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  1. The_Ziggy

    Best use of a song in a non musical movie

    Stand By Me in Stand By Me Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous
  2. The_Ziggy

    Rock Operas + Rockumentaries

    What are your favorites? I love "Tommy" and "A Hard Day's Night" (all Beatles films, except "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band") as far as Rock Operas go. The best Rockumentaries I've seen are Bob Dylan's "Don't Look Back", "No Direction Home" by Martin Scorsese (I really want to see his latest Rolling Stones one, "Shine A Light") and "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who". I can't stand "The Wall." Message was edited by: The_Ziggy
  3. The_Ziggy

    Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly?

    I love both, but I'd have to go with Fred Astaire. He was first, after all.

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