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  1. Briefly Lyrical

    "Come Blow Your Horn". Here it is: Next: "I got virtue, but it ain't been tested"
  2. Retro Trivia

    Princess, was my answer correct?
  3. Musicals on Tap

    In the 1930's, an actor and a columnist hosted a weekly radio show from a Hollywood night spot. The show featured celebrity musical guests of the day. The whole concept was turned into a movie and featured both the actor and the columnist. Can you name them, as well as the movie?
  4. Trivia game

    Can you name the movie where two of the Lane sisters appeared as lookalikes, with one pretending to be the other?

    Who are these lovely ladies and what do they have in common? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. Retro Trivia

    Could it be Sammee Tong, who played Peter the houseboy on "Bachelor Father"? He had been in movies since the 1930's. He played the cook at the Triple R ranch in the "Spin And Marty" series on Disney's "Mickey Mouse Club". He also played a cook in "Only Angels Have Wings" with Cary Grant.
  7. Trivia game

    Just a guess. Was it Carole Lombard turning down the part of Ellie Andrews in "It Happened One Night"? The role won an Oscar for Claudette Colbert. Had Carole Lombard taken the part, she would have been paired with her future husband, Clark Gable.
  8. Musicals on Tap

    A very good trivia question, Starlit. I had to check the filmographies of several performers before I found it. Gene Kelly played a character name Danny McGuire in "Cover Girl" with Rita Hayworth in 1944. The big hit song was "Long Ago And Far Away". Many years later, in 1980, Gene played a character with that same name in "Xanadu" with Olivia Newton-John.

    #2 Vernon and Irene Castle ? #3 Cole Porter ? #6 Florenz Ziegfeld ? #9 Lizzie Borden ? #10 Knute Rockne ?
  10. GUESS WHO?

    Could #3 be Ruth Donnelly?
  11. "The Sterile Cuckoo"
  12. GUESS WHO?

    It's comforting to see that other folks are up late at night or early in the morning posting to these boards. We have them all now. Yes, #7 is Debbie Reynolds. I'm surprised that Marilyn Monroe was not guessed first. I only posted that one to show the similarity to Patsy Cline's photo. I figured that Patsy Cline and Martha Vickers would be the tough ones. The number from "Holiday Inn" was called "Be Careful, It's My Heart". Here is that clip, which also features Bing: Happy Valentine's Day! Princess and Lavender don't post photos, so Lawrence gets the next turn.
  13. describe the scene game

    "The Remains Of The Day" with Anthony Hopkins as the butler?
  14. GUESS WHO?

    After seeing shutoo's thread with actresses doing Valentine's Day publicity stills, I realized that just about every young actress in Hollywood must have done at least one of these at one time. See if you know who these lovely ladies are: #1 This one's easy. 2. Here is a copycat pose. This gal is a singer. 3. This cutie was popular in the 60's. 4. This gal was in a movie with Bogie. 5. This lovely brunette was an MGM starlet. 6. This gal was once known as "The Body". 7. Another young MGM actress. She would become major star. 8. Never a big star, but she was in several movies as "Eye Candy" 9. This gal had about the best legs in Hollywood. 10. Who's the blonde beauty with Fred? It's not Ginger.
  15. GUESS WHO?

    I'm guessing that #2 is June Allyson. She was recently mentioned in this thread and she wore her hair like that throughout much of her later life. If there is a theme here then I'm guessing that #1 is June's husband, Dick Powell.

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