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  1. Gutsman

    James Bond

    Yes I saw the movie and I thought it was really good. It has the feel of the original James Bond novels so i attribute it more to them than I do to the Jason Bourne films.
  2. Gutsman

    James Bond

    The new movie Quantum of Solace was really good. check out the review here.
  3. Gutsman

    New Star Trek trailer

    This movie looks so awesome. I cant wait for it.
  4. Gutsman

    what is everyone's favorite war film and why?

    I love Platoon, M.A.S.H., Band of Brothers, and Grave of the Fireflies.
  5. Gutsman

    Changeling remake

    Heres the review for the new Changeling movie.
  6. Gutsman

    Favorite / Best Laurel and Hardy Films

    Every Xmas I love to break out March of the Wooden Soldiers.
  7. Gutsman

    25 Creepiest Lines in Cinema

    Just in time for Halloween, here are the 25 creepiest lines in cinema
  8. Gutsman


    I've seen most anime and to say that most (if any)are about suicide is ridiculous. You wouldnt show a rated R movie to your children so why should anime be looked at any different? There is anime for children and anime for adults just as there is live action for children and live action for adults. All it is is a medium for storytelling.
  9. Gutsman

    Movie reviews

    Has anybody here been to lately? they have reviews up for all the new movies coming out. They just redid the entire site too so it looks awesome.
  10. Gutsman

    Appaloosa Trailer

    Check out this new western starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen
  11. Gutsman


    Just because its a cartoon doesnt mean its for children. Thats an old fashioned way of thinking.
  12. Gutsman


    I havent seen any Rambo movies. Are they worth seeing? Or should I just read the book?
  13. Gutsman

    Greeting all

    Hi i didnt know where i should post my introductions so here it goes. Im living in Los Angeles working for and i love movies and the entertainment industry. Hope to have fun reading what you have here and interacting with you all.

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