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  1. batman7765

    Western Movie Rambles

    my personal favorite western is tombstone, most entertaining as well, it had everything, gun fights, love story, plenty of drunken verbal fights lol! and lots of drama and touching moments, val kilmer god robbed for an oscar nod imo as doc hollyday, i would put unforgiven as my second fav western
  2. batman7765

    Western Movie Rambles

    well to be honest the movie was just sluggish, and slow paced, and rene zelwegger was really bad, ed harris was good and so was viggo, and there on screen chemistry was really good, i would say rent it, but it was a huge let down, and jeremy irons who is a great actor was miscast in this film as well
  3. batman7765

    2001 a space odyssey

    true, while better on the big screen i have a 42 inch lsd big screen, not as big as a movie theater screen, but i have it on blu-ray and it looks 100 times better then it could ever look on a movie theater screen, blu-ray is something else!!
  4. my favorite war film would have to be platoon, i thought it was the most accurate film depicted of vietnam, and the acting and the story was excellent, what is everyone's fav war film>?
  5. batman7765

    Western Movie Rambles

    i love westerns, but i have to say i just saw appoloosa and it was bad, except for the acting of ed harris and viggo it was a skip it film

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