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    Romantic War Movies (1945-1949)

    Thank you so much! I will jot down this list and see if i can find any of these on DVD or look for them on tv! I love watching older films, they are classic, and i dont mind black and white- it gives you a chance to expand your imagination. I love these older films too because i can get the same drama or story line as you would see today, but minus all the "sex sells" garbage that goes along. Thanks again!
  2. LittleMiss


    My fav. one was Rambo First Blood. The other 2 are okay, but not as cool, and the 4th one was Eh. He is just older and it is the same. But i def. recommend the first one!!
  3. LittleMiss

    Romantic War Movies (1945-1949)

    Hello all, I am new to this site. I was wondering if anyone can please recommend a WWI or WWII romance/war movie filmed between the years 1943 & 1949? I tried to google, but got no where with my search. All input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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