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  1. Given the time the novel was written, I think it's safe to say it wasn't originally intended to be a feminist tract. But it's interesting to see how the same source material gets interpreted differently over the years as attitudes change. I would encourage you to watch the remake from, I think, two years ago, with Carey Mulligan in the Julie Christie role. Several feminist soliloquies are written for her that Julie Christie didn't get.
  2. #Filmstruck4 challenge

    A Clockwork Orange is largely vanilla now? What movies has tuca been watching that have pushed it into that category?
  3. nipkowdisc viewing schedule for 04/14/18

    Something of a Luddite, I have kept records of what I've watched on TCM in notebooks over the years, and I think a couple of times, I've dug up some old notebooks and posted some of those viewings on here. But, slightly fearing I was becoming of a hoarder, I had a massive pre-spring cleaning in February and threw out dozens of notebooks, some of which were probably 20 years old. Wish I had taken time to transfer some of that info to computer.
  4. Director MiloŇ° Forman (1932-2018)

    Forman was clearly one of the all-time greats. I've only seen five of his films: his two Oscar-winners, plus Hair, Valmont and Man on the Moon. I've always meant to watch more. Hope TCM will do a tribute.
  5. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    That's what I thought about Angels with Dirty Faces, which has aired 51 times, but not since 2009. In the article on the Michael Curtiz tribute, it was listed in bold print, which usually in the website articles means it's a film TCM is going to air (if they discuss other films relevant to the topic of the article that aren't going to air, they put them in italics). But it didn't end up making the cut. My feeling based on this circumstantial evidence is that TCM was planning to air it as part of the Curtiz tribute, but then found out they couldn't. I mentioned all this before in another thread and didn't get any support for my "rights issue" theory. I was told I didn't understand how lease packages work.
  6. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    No, 19 times according to the database, but not since 3/05. So, it used to be on regularly.
  7. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    I hadn't heard of Tovarich before this thread, so I checked out moviecollector's database, and sure enough, TCM hasn't shown it in 13 years! That trumps my recent cause celebre of Angels with Dirty Faces, which TCM hasn't shown in nine years. Seems like it would have been a natural for Boyer's SOTM.
  8. How many remember this one?

    Oh, boy, I was only half paying attention to it. I went over and got on my laptop between movies. It was during primetime hours, and it was relatively late to into 31 Days, maybe the final week. I think I would be hard-pressed to get more specific than that, but if I figure it out, I'll post here.
  9. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    Okay, I got one that hasn't been posted by anyone else: Boom Town (1940). This is a pretty silly movie - and let's face it, most of the great ones have already been taken by the above posters - but it's the superstar power of Colbert, Gable, Tracy and Lamarr all together. If I ever turn on TCM, and it's on, I'll stay with it until the end. One ridiculous plot twist after another, and the romantic triangle will drive you nuts - I keep waiting for Colbert to just give philandering Gable the heave-ho once and for all and settle down with utterly devoted Tracy. But it's good fun all around.
  10. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    Well, crud, I looked back at the OP but missed it somehow.
  11. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    Yikes, looks like I need to see Sign of the Cross, if that indeed is the film that top photo is from. I've seen Cleopatra, but if that scene is in it, I have somehow forgotten, though how such a thing could be possible, I don't know. Anyway, how about Drums Along the Mohawk from the much-ballyhooed year of 1939? Been some years since I've seen it, but I have an impression of enjoying it. I don't know if I remember that it was so much for Colbert's character. Maybe not her most progressive role. As I recall, in the early part of the film, she's quite a whiner until good ol' steady as a rock Henry Fonda gets her in line.
  12. How many remember this one?

    Yep, definitely caught Peace on Earth one night in February between features.
  13. Okay, sorry I if I'm a stick in the mud. Apparently 15 years ago they used to let guest post on here as well, but I assume that's no longer allowed.
  14. What has happen to AMC?

    All I can think about is this person who said they were 16 back in 2003 is 31 now. All this endless bumping of threads 15 years old or more that has been going on for months now is freaking me out. Sorta interesting to see what people were saying a generation ago, but don't the people on this board now have enough ideas of their own to generate?
  15. Skimpole, you resurrected a thread no one had posted on in 16 years? These are threads I can actually access? Like if I click on the very last page of General Discussions, they are there? This time-warping, which has mostly been done by Allenex the last few months, is freaking me out a little bit. Don't we have enough new stuff to talk about on here?

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