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  1. ArmandDuval

    Garbo - Guiness book of records

    Gosh, randy, I don't know what to say! I try, in my own small way, to excite and contribute without degradation or insult. There are so many on these boards who try to discover the "truth!" They don't understand that the truth is relative. My truth isn't necessarily your truth. So, being who I am, I truly love all of them. At my age, I have discovered the beauty and value and illusion of all of them, including Joan Crawford, whom I hated most of my life. I have my favorites, but it doesn't blind me to the worth of all of them. They all contributed to the body of film. It is so wonderful to be able to say, "I hate her!" "I love him!" "That was a great film!" "He was a terrible director!" But, all in all, they were ALL fabulous, and I am so grateful to have been able to get to know each one of them, especially GARBO and LAMARR! Ha!
  2. ArmandDuval

    Garbo - Guiness book of records

    Randy, that was so well said. I couldn't agree more. There is room for both at the top, and in my opinion they are Hedy and Greta! Funny, but those are the two on MY walls.
  3. ArmandDuval


    Thank you, Holly. I think everyone should see them.
  4. ArmandDuval


  5. ArmandDuval

    MGM Musicals

    Here ya go!
  6. ArmandDuval


    Here are some pics:
  7. ArmandDuval

    MGM Musicals

    All Hail one of MGM's Most lavish musicals: Ziefeld Girl! Hedy, Lana and Judy were at their BEST!
  8. ArmandDuval

    A favorite list of my own

    Here is my list YMB: Eric Blore Eric Rhodes Helen Broderick Charles Coleman Edward Everett Horton Eve Arden Gale Sondergaard Gail Patrick Alice Brady Eugene Pallette Alan Mowbray Misha Auer Monty Woolley Billie Burke Reginald Gardiner Grant Mitchell Mary Wickes Thomas Mitchell Hattie McDaniel Louise Beavers Donald Meek And, as you say, there are too many to mention.
  9. ArmandDuval

    Norma Shearer

    God, I love NORMA! I can never get enough of her. I could eat her with a spoon!
  10. ArmandDuval

    Greta Garbo

    Yes, they are so deep and full of meaning. Someone in one of her documentaries once said you don't need anything else when you have Garbo's eyes.
  11. ArmandDuval

    Greta Garbo

    You are very welcome, HG! Here are three variations on a theme:
  12. ArmandDuval

    Greta Garbo

    You are right, jb. I love her MOST of all!
  13. ArmandDuval

    Chick Flick Chit Chat

    Well, as I understand it, a chick-flick is anything that doesn't have the man as its focal point. It is not a war movie or a western. So, that leaves the field wide open. Camille is definitely a chick-flick: the story of a courtesan that ends in tears. Oh, maybe that is another definition, tears. But, I think it makes the woman the focal point. Anyway, some of my favorite chick-flicks: Topper That Hamilton Woman Imitation of Life Ivy Gilda Midnight The Devil is a Woman Carrie
  14. ArmandDuval

    3 Word Critic

    Bujold loses head! Next: The Girl from Missouri
  15. ArmandDuval

    Elizabeth Taylor An Intimate Portrait

    I agree! Here is one with Natalie. Although she turned into a beauty, she was no match for Liz!

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