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  1. sewhite2000

    Double Indemnity Query

    I think I said in another thread about movie cliches a long time ago that there are no casual coughs in movies. Anyone who coughs and then says, "Oh, I'm alright" in an old movie will either be on their deathbed or in intensive care the next time we him or her.
  2. Not sure any of those films were ever nominated for an Oscar, but even so, yeah, you're probably less likely to see them on TCM in 2019 than in any previous year. Hope you have other access. I suppose they might show them with a "it was a different time" disclaimer from the host?
  3. I started reading a new(ish) book about Hughes and the old Hollywood casting couch system. Maybe one particular ingenue was being focused on. I wasn't sure where it was going, but I never finished it. Not sure if that would be the same book. I will have to dig around and see if I still have it.
  4. Wait, book? I thought you were talking about a podcast. What's the title of the book?
  5. sewhite2000

    Double Indemnity Query

    Somebody probably knows the backstory much better than me, but I vaguely remember reading somewhere MGM snatched up the rights to Postman but figured the Code would never approve a film version, not to mention Louis B. Mayer was always horrified for his studio to release any salacious material. But after Paramount got Double Indemnity past the censors, only then did MGM's property get greenlit. Something like that.
  6. sewhite2000

    Ultra early 2019 Oscar tracking???

    I liked both of your main points, Cinema International. I too miss the days when two actors of the same gender could be considered for leading category nominations from the same movie. But the studio is always wary of vote-splitting, I suppose, whether it be Midnight Cowboy or the example you gave, Thelma & Louise. It didn't seem to hurt Amadaeus, when two far-from-famous actors both got leading nominations, and one of them won. I always thought it was odd relative newcomer Al Pacino got shuttled off to the Best Supporting Actor category for the original Godfather, when his descent into the villainy that's already consumed the rest of his family is the main arc of the whole movie, and his part is much bigger than Brando's. I'm not thinking of the title of the movie with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, where Foxx got a Supporting Actor nomination even though he had every bit as much screen time as Cruise. Or last year's The Favourite, which had three female roles of roughly equal size, but if I was forced to choose, I would say Emma Stone and Rachel Weiss were the two lead performers as the opponents for the queen's affection, yet Olivia Colman got the Best Actress nod (and win), and the other two were put in the supporting actress category. I hope Ford v Ferrari is a great film, and frankly I would love it if both Damon and Bale got Best Actor nominations. Or, hey, what about both DiCaprio and Pitt for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? I also agree that while it's fun to see a lot of longtime favorites under consideration, there's a distressing de-emphasis on new or not-well-known talent at this early stage. That may change. Awkwafina was an actress I was already tired of after seeing her in that all-female Ocean's movie and Crazy, Rich Asians, but she really moved me in The Farewell. Ditto with the actress who played the grandmother. I hope there are similar lesser-knowns out there who get a shot.
  7. sewhite2000

    The Exorcist Conventional?

    I thought this was a pretty interesting take on the film and why it may actually be more conventional and sort of out of place amongst the easy riders and raging bulls. Heck, I saw the director's cut when it was in theater some years back, and Friedkin apparently wanted to make it even more conventional by playing up Lee J. Cobb's very old school movie cop character.
  8. sewhite2000

    November 2019 schedule is up

    Not to lay it all on Norton, I believe the second part of the much-beloved Julie Andrews' memoirs are coming out and will no doubt be mentioned on her upcoming TCM appearance.
  9. sewhite2000

    The Exorcist Conventional?

    Ah ha ha ha Belushi can't get out of the desk so he just hops out the door still in it!
  10. sewhite2000

    To TopBilled or anyone, where is Jakeem?

    Hmm, that sounds cool. I'm so computer-unsavvy, I didn't know that. I will check that out.
  11. sewhite2000

    To TopBilled or anyone, where is Jakeem?

    Alas, I don't know what my username and password are. I've been on these boards for 11 years and long ago forgotten that information. But they're apparently saved on my laptop because all I have to do is go to the message boards, and I"m already logged in. I'm afraid to have to ask for a new password so I could get in on my phone, because then my laptop password would no longer be valid. I've read some nightmare stories on here about people getting new passwords and then not being able to log in again for years. Maybe they aren't typical cases, but if it happened to just a handful of us, it would probably happen to me!
  12. sewhite2000

    The Highwaymen (2019) vs Bonnie and Clyde (1967)?

    I remember reading about The Highwaymen and being a little intrigued by its radically different take on the same events. I even heard a bit of an interview with Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner which got a bit of Internet buzz because Costner was an extra in one of Harrelson's movies, and Harrelson either never knew or forgot. But I didn't see it. I sometimes watch Netflix when visiting my parents, but I"m sticking to Amazon Prime for now at home, not wanting to pay for another streaming service. Did it have any kind of theatrical release at all?
  13. sewhite2000

    To TopBilled or anyone, where is Jakeem?

    Yes, I remember that, Lawrence. You commented on that after I made my return announcement, but I only thought about it after I clicked "Send". Apologies. Assuming I can stay connected, I"ve been thinking about trying to post on all the movies I watch in 2020. Sorry my 2019 effort ran aground after not even one month.
  14. sewhite2000

    To TopBilled or anyone, where is Jakeem?

    Thanks, I hope there won't be a next time. My Wifi and TV were cut off for delinquent payment, and because my equipment was so old, they wouldn't let me back on until i came and got their newest cable box and remote (I was aparently grandfathered in to use the decade-old- equipment, but once they determined I was no longer a current customer, they shut it off and wouldn't let me get back on with it). The only two locations in my area are at least 15 miles away from me, and I had to work out a time I could go by one (I could have had the equipment mailed to me, but I was a bit leery about that). I rarely travel with my laptop, which doesn't fare well under the sweltering outdoor heat around here (usually I can take it to my parents' house at Christmas without risking meltdown), and I don't know how to log in to this site on my phone, so while I continued to read posts on here, I couldn't log in (I have all that information stored on my laptop, but I don't know what it is). Anyway, I was unable to post on here for one day shy of four months. When I got back on, I saw no "Hey, whatever happened to ...?" thread, but maybe your absence has to be longer than that before someone notices. I continue to struggle with my cable/internet payments, which are exorbitant. They shut me off again for delinquent payment this month, thought thankfully I got back on in just six days. And I'm already worried about next month ...
  15. Well, that's all it takes for some people to cry feminism.
  16. I don't know that it's really about the Skywlker you're thinking of, given how the last chapter ended. I suspect Rey is actually going to be revealed to be Luke's daughter. And sure, sex sells, but creating strong role models for young girls and women also seems to sell. I think it's more about money than messaging.
  17. sewhite2000

    Bill Macy has passed

    Wow, sung by the great Donny Hathaway.
  18. sewhite2000

    November 2019 schedule is up

    Well, son of a gun, so he does. Motherless Brooklyn, which he not only stars in but also directed and co-wrote, coming out in November. This kind of makes me think of Saturday Night Live. Anyone remember when the guest hosts would be Milton Berle or Ralph Nader because ... well, because they were available? This year, Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy both made their first appearances on the show in years (well, Murphy's hasn't happened yet; it's in December); conveniently, both also had projects they wanted to promote coming out at the same time. Same think with the late-night talks shows. I feel like Shelly Winters or Bob Hope would hang out with Johnny Carson just because they liked doing it. But now you rarely see an actor on a talk show unless they have a new movie or TV show (or new season of that show) coming out that same week. Oh, they're happy to tell amusing anecdotes and chat about this or that, but right at the end, you have to play a clip from their new project. That's capitalism, I guess.
  19. sewhite2000

    Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies are 'not cinema'

    Totally forgot about the Watchmen premiere last night. I'm not sure if you're referring to the new series or the movie adaptation of the graphic novel from 10 years ago, which I saw and thought was pretty good, even thought the critics hated it.
  20. sewhite2000

    To TopBilled or anyone, where is Jakeem?

    Wait, what? Didn't he (?) recently just come back? And multiple posters let him know how happy they were for his return. My gosh, I disappeared for four months earlier this year, and not one person asked about my absence or reacted much, if at all, to my returned presence until I begged for it. But yes, it appears he's here.
  21. sewhite2000

    Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies are 'not cinema'

    Personally, I find most of Wes Anderson's films more interesting and enjoyable than most superhero movies.
  22. No Twitter link, but details here: No word on whether they might put all those Universal movies TCM rarely or never shows on there.
  23. There has been a trend on Internet sources and by the Academy itself to start referring to a picture by the year of the ceremony and not the year of release, which drives me insane. Hence, anyone representing the Academy will now call The Sound of Music the Best Picture winner of 1966, when for 95% of my time on the planet, it would have been referred to as the Best Picture Winner of 1965. I don't really understand the need for this paradigm shift, but it's happened and probably won't be reversed. But thanks for the info. Thanks to The Godfather's probably rather extraordinary one-time airing on TCM, it appears Sound of Music is the only pre-1985 Best Picture winner to have never aired on TCM.
  24. sewhite2000

    Who else thinks Aldo Ray was underrated

    I read an anecdote from David Lynch, who met Ray through his son, Eric DaRae (Aldo's real last name), who played a villain in Twin Peaks. Lynch told Ray he'd love to cast him, but Ray said he was just unable to perform anymore. This doesn't seem to quite jibe with his imdb resume, which indicates he must have been working all the time in the last five years of his life in what appear to be straight-to-video movies. But I don't know the lag time of these things. They may have all been completed before Lynch met him.

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