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  1. Retro Trivia

    Catchy theme song for the tv show
  2. describe the scene game

    Gene Tierney - Leave Her To Heaven

    #10 is Madame Sul-Te-Wan, real name Nellie Wan. I knew it was her!!! the movie Ladies They Talk About, the Stanwyck film, havene't seen it in a few years but I remember there was a scene of Nellie acting crazy
  4. Retro Trivia

    The tv show ran for 6 years

    #8 Ruth Donnelly btw, is there a Cagney connection, did they all make a film with Cagney?
  6. Movie Trivia

    Good work Star, it was indeed Danny Kaye cracking everyone up on the set of White Christmas causing many, many retakes. Your thread Star
  7. Movie Trivia

    Thanks Miles 1950's famous film had many retakes because one of the actors made the rest of the cast laugh constantly. Film and actor who made the cast crack up causing all the retakes ??
  8. Retro Trivia

    Thanks Miles This guy wrote novels, screenplays, created tv shows. One of his novels, was turned into a noir. Years later a tv show created by the same guy had the main character have the same profession as the main character in the noir (and his novel) and the same name (first and last). The tv show was hit. Writer, Film and the TV Show and the name and profession of the lead character in all 3 (novel, film, tv show) ????????????
  9. Movie Trivia

    Glenn Miller appeared in Orchestra Wives and the film The Glenn Miller Story was made more than a decade later. The actor who appeared in both was Harry Morgan (Henry)
  10. Retro Trivia

    One of my favorites when I was a little, Tom Terrific and of course Captain Kangaroo
  11. Do You Know Me?

    Thanks Princess I'll pass this round Thread Open
  12. Retro Trivia

    Sorry Miles, YES you are correct. the tv show was The Name of The Game and PEOPLE Magazine was the publication that hit the stands 6 years after the name PEOPLE Magazine was the magazine the show was about. Sorry for the delay, forgot about this one. Thanks and the thread is yours
  13. GUESS WHO?

    Thanks Miles, the last 2 clues did the trick for the answers for 2 and 7 #2. Peg Entwistle, jumped from the Hollywood sign when she was only 24. She was married to Robert Keith and her actor stepson was Brian Keith #7. Richaed Quine, directed some really wonderful films, Bell, Book and Candle, How To Murder Your Wife, My Sister Eileen ( the Janet Leigh version). Susan Peters was the lovely, tragic actress who was paralyzed due to a hunting accident was 1 of his wives.
  14. GUESS WHO?

    6 is Ona Munson, she's Belle Watling in GWTW 9 is Paul Hurst, he was the Union soldier who wants to loot the house in GWTW
  15. Do You Know Me?

    Sounds like Ben Hecht His great uncredited work I believe was Gone with The Wind. Hecht wrote Notorious for Hitchcock. He also wrote Scarface and The Front Page ????????

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