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    I watch alot of tv TCM mostly.
    I love late 30's-40's--50's-60's & up. Westerns r my favorite, but I like many genres war movies, dramas, action, suspense mysteries, who done it movies, a good scare..a touching horse movie. Good actors with a good script. Even some of the B movies r good. TCM I am only sorry I never got to met Robert Osborne. But I love TCM, silver classic movies and AMC all fullfil my movie and show appetite! I love the days outdoors in summer, tv in winter or evenings.
    I just hope the constant repeats of movies when the vault must b huge may get cured. Maybe they should hv a better inventory logging system if not already of when these movies hv played last so they don't keep playing them back to back. But I am very happy to see movies I missed as a kid with only 2-3 stations back then and rarely went to theatres. Now we can see them on Cool!

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Murder on the Orient express. If they r coming out with a new one and I hope a full cast of great actors too how about showing the original 70's one on TCM eh...refresh our memories??

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