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  1. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Film Fatale you're really on a role here...yes its Laurence O. I do have one more but if I post it you will most likely guess it correctly in one try haha . Message was edited by: Bridgy
  2. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Hey Film Fatale actually I found another one haha .
  3. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Yes both of you are right
  4. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Close but Jean Arthur didn't win an's another clue : Her first name is the name of a spice .
  5. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Um she was a popular in the 30's...oscar winning actress...had a frequent co-star in a lot of her films .
  6. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Yes I do its my last one .
  7. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Yes that's right...haha don't tell me you clicked the picture too .
  8. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    I finally found a baby picture of a star haha...I know its a little hazy .
  9. Bridgy

    Hello everyone! :)

    That's good to hear...yeah I'm 18 and have always loved classic movies . You're related to Kate how wonderful !
  10. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Yes that would be a good idea
  11. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Yes it must be Lucy Ball...I clicked it the file is named ball baby just like the other one was swanson baby hmmm .
  12. Bridgy

    Gallery of Babies Thread

    Esther Williams
  13. Bridgy

    The "Did You Know" Thread

    When Joan Crawford met John Garfield at the start of work on Humoresque, she offered him her hand, but he pinched her breast instead. She was shocked for a moment and then quipped, "You know, I think we're going to get on just fine." They ended up close friends and, according to Hollywood gossip, lovers. Although he was a major star at the time Gentleman's Agreement was made, Garfield gladly accepted a supporting role in it (though at his full salary) because of its depiction of anti-semitism. His only condition was that the studio not blunt the effectiveness of Moss Hart's original screenplay.
  14. Bridgy


    Star of the Day...Peter Lorre On the set of Mad Love (1935) chatting with Maureen O'Sullivan Lorre at a party in the home of film director Ernst Lubitsch Horseback riding with future wife Karen (mid 1940's)
  15. Bridgy

    Teenage Classic Film Fans

    Im 18 and have been in love with classic movies ever since I was little when I first saw the Wizard of Oz . Only a few of my friends are familar with some of actors of old Hollywood...but everyone else doesn't...and its hard because I cannot discuss it with them .

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