of myself as a "Canuck", any more than an American thinks of him/herself as a "Yank". Sometimes I use the word just for fun - maybe I was yanking your chain. :| misswonderly, If it means anything, I'm from the States and when I hear "Yank" referring to me, or one of my own, I don't get insulted by it or feel it's meant to demean...At the same time, I don't use the word "Canuck" to refer to any of my friends up North. (I do use it when talking about the hockey team from Vancouver, though...which may be ironic as I'm a big-time Boston Bruins fan.) Funny how here "Yankee" (or "Yanks") is a chosen name for one of our sports teams and "Canuck" is the same in Canada. Maybe it all depends on who's saying it.
  10. Well, let's see. *The Ladykillers* and *The Entertainer* are airing on TCM during the Super Bowl, so I'll be watching the game. I will add, even if a movie I wanted to see was on TCM, I'd record it and watch the game anyway.
  11. rayallen

    SAG awards

    *Boardwalk Empire* won for television, and *The Help* for a motion picture.
  12. rayallen

    Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly

    > {quote:title=MovieGal53 wrote:}{quote}Thoughts of Gene Kelly's thighs are giving me the vapors! > > :x > Bette Davis eyes, Gene Kelly's thighs, Katharine Hepburn's sighs... (Anybody else?)
  13. rayallen

    Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly

    > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Despite a thin voice, Astaire was a very stylish singer. Kelly's singing was merely functional. Irving Berlin felt the same way. (Not about Gene Kelly, but about Fred Astaire.)
  14. rayallen

    Sunday Night Silents

    I don't think TCM is going to have Silent Sunday Nights during February, as it coincides with *31 Days of Oscar.*
  15. rayallen

    The Lone Wolf series

    Warren William passed away in 1948, 2 years after Mohr debuted as Lone Wolf, so it's possible Mr. William was not in great health in 1946.

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