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  1. faceinthecrowd

    "Wild In The Streets"

    What I remember most about this picture is Shelley Winters saying, "I'm sure my son has a good reason for paralyzing the country."
  2. faceinthecrowd

    Who Is Your Favorite Classic Movie Mom?

    Anjelica Huston as Lilly Dillon in The Grifters.
  3. faceinthecrowd

    August 2, Lucille Ball Day!

    She's great in THE DARK CORNER. And don't miss WITHOUT LOVE (1945). It's one of Tracy and Hepburn's weaker efforts, but it's redeemed by Lucy and Keenan Wynn. She proves that she can be funny without mugging.
  4. faceinthecrowd

    Fake or Fakey

    One thing that wasn't fake was the dress that Jenny Agutter was almost wearing.
  5. faceinthecrowd

    The Flaw in Shane

    You've made a good case for this outstanding movie. Plus, it's a beautiful love story: Shane, the boy (in the novel he was the narrator), and the life that Shane wishes he could share.
  6. faceinthecrowd

    Originals vs. Remakes

    The Colman/Rathbone version is outstanding for the acting and Preston Sturges' writing ("The pigs beseech you to accept their fattest hams.")
  7. faceinthecrowd

    Movie References Within a Movie

    In THE GRIFTERS, Anjelica Huston gets a phone call warning her that her boss knows she's been stealing from him. She immediately leaves, leaving the TV on -- it's playing THE LADY VANISHES. In BRUTE FORCE, the convicts who have behaved themselves are rewarded with a showing of THE EGG AND I.
  8. faceinthecrowd

    Movie References Within a Movie

    As we on this site all know, the words "Play it again, Sam" were never spoken in CASABLANCA. (Woody said he knew that, but he didn't care.)
  9. faceinthecrowd

    Randolph Scott fans

    He is, except in MY FAVORITE WIFE. He's one of those actors who is underrated because he doesn't seem to be doing very much. But watch closely....
  10. With a pair of scissors.
  11. faceinthecrowd


    This was Jeanette Nolan's first film, and her performance rivals that of Orson Welles.
  12. faceinthecrowd

    Ooh Eee Ooh Ah Ah, Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang

    I should have made it clearer: I was thinking of the cast on Jimmy Stewart's leg.
  13. faceinthecrowd


  14. faceinthecrowd

    Kitchen Sink Realism

    The only trouble with these wonderful films is understanding what they are saying. I like the DVDs to have English subtitles for the English dialogue.

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