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  1. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Honestly I don't know that I hate very many movies. Anything that distracts me from the real world for a couple of hours. Maybe some action hero vanity projects I hate - I don't know if Steven Seagal ever did anything remotely redeeming. Or those torture-porn horror movies that were big for a few years - all those Saw and Hostel movies, though the very first Saw was reasonably clever. But, I don't know, many people on here are listing big time, quality-production movies and saying they absolutely hate them. I'm kind of surprised to see that on TCM message boards where I thought love for most of those movies would be shared. Some of these movies people have listed bore me, but I still sit and watch them with ennui or indifference. Hate is just not an emotion they stir in me.
  2. I'm sure the Cranberries were a much bigger deal in the UK than here in the States, but I loved all their songs I ever heard (must confess, that's only about five songs). Had no idea she was that young. She must have been about 21 when they had their first hits. I'm sorry to hear about this.
  3. The James Earl Jones Of His Time

    I don't know much about him. I'm sure Wikipedia or imdb would have some helpful information. TCM gave him a Summer Under the Stars day maybe two years ago.
  4. Really bad but classic movies.

    Just like The Maltese Falcon was the first-ever film to be featured on Noir Alley, something of equal stature would need to be the first-ever Bad Movie airing. I suspect if such a program ever came into being on TCM, Plan 9 from Outer Space would get the "honor", although it hasn't aired on TCM in 10 years, so I don't know if they're currently able to get the rights to air it.
  5. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    Well, I may have never said it out loud, but I definitely roll my eyes whenever On the Town is on. I can't help but wonder if anyone at TCM is aware of MovieCollectorOH's database and made any programming decisions accordingly. My guess is maybe to the first question and no to the second, but who knows?
  6. Is that newspaper in Bulitt the current day's paper?

    Frank buys a large quantity of some brand of frozen dinners. I've never frozen the frame to see what they were.

    Oh! Ha, ha, I didn't look at the dates of the original posts. My gosh, Allenex, what possessed you to seek out and update a thread no one has posted on in 10 years?

    Guests ... can post?
  9. I've seen Darkest Hour, and it's pretty extraordinary to think this is the same guy who once played Sid Vicious, which is testament to Oldman's range as an actor. Not to mention Lee Harvey Oswald. It was only like halfway into JFK when I saw it in the theater a quarter of a century ago that it dawned on me that this was not news footage; there was actually an ACTOR playing the part! When he won the Golden Globe, the very first thing Oldman did was thank his makeup crew, which certainly deserves credit for its contribution to the illusion. Except for a tiny handful of mannerisms that reminded me this was Gary Oldman during the movie, he completely disappears into the part. A refreshing change from all the psychos he's played over the years. I also thought the quiet dignity he brought to his Commissioner Gordon was one of the very best things about the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Dark Knight movies.
  10. Is that newspaper in Bulitt the current day's paper?

    Ha ha, wow, well, until I read your disclaimer I was wondering if there was a whole backstory to the original intent of Bulitt that I didn't know about! Well, thanks for your thoughts, Stephan. It's always depressing to create a thread and watch it sink to Page Two in half a day with nobody responding (and it's happened to me oh so many times). Glad somebody actually read it!
  11. The Overplayed and the Underplayed

    Hal Holbrook's Deep Throat references that Liddy candle thing in All the President's Men, but didn't Liddy just steal that line from Lawrence of Arabia? Did anyone ever call him out on his plagiarism, even if he was brave (or stupid) enough to stick his hand into the flame? There were no VCRs or TCM yet, but certainly someone Liddy knew was old enough to have seen the movie.
  12. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    No, no, no offense intended! Dargo has made me laugh many times.
  13. Delghetti comes in Frank's loft, doesn't appear to be carrying anything, goes to the refrigerator to get juice, then crosses Frank's bedroom where, unless I missed something, a newspaper seems to be waiting for him on the far side of the room. He then begins reading stories as if it's brand new news. Frank is in his pajamas. He certainly hasn't gone out to get a paper, as Delghetti seems to have awakened him from a deep sleep. Frank does say he didn't get home until 5 am. Maybe the paper was already out front then? Or is it yesterday's paper or what?
  14. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    Okay, it was a bit of a reach to get to that joke, but I still smiled!
  15. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    In May, 2009, Sean Connery was the Star of the Month, and TCM somehow got the rights to show Dr. No and From Russia with Love, which was only appropriate - how could you have Connery as SOTM and not have at least a couple of Bond films? But that appears to have been a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. To the best of my knowledge, those are the only airings of any Bond films in the network's history (and they both aired twice that month). The Bond films were all under the MGM umbrella at one time when the studio bought out United Artists in the early 80s, but MGM obviously has had its own troubles since then. Not sure who owns them now ... Sony? I think they're the primary studio on the new Daniel Craig films, but there appears to be some exclusive TV licensing deal that prohibits TCM from ever getting a chance to show them.

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