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  1. Personally, since there are few channels showing Universal and Fox classic movies, I wish TCM could look into possible showing these. There is a ton of Bing Crosby, Deanna Durbin, Betty Grable and others' films I would love to see that are never shown. They need to expand their repertoire of pre 1970's films.
  2. cteddiesgirl

    25th Anniversary Cruise Announced

    Just heard about this. Unfortunately for me, I'm already taking a cruise this December and won't have the money to take the TCM cruise. Plus, the date is wrong for me. I can't take off work anywhere near the end of October due to peak work times at my job. :( I hope everyone enjoys the cruise.
  3. cteddiesgirl

    Problems with Canvas Dashboard?

    Actually, most of Indiana, including Muncie where Ball State is located, is on Eastern time. There is only a couple of parts in the western part of the state that is in Central time.
  4. cteddiesgirl

    Last cruise

    This is very sad news. I was hoping to one day be able to do one of these cruises. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have not been able to either afford it or the dates didn't suit my work schedule. Now to find out that I will never have the chance is sad.
  5. cteddiesgirl

    Ace Drummond/Eddie Rickenbacke

    I'm glad to see this. I just came to see what info I could find on this and hadn't realized that TCM had changed the schedule from the TCM NOw Playing Guide.
  6. cteddiesgirl

    Lets name films that TCM doesn't show anymore

    Or buy it on dvd... Chitty is *Not* a Disney film. It was theatrically released through U/A. I would love to see more of those rare Disney films being shown on TCM rather than BYU (which I've watched only for some of these films). One film I haven't seen TCM show in quite a while is the 1929 version of Show Boat. Also I'd like to see Feudin', Fussin', and A-Fightin' (1948) again. I really wish that they could show more classic films from other studios such as Fox. I sure as heck have trouble finding classic (before 1980) films being shown anywhere besides TCM in their correct aspect ratio and full length.
  7. I'm also not liking the new design of the schedule. It now takes more time for me to figure out what I want to watch. I shouldn't have to click on a link to find out what the movie is about, who's in it and how long it is. I also don't care about reviews of films. I want to make up my own mind about a film. There are tons of films that I like that others hate and can't stand lots of films that are critically acclaimed. I should have no pre-concieved ideas about a film before I watch it.
  8. cteddiesgirl

    Best Song Oscar winners: 30s & 40s

    These are great songs that many people still know today. Also, they can still be viewed in their original films. All except for Zip-a-dee-doo-dah from SONG OF THE SOUTH. To experience this one, you have to go to the Disney parks and ride a ride Splash Mountain. I don't think the film will ever be available in this country again.
  9. cteddiesgirl

    Having trouble recording to dvd.

    Apparently, I'm now able to record TCM again as of today. I've tried 3 different movies and all seem to record fine (so far). Hopefully This won't be happening again. But I will be looking into getting a new box to help if it does happen again.
  10. cteddiesgirl

    Having trouble recording to dvd.

    > {quote:title=talkietime wrote:}{quote} > My post described how one Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder falsely applied copy protection to a home-recorded DVD (that was not "copy protected") when transferred to a Philips 3575 hard drive. > > Since 2 September 2005 to the present day *I've never encountered copy protection with a TCM SD or TCM HD signal* with my thirty Panasonic, Magnavox and Philips HDD/DVD recorders and DVD recorders. This includes more than 6,000 time-shifted, home-recorded DVDs. > > I understand that there is no "right" to home-record copyrighted material. There is an *exemption from prosecution* when home-recording for personal use, i.e., "time-shifting" as "fair use." It's still "time-shifting" if I'm watching material I originally recorded from The Nostalgia Channel in 1987. Yes. Most of the time, I do not watch a film before recording it ot dvd. I simply don't have the time right now. I'm recording to dvd to make more room on my dvr but being able to save the film for watching later. It's just a form of time shifting for me that works better with my personal time.
  11. cteddiesgirl

    Having trouble recording to dvd.

    I record everything to my DVR before recording to DVD. There are times when the recording times are slightly off and miss the beginning or the end or it's the wrong movie, etc. This keeps me from having unwatchable DVDs. FredCDobbs: I could call my cable company, but It wouldn't really do much good if they're the one's blocking recordings. They've already had hundreds (if not thousands) of people threaten and leave due to losing the Hallmark channels and seem to be doing nothing about getting them back. One more person leaving or even just threatening to leave over recording blocks would basically do nothing.
  12. cteddiesgirl

    Classics for kids

    While newer than some of the films and actors listed here, don't forget the Don Knotts films. Most of his are family friendly and of course have lots of comedy. Also, don't forget there are quite a few early live action Disney films that young children enjoy.
  13. cteddiesgirl

    Having trouble recording to dvd.

    When I try to record something from TCM, I get a message box stating that I cannot record. The funny thing is that for a long time I couldn't record anything from the Disney channel. Now I can record a few things from there, but nothing from TCM which I used to be able to record anything. I don't get why any cable company would do this when it's not requested by the actual channel providers.
  14. cteddiesgirl

    Upcoming on FMC

    > {quote:title=LoveFilmNoir wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=cteddiesgirl wrote:}{quote} > > Hmmm. I like to watch FMC sometimes. There are a few movies being shown on there that I would like to see. Unfortunately, the time's aren't always convienent for me and my dvr has too much on it now. And as of a couple month ago, I'm unable to record anything from this channel to a dvd to be able to watch at a later date. > > What is the model of your DVD Recorder? I use an older Toshiba model that came out before all the copyright protection chips started being built into the recorders. I can record ANYTHING from my satellite cable. Both of my dvd recorders are newer (within the last 3 years). So there are several channels I'm unable to record from. One is a Sony, the other is a Magnavox. I used to be able to record from FMC until a couple months ago. Now suddenly, I'm also unable to record from TCM.
  15. cteddiesgirl

    Having trouble recording to dvd.

    I hate to bring up such an old thread, but I'm suddenly having this problem again with TCM. I'm no longer able to record anything from TCM to a dvd to watch later. I anyone else having this problem too?

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