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  1. sewhite2000

    Another "Best Years" query....

    Peggy still appears to be working in the hospital. She's wearing her nurse headpiece (whatever you call it) in one scene, I think when she drives Fred to his apartment. We don't ever learn anything about Wilma. I think it was probably not unusual at that time for an unmarried woman just a few years into her adulthood to still be living at home.
  2. Ha, ha, I must admit my favorite scenes were when he was pouring vodka into the orange juice, sniffing coke in bedrooms with naked women and otherwise acting totally irresponsibly, NOT any scene where he was showing some form of moral redemption. But maybe that says something about me ...
  3. sewhite2000

    Ileana Douglas is Melvyn Douglas' Granddaughter?!!?

    I, too, don't know if the poster is referring to the lighting or is using "lit" in its hip form to mean "cool" or whatever it means exactly. I'm old. Ohhh ... I didn't mind the talk about The Front Page. It was reasonably relevant in the aftermath of the presentation of His Girl Friday, and how often does Carol Freaking Burnett, one of the greatest comediennes of all time, appear on TCM anyway? I firmly believe getting her to talk about herself was totally generated by TCM and/or Ms. Douglas and not by Carol having some monstrous ego, as you seem to be implying. I think they had to coax her into that. In my opinion, she's done PLENTY of talking about the movies and why she likes them. One minute to talk about one of her performances - a minute during which she was completely self-deprecating, by the way - is not, in my opinion, some terrible sin.
  4. sewhite2000

    Another "Best Years" query....

    But ... there's ALREADY someone named Peggy in the movie, so we stick with Hortense. That was always one of my favorite parts of the movie. Fred's dad is clearly living with someone who's not his mother, and it's not explained. You think the Code would have stepped in and insisted on some expository dialogue about widowing and a second marriage, so that it's all clearly on the moral up-and-up. But there's no explanation. We the viewers are free to interpret as we please. I like how Fred is warm to Hortense but not overly affectionate. A perfect tone.
  5. sewhite2000

    Getting It Right

    I'm absolutely sure they had some hits in 1962 but apparently no Top Five hits during the months Lawrence mentioned! I think "The Lonely Bull" was from '62. Edit: Oh, Lawrence already replied for I could complete the post.
  6. sewhite2000

    Getting It Right

    Pretty sure none of which are in the movie. I mean, don't get me wrong. The soundtrack is awesome. My point is, it's just not the songs that would have been playing on Top 40 radio stations that year. I doubt the oldies station had been invented yet.
  7. sewhite2000

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    I stated in another thread that I was very impressed with the scenes they show in the trailers, all of which feature only what I presume, given the historical storyline, are early scenes in the movie, where she's clearly been through some hard knocks, but also expresses a gushing innocence as she's overwhelmed by this major star taking an interest in her both personally and professionally. Remains for me to be seen how she handles the heavier scenes that must come if this follows a similar path to previous versions. I think she has a career ahead of her as an actress if she chooses to pursue that. Musically, it would be a stretch to say I'm any kind of fan, though it is hard to get "Poker Face" out of your head if you've heard it at least once. I saw sort of a doc with her where she expressed her love for Bruce Springsteen and other classic rockers, especially the song "Thunder Road", which she says made her want to be a musician. I have some appreciation for the modern stars who have least bothered to learn a little about what has gone before. And she hired Clarence Clemmons to play sax on a couple of her songs, which I believe were the last studio recordings in which he ever participated.
  8. sewhite2000

    Getting It Right

    I didn't object to the Beach Boys number, though I didn't realize its inaccuracy. My objection was to every other song in the movie, which would have been three-five years old at the time they were blasting on everyone's car radios.
  9. sewhite2000

    Getting It Right

    I have a friend who's a train enthusiast and knows all the lines and where they run, and he can barely even watch a movie in which a line that runs only on the West Coast is shown in a movie supposedly set in Kansas or Florida or Rhode Island. I think he's walked out of some movies because of that. I guess my own pet peeve is pop music, and I tend to bristle at era inaccuracies. American Graffiti is set in 1962, I think? 1963? Late enough that the specter of Vietnam is beginning to loom. While one Beach Boys song plays during the movie, the car radios for all the rest of the movie are blaring first-generation rock & roll songs from about 1956-1959. Maybe pop radio was much different then than what I remember? Instead culling 90 per cent of their playlists from songs that were in the Top 40 at that moment, the radio stations of 1962 spent 90 per cent of their time playing songs that were five years old? But I suspect they just played the music George Lucas wanted them to play, accuracy be darned.
  10. sewhite2000

    My Man Godfrey Up Next!

    TCM doesn't show this Universal classic every day! Airing in a few minutes for the first time in two years.
  11. Okay, let me have it, all you super-knowledgeable message boarders. Somehow, despite her repeated appearances on TCM and any number of comments about her here on these threads, I never knew until she referenced her grandfather being in a movie with Rosalind Russell just now. While she didn't say her grandfather by name, I took an immediate guess (suppose it could have been Paul Douglas ...) and looked her up.
  12. sewhite2000

    Your Favorite Van Helsing In Film

    I only put a "Ha Ha" because I could only see one pic at a time as I was scrolling down, and I certainly wasn't thinking about that last one!
  13. sewhite2000


    I, uh, don't remember Bugs killing too many people? Those Looney Tunes characters were pretty resilient! He did beat the crud out of a lot of them but they were usually back chasing him five seconds later. Although maybe I'm forgetting some where at the end they rose up out of their bodies with wings and harps (or tails and pitchforks)!
  14. sewhite2000

    Your Favorite Van Helsing In Film

    I would probably go with Cushing as well, although I like all of them, with the possible exception of Van Helsing. Not that I don't like Hugh Jackman. He can be a riveting actor. His upcoming portrayal of Gary Hart looks like something really off the beaten path for him, and based on the trailers, he's going to be great in the film. But I saw Van Helsing in the theater, and it was a muddled CGI mess at just that time in movie history when everyone was going CGI crazy to the point of completely forgetting about things like plot or character or interesting dialogue. (Some of the new superhero movies, certainly not all, have shown you can have both). Olivier's performance I remember very little about, been too long since I've seen that movie. That was a phase in his career (well ... the final phase) when he was going really accent-happy in Marathon Man, The Boys from Brazil, A Little Romance, etc. I can't remember know if he used one of those accents, which all sounded kind of the same, frankly, in Dracula. Hopkins, as I recall, tried to make his Van Helsing sound more Germanic or maybe German-Jew, then the straight up British accent of the earlier Van Helsings. And I found his Van Helsing kind of lusty and earthy and maybe not so one-dimensional obssesed.
  15. sewhite2000


    Sound great! Although I do feel obliged to point out there has been a movie with sort of the same concept 2000's Shadow of the Vampire.

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