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  1. sewhite2000

    No Female Students in Blackboard Jungle High School?

    And there is a chain restaurant that originated in California in the late '70s and now has 200 locations in 15 states.
  2. sewhite2000

    No Female Students in Blackboard Jungle High School?

    This is veering off the topic, but as a Texan, I have to note how thrilled (and a little confused) I was as a kid that Farr was always wearing a Texas Rangers baseball cap in the latter years of M*A*S*H, after he stopped wearing the dresses, a team that didn't even come into existence until almost 20 years after the Korean War ended. It was supposed to be Toledo Mudhens cap, but come on, all of us around here knew what it was. That was the best the prop department could come up with, apparently.
  3. Nicks actually very briefly left the band in the mid-90s. I think this has mostly been forgotten, even though the band put out a Nicks-free album in 1995, Time. The lineup for that album was Christine McVie, Dave Mason (formerly of Traffic), Bekka Bramlett (daughter of Delaney & Bonnie), Billy Burnette, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. And they definitely weren't playing their usual arenas for that tour. I think they did a lot of festivals where they appeared fairly early on the bill. From what I've read, most people didn't even know ahead of time Nicks wasn't going to be there. Bramlett would do one or two of her songs. This was all before the big 1997 reunion show when Buckingham returned (and Nicks, although most people never even knew she was gone).
  4. sewhite2000

    No Female Students in Blackboard Jungle High School?

    I guess I can't discuss who sang the Oscar-winning song from Butch Cassidy without getting censored!
  5. sewhite2000

    Actress Sondra Locke (1944-2018)

    There's a certain demonic look to it! I wondered if it was a character from a monster movie or a Star Trek alien.
  6. sewhite2000

    February 2019 schedule is up

    Ha ha well now don't spoil the suspense for me TopBilled! I'm like going through about four days of the schedule every one day of real time. But I've seen both of them dozens of times, so I won't miss them.
  7. Love the scene where Tracy hints he might spend some of his shore leave with women, and Freddie Bartholomew is like, "Come on, Manuel, you're just kidding about all that girl stuff, right?", and Tracy kind of does a double take like "Are you kidding me?" until it dawns on him that the kid isn't into that yet, and so he claims that yeah, he was just kidding. That used to be the movie stereotype of boys, anyway, that they thought girls were yucky and gross and had cooties until they got to their teens. I don't know how much that corresponds to actual reality. I was falling in love with girls and totally tongue-tied and shy around them as early as age five or six.
  8. sewhite2000

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    Hope I don't immediately run your thread into a ditch by not voting for one of the nominees (if you insist on one, I'll go with Burton) but my vote for Best Actor of 1964 would have been for another actor from Dr. Strangelove entirely, George C. Scott! I read that Scott was unhappy with his performance. Stanley Kubrick was infamous for doing zillions of takes of the same scene, and he kept urging Scott to bigger, be broader, and then, Scott claimed, used all the biggest and broadest takes, making his performance appear on screen to be more one-dimensional than he would have liked. However, when I watch Scott's performance, I still see a lot of intelligence and subtlety in it. At first, he's saddled with a lot of expository dialogue. He's the guy who has to carefully explain to the president why this situation is really dire and why every reason the president can think of to stop it probably isn't going to work. And somehow he makes all this exposition really interesting and engaging. Then, as the film progresses, he becomes the character who most zealously promotes the "well, let's make the best of a bad situation" point of view. Just every moment he's on screen, I find fascinating.
  9. I always assumed the Academy, having just given Best Picture to a Gene Kelly musical the previous year, kind of "ho-hummed" Singin' with a "been there, done that" attitude. But you may be on to something with your suggestion that the studio itself already had in mind which of their product they wanted to push on voters that year.
  10. sewhite2000

    February 2019 schedule is up

    Two Universal films from the '70s - The Sting and Jaws - are on the 31 Days list more years than they are not, but if they're on there this year, I haven't seen them yet, having only gotten through the first 12 days.
  11. I agree with everything you say! Tracy as a priest is not my favorite Tracy. I just watched Boys Town again the other night. In the opening scene, the condemned prisoner asks the warden for a drink. The warden apparently keeps a flask under his jacket for just such purposes! And he's about to give it to him, when Tracy walks in and silently cluck-clucks the whole thing, and the warden tucks away the flask, and I'm like OH COME ON! The dude is going to THE CHAIR in 45 minutes! Let him have a belt, you sanctimonious blowhard!
  12. sewhite2000

    February 2019 schedule is up

    The thing is, it's not like TCM never shows Oscar winners and nominees from those studios - there are your Hitchcock films and Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch films. Tonight they're showing a couple of Doris Day Universals very late - but why they couldn't show a few more during the month that's actually devoted to those films, I don't know. I guess they get them when they can get them.
  13. sewhite2000

    February 2019 schedule is up

    Yes, The Artist and The King's Speech both aired in 2015 and The Artist again in 2016. The Godfather and The Godfather Part II both aired on the same night in 2008 when there was apparently literally like a one-day window when they were free from being under long-term exclusive contracts to other networks. I'm still proud of whoever at TCM had the foresight to jump on that opportunity. They'll probably never air on TCM again.
  14. I've seen them live five times, and Stevie is definitely the big selling point. There's always a large contingent of the crowd that are groups of females going together, all dressed in similar style to her.
  15. sewhite2000

    No Female Students in Blackboard Jungle High School?

    Exactly! In fact, when the kids are vying for the switchblade near the end, a couple of them make clear they don't want to end up in reform school, so this is supposed to be a "normal" school, I think.

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