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  1. LandLfan

    Top 10 Disney films of all-time (not pixar)

    1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2. Bambi 3, Cinderella 4. Peter Pan 5. Lady and the Tramp 6. Sleeping Beauty 7. 101 Dalmatians 8. The Jungle Book 9. Pinocchio 10,Alice in Wonderland ...these are in no particular order...just my 10 favorite Disney animated films Edited by: LandLfan on Aug 24, 2010 1:53 PM
  2. LandLfan

    West Side Story

    Thanks for the info...I hadn't heard much about them other than they were a go!
  3. LandLfan

    favorite real hollywood romances?

    Lucy & Desi Bill & Susan Hayes
  4. LandLfan

    Meet Me in St. Louis

    So many wonderful Judy moments in the film! And she summed up this gay boy's feelings perfectly in The Boy Next Door! The Trolley Song is probably in my top 3 Garland film moments! Jon
  5. LandLfan

    West Side Story

    I'm glad I got to see WSS on the big screen back in the '80s at a revival house theater in Cambridge, MA. It quickly became one of my favorites! I heard there's a revival of the stage show planned for Broadway (along with another revival of Guys and Dolls!) Jon
  6. LandLfan

    Halloween Movies

    Friday the 13th Parts 1-8 are my favorites. I also loved Carrie (1976.) Jon
  7. LandLfan

    The top 50 'best beach scenes in movies' revealed

    Muscle Beach Party was a favorite of mine as a kid. Drooling over Peter Lupus in posing trunks was one of the highlights of my youth! Grrrrrr! Jon
  8. LandLfan

    A fan tribute to....... Gene Kelly

    That would be Living In A Big Way (1947) jon
  9. LandLfan


    Sal looked so hot in Walt Disney's Tonka (1958). I first saw him in that when it was shown on the Disney TV show in the '70s. I was hooked and finding out he was gay made it all the more sweet! jon
  10. LandLfan

    Silk Stockings

    Also JOSEPHINE and STEREOPHONIC SOUND are MUCH more risque' on the Broadway cast CD! Oh, Cole, you were naughty! jon
  11. LandLfan

    Who are your favorite Tarzans?

    YES!!!!! Mike Henry & Miles O'Keeffe...SMOKIN'!!!! jon
  12. LandLfan

    Silk Stockings

    Her RED BLUES dance number is mesmerizing! And I so love the song ALL OF YOU jon
  13. LandLfan


    Marlon Brando in full bloom was NOT the kind of beefcake I needed to see. I'm definitely not a CHUBBY CHASER! (But thanks for the laugh and the gasp!) jon
  14. LandLfan

    Who are your favorite Tarzans?

    Although Weismuller is the legend I personally prefer the hirsute Tarzan (Mike somebody?) and the Bo Derek Tarzan...Gosh, I'm having trouble remembering names tonight...but with those bodies who the hell needs names? jon
  15. I've only seen the 2-D! jon

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