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  1. Defenestrator

    Random Riddles

    I thought the minor riddle that occurred to me on the train today would just suffice to start a thread: Everyone knows what "just desserts" is. But what about "stressed desserts"?
  2. Defenestrator

    Midway 2019

    I guess the weakness of the 1976 film, out of respect for the men of that moment of history, was its decision to use newsreel footage of the battles rather than recreate them as was done for "Tora! Tora! Tora!" with the result being an inconsistent look throughout the film. Wouldn't it be great if they could just do the battle footage over for a restoration of how "Midway" should have looked the first time around, with hopefully an additional improvement over Sensurround? It sure had the right stuff though when it came to cast and score.
  3. Defenestrator

    Furthest Back Surviving Co-Stars

    OK, that's four survivors in 1964, two survivors in each of two 1937 shorts, and three in 1949. If we adopt "Name That Tune" rules, the goal will be to match the number of survivors in an earlier year or go higher in a close later one. I had forgotten Annie Ross was in that Our Gang short, knowing her mainly for her villainous role in "Superman III." But isn't it odd that the villains are almost the only survivors from the main cast of the Chris Reeve "Superman" movies (except for Robert Vaughn)? That's Gene Hackman, Valerie Perrine, Ned Beatty, Terence Stamp, Sarah Douglas, Jack O'Halloran, Pamela Stephenson, Annie Ross, Jon Cryer and Mark Pillow, plus just a few non-villains such as Marc McClure, Annette O'Toole, Jeff East and Mariel Hemingway.
  4. Defenestrator

    Furthest Back Surviving Co-Stars

    My start is "The Secret Garden" (1949; 3 survivors) with Margaret O'Brien, Dean Stockwell and Kathryn Beaumont.
  5. Defenestrator

    Furthest Back Surviving Co-Stars

    I thought an interesting game would be to think of the oldest movie with a certain number of surviving cast members. This surely would have been a better game a decade or two ago, with so few notable stars even from the fifties and sixties left at this point, much less the thirties and forties. But today I noticed "The Secret Garden" from 1949 still has the juvenile leads Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell living, along with an uncredited castmember, also a child star at the time, Kathryn Beaumont, who would gain her greatest fame as a Disney legend voicing characters in two of the studio's most popular animated features, "Alice in Wonderland" (as Alice) and "Peter Pan" (as Wendy). So the game would be to next come up with a movie from the forties that has more than three people still among us, or just a movie from an earlier year with the same number of survivors. This thread can then go back and forth with larger numbers of co-stars from a later decade, as even the seventies might be challenging in this regard at some point. I recall on the 75th Annual Academy Awards broadcast in 2003, the hosts pointed out two legends in attendance who immediately got standing ovations--Olivia De Havilland and Mickey Rooney (the latter of course having since passed). At the time, a joke occurred to me that I thought they could have used but didn't: "Since both these stars are here tonight, this is not only the Oscars broadcast. It is also the 'Midsummer Nights Dream Reunion Special.'" Of course, that was the 1935 movie early in both careers that was Mickey and Olivia's sole feature as co-stars, from 68 years before.
  6. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    TCM gone rowdy? Equivalent to Jimmy Kimmel's segments of unnecessary censorship bleeping things that seem to be objectionable but really aren't, here are the titles of some films scheduled for June that would suggest a change toward airing more risque programming than TCM is used to; but before an outraged rush to ban such fare, please read the actual description of each film to see how innocent it really is: Sat. 6/15 8:09 AM - FAMOUS BONERS (1942) - This short film looks at three instances of people who either caused or were the victims of errors. Tues. 6/18 1:00 PM - FORTY LITTLE MOTHERS (1940) - A girls'-school teacher stumbles on an abandoned baby. Fri. 6/21 8:00 PM - IRMA LA DOUCE (1963) - Never mind, the missing "H" leads to a slightly different pronunciation. Not my usual type of humor, but it fell into that "movie titles write the joke" theme.
  7. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    So great that you posted this. It reminded me of the following which I started working on a few months ago and then abandoned. My idea was to try to tell a story using only the titles of Henry Fonda movies. As you can tell, it still needed work in some spots where I left it off, but if anyone wants to take it to try and improve it, feel free: If You're Fonda Short Stories... Once upon a time in the West, there was a crooked man ... the wrong man ... the male animal... the man who understood women. I met my love again, the lady Eve. Rings on her fingers ... 12 angry men swarm sex and the single girl roller coaster in harm's way. A big hand for the little lady. The battle of the bulge--yours, mine and ours. Welcome to hard times--the longest day. Wild geese calling the story of Alexander Graham Bell ... Young Mr. Lincoln ... Jesse James. Never give an inch midway how the west was won. Advise and consent, you only live once failsafe. The farmer takes a wife way down east on golden pond. That certain woman jezebel tentacles the magnificent dope. Sometimes, a great notion ... you belong to me. The best man roots the next generation. I dream too much the moon's our home. Gideons trumpet the trail of the lonesome pine meteor. The fugitive drums along the Mohawk, my darling Clementine. My name is Nobody.
  8. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    Wait, that's political! Oh, sorry, I was thinking of John Wilkes Booth.
  9. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    The thread is humor about today's movie titles on TCM. The subject they lead to is merely the natural progression of whatever the common link is. Nothing off-topic so far. That someone decides that idea arrived at naturally is something to be censored, removed or altered in some way is in itself politically motivated. My response nevertheless was respectful and unapologetically honest, with the intent of maintaining the humorous spirit that I intended. My central idea from the beginning to now is still whatever the joke would be from a day's listings. If your "point" is you can't think of a nonpolitical one, feel free to select another day's movies and come up with a funny common link that has nothing to do with politics.
  10. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    First, my appreciation that it was decided to move the thread back to General Discussions, so it can retain the humorous context in which it is intended. Cid, I appreciate your wanting to keep discussion from veering into the unfriendly, but in response, I would respectfully suggest that I didn't make it political. I merely followed what the common link was between the movie titles and that happened to lead to a political subject. Had it been a group of titles that led one to think of something as apolitical as Beatles songs, or some gossip story about Kanye West and the Kardashians, or characters from "Game of Thrones," that would have been the subject of that joke. But wasn't the president the first thing that popped into everyone's minds when they saw the movie title "High Wall"? I thought it deserved a chuckle among us all, nothing really more than that, and I thought the first responses indicated we were all interacting in good fun and the next person could add their own joke whether it had a political angle or not. All it required was enough patience to give the thread a chance based on the next few jokes in it. Further, I would suggest that touching on the political shouldn't sweep an on-topic discussion away, as just about everything is political to some degree, and further, if that is the rule, at what point does honest discussion start to lose its meaning? Admittedly a discussion for another thead. But I do want to make clear that my humor is usually intended for even the subjects of the joke to enjoy, assuming they would be equally gracious to other people, and of course assuming they actually have a sense of humor about themselves. My favorite comedy is actually from the old school when celebs would rather make themselves the butt of the joke than someone else, such as Jack Benny making it about how cheap he was, when we all know he was one of the most generous people on the planet, and Dean Martin would make it about his drinking, when you would never find a more pleasantly professional person to be around. I would actually prefer if all our current famous people were of such quality that our humor could be so nonabrasive and still responsibly honest. In my post, I didn't mention the president by name, and you wouldn't know in my mentioning the insult he levied against his opponent that she is someone I actually hold in high regard. And I say that aside from all politics, just as I would say about Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck, Bob Hope, James Stewart and John McCain on one side of the aisle, and Jack Lemmon, Gregory Peck, Robert Redford, Katharine Hepburn, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward and Sidney Poitier on the other. But anyway, onto the next joke and I hope keeping the original intent of good clean fun with today's movie titles...but (Oh, no!)... just by chance it leads me to somebody in the world of politics again. I would suggest that today's theme with the TCM schedule could be Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cheney on one of their hunting trips. Among today's movie titles: Attack The Rear Gunner The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Buried Loot Satan Met a Lady The next joke, anybody?
  11. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    As I hope this thread is reconsidered for moving back to the General Discussions board, of course it's all kidding aside with today's theme on the TCM schedule, as I'm sure I convey our shared respects to all those who gave so much for the cause of freedom 75 years ago today. "The Longest Day" really was a great achievement as all-star movies go. I am surprised they're not including "D-Day: The Sixth of June" within the tribute considering it's such an important anniversary.
  12. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    I can't imagine why anyone would bump this to off-topic; the subject is humor about TCM's programming schedules. The idea is that the next person picks another group of scheduled movies and jokes about an alternative reason for the theme of that day, all in good fun.
  13. Defenestrator

    Humor Thread on TCM Schedule

    Does anyone wonder if today's TCM movies were intended toward the theme of our commander-in-chief visiting England at this time? Some of today's titles: A Wicked Woman (didn't he refer to Hillary in such a way during a debate?) High Wall Conspirator A Yank at Oxford (but maybe the Laurel and Hardy title would have been better) Just a coincidence I'm sure. Here's the thread to use though if you notice another instance of some possible alternate reason for one of TCM's themes going forward.
  14. Defenestrator

    I'm Alive! Did Anyone Even Notice My Absence?

    If I were to pay proper tribute in your absence, I would probably end up making it about myself anyway, much like in "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" when the hero (Jesse James of course) after discovering his best friend has been turned into another incarnation of the Monster and kills him, pays his respect by seeing to his former friend's burial with the following epitaph on the tombstone: HANK TRACY HE WAS JESSE JAMES'S FRIEND
  15. Great memories from all those specials. (I only recently learned some people would get a sadistic kick from laughing at the elves at the end of "Rudolph" tossing out of the sky-high sleigh the misfit bird that can't fly.) Looking back, I would have also liked a network giving the same respect to "Mad Monster Party" as a Halloween special each year. It's been largely out of circulation over my lifetime. This is the perfect opportunity to mention something I figured out about "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" a few years back, which I'm not sure is on record anywhere: As we all know, the villainous Burgermeister Meisterburger was voiced by the great Paul Frees (pictured below), the legendary voice actor who was also Boris Badenov in "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" and did other Rankin/Bass productions including the "Frosty" specials and the second "Rudolph" one, but not the original. But since in the "Santa" special Kris Kringle is made to look like the young Mickey Rooney who voices him, and the postman is made to look like Fred Astaire who voices him, it dawned on me that the Burgermeister Meisterburger, as pictured here ... must have been originally intended to be played by the actor who voiced Yukon Cornelius in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," character actor Larry D. Mann (pictured here) Does anyone concur? So ends my "Columbo" moment (which by the way was one of the shows I knew Mr. Mann from, in the Louis Jourdan episode "Murder Under Glass"). Nuff said.

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