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  1. olemusicalfan

    If you were lost in a jungle, what "musical celebrity" would you choose?

    June Allyson. As a teenager, I was head over heels in love with her. She was so underrated as a musical star. Tis a shame she had to drop out of "Royal Wedding".
  2. olemusicalfan

    Remakes of Musicals in general

    One movie I can heartily agree should be remade is "Words and Music". The musical numbers were all very good but the screenplay was one of the most distorted I've ever seen. It seemingly protrays the life of Rogers and Hart and their time together. I suppose the time frame in which the movie was made probably had something to do with it, but even Rodger's wife said it was awful.
  3. olemusicalfan

    Who was that dancer?

    Just caught the tail end of "About Face" and there was a blue haired guy tap dancing in the last part and the only part I caught of the movie. Anyone know who he was/is and anything else you might know
  4. olemusicalfan

    What is the name of this movie?

    Gene Kelly danced with his brother (I think his name was Fred). I saw the movie once, but did not catch the name of it. Anyone know?
  5. He seemed to have some information on the Blackburn twins who appeared in the movie. I have been attempting to find out more about these guys for a long time.
  6. olemusicalfan

    anyone know anything about the Blackburn twins?

    Richard Barrios in his commentary on the DVD of Words and Music has indicated that their first names were Raymond and Royce. I wonder if he knows more about them?
  7. olemusicalfan

    If you could ask June Allyson a question

    I really do know how to spell article. I just had a memory black out.
  8. olemusicalfan

    If you could ask June Allyson a question

    I recall many years ago that an artical in the Little Rock, Arkansas paper said that June and husband Dick Powell had arrived in Little Rock in route to visit Dick's parents in a tiny Ozark village of Mountain View. I would love to ask her what a New York city girl thought of Powell's hometown.
  9. olemusicalfan

    Dancing Blackburn twins.

    Does anyone know anything about these two guys? The most exposure they had seems to be in the musical "words and music".
  10. olemusicalfan

    blackburn twins

    I am still looking for any information anyone might have about the Blackburn twins.
  11. olemusicalfan

    June Haver

    Jane Powell was another musical star that only appeared in tecnicolor, I believe.
  12. olemusicalfan

    anyone know anything about the Blackburn twins?

    Yes, film fatale, they were in that movie and also in" She's Working Her Way Through College" I don't know if they danced or just acted in the this movie.
  13. Twin men who danced and sang some in a few (very few) musicals for MGM. The most exposure they had seemed to be in the musical "words and music". I posted this in another thread before I realized that anyone knowing anything about them would be die hard musical fans.
  14. They apparently did not appear in very many movies. I know they made three appearances in the movie musical "Words and music". I think the most exposure they may have had was in the production number "thou swell" in that movie.
  15. olemusicalfan

    The More The Merrier

    What a great fun movie. I only saw parts of it early this afternoon, but Oh how I would like to see it in its entirity. It is listed again for showing in Dec. (8 AM). I know that TCM's schedule is up for the month of December, but I do hope they will run it before long in prime time so that working people would have a chance to enjoy it. Anyone else agree with me?

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