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  1. Marcar, what is this mysterious Sugarland "incident" to which you refer?
  2. sewhite2000

    Best and Worst Fathers On Film

    Nick Nolte, who played the son of terrible fathers in both The Prince of Tides and Affliction, plays a terrible father himself in Ang Lee's version of The Hulk, which has been dismissed from Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity but is an unusual father-son psychodrama masquerading as a superhero movie.
  3. sewhite2000

    Best and Worst Fathers On Film

    Well, if nothing else, he was a good provider for his sons, looking at that Fifth Avenue (?) palace that they lived in. They certainly didn't want for anything, and even so, they weren't spoiled. And, um ... he encouraged a healthy interest in sports and an open mind about dogma? He tried to his fatherly duties and explain to his son about women, but clearly being clueless himself in that area, that didn't go so well.
  4. sewhite2000

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    I thought this question had already been answered in this thread, otherwise I would have responded sooner. I guess it was answered in another thread! Apparently Beyond the Forest did indeed have a single airing on TCM in November, 1994. It appears to be one of those movies tied up in some sort of legal limbo, possibly with the estate of the author of the source material? I'm not sure if it's from a play or a novel.
  5. sewhite2000

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    I read the terrific Stanwyck bio A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True, 1907-1940, by Victoria Wilson when it came out five years ago. I had already kind forgotten about Stanwyck and Fay adopting a boy in the five years since I read it. As I recall, Remember the Night is the last film discussed in the book and she'd been married to Robert Taylor for about a year at the book's end. Presumably, there will be a Vol. 2 one of those years ...
  6. sewhite2000

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    Visually, it is maybe more conventional than Leone's Westerns, but I think the cinematography and art/set direction are first-rate.
  7. Scrolling back, I see I missed Calamity's post saying it was done for TCM's 20th anniversary, which would have been 2014, information confirmed by jimmymac71's post. So, it hasn't been around as long as I feared, but four years is an eternity to still be airing this piece for a bit of music that apparently was almost never used outside of the promo itself!
  8. sewhite2000

    A STAR IS BORN (2018) trailer

    They seem to have picked up specifically from the 1976 version with Streisand and Kristofferson, that first shifted the story from the world of acting to music. As others on here have hinted, it may be the only version the makers of this version have seen. I think there can be long or short spans in the spotlight in both professions. Thanks to the touring business, I think it's easier for those who make music to make a living for a longer time, maybe. Although in the last few years, the explosion of scripted content on all those streaming channels are probably giving more actors than ever a chance at a revived career.
  9. sewhite2000

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    Once Upon a Time in America is a masterpiece, in my opinion, but you've got to commit to the four-hour version. i would hope the butchered, nonsensical shorter versions aren't even commercially available anymore, except used. I can understand how they way it begins might not be everybody's cup of tea, if the mystery of that incessantly ringing phone doesn't draw you in. But I would urge you to give it another chance! I've often hoped TCM would show it, though there's some pretty graphic nudity and sexual situations that would probably shunt it off to the middle of the night.
  10. Sugarland had their first hit song in 2004, so who knows? If you told me you had definitive proof that promo was 14 years old, I probably wouldn't argue with you!
  11. Oh, man, that is bringing back horrible memories of high school chemistry. I don't know how I passed that class. I didn't understand any of it! We used to joke that the whir of the fan on the overhead projector as the teacher worked out all those equations instantly put everyone in the room to sleep.
  12. I feel certain I've seen it as recently as this year.
  13. I was under the impression there would be no math on the TCM Message Boards ...
  14. Hey, they kept on showing that "heebie-jeebies" promo about pan-and-scan v. letterbox for several more years after everyone on earth (except me) got a widescreen TV and even after Sydney Pollack and Curtis Hanson were both dead. So, I wouldn't expect a little thing like utter lack of relevance to cause the Bush Brothers promo to go away!
  15. By the way, looks like that other picture Wayne/Ford/O'Hara did for Republic as payment to be allowed to make The Quiet Man was Rio Grande, which has actually played quite a bit on TCM, though somehow I've never seen it. It last aired in July, 2014.

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