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  1. MilesArcher


    Very good, Lavender. That's the one. At the time of filming, Teri Hatcher was one of the stars of "Lois And Clark" on TV. You can see the scene on YouTube. It would be rated "R" for language. Lavender, you're up next.
  2. MilesArcher

    Retro Trivia

    After the success of the Davy Crockett series, Walt Disney hoped to gain additional success with series about some other early American legends. some based on fact, and one completely made up. Do you remember these theme songs? Andy's on the move, Andy won't rest. Andy Burnett, he's a traveling west. or this one: Elfego was wise and Elfego was strong, Elfego El Gato, who made right from wrong. And the legend was that, like El Gato the cat, Nine live had Elfego Baca. Or: His turned up white stetson and pearl handled gun Were known both far and wide, But Texas John Slaughter made 'em do what the oughter, Cause if they didn't, they died. And one more: Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, tail on his hat. Nobody knows where the Swamp Fox is at. Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, hiding in the glen. Nobody knows when he'll fight again. Can you name the four actors who played these heroes? For bonus points, can you name the young fellow from "The Mickey Mouse Club" who played the nephew of the Swamp Fox?
  3. MilesArcher

    describe the scene game

    Sorry, I've been away from the boards for a few days. The young man is played by a fellow who was a very athletic dancer in some movies. The yawning man is animated.
  4. MilesArcher


    #5 is Lupe Velez. #9 looks like Bebe Daniels. #10 looks like Betty Field. She was in "King's Row" with Ann Sheridan. She was also in "Of Mice And Men".
  5. MilesArcher

    Retro Trivia

    Here are a few more: #6 Gateman, Goodbury, And Graves - Look at the names. It has to be the funeral home where Herman Munster worked in "The Munsters". He was played by Fred Gwynne. #12 Above The Top was the restaurant from "It's A Living" where the cast worked. It was on the top floor of a skyscraper hotel. Ann Jillian played one of the waitresses, Cassie. #13 Food Circus is where Naomi (Dorothy Lyman) worked in "Momma's Family". #27 Dunder-Mifflin was the paper company in Pennsylvania where the cast of "The Office" worked. Steve Carell was the star. Shutoo, I'm done. I don't know the rest, so perhaps it's time for the answers.
  6. MilesArcher


    A young actress, in one of her early movies, had to do a fight scene with the lead actress. Not being used to action scenes at the time, she actually punched the star right in the face. She later apologized and sent the star a case of beer. The young actress would later become an Oscar winner and would go on to do many action scenes in movies. The lead actress was one of the stars of a popular TV series at the time. The year was 1996. Who were the actresses and what was the movie that they were filming? Hint: The movie was set in southern California, near Los Angeles.
  7. MilesArcher


    I think we have them all now. Thanks to Shutoo, Lavender, Princess, and Lawrence. Lavender doesn't post photos, so I'll offer the thread to Shutoo to go next.
  8. MilesArcher


    #2, #11, and #14 are correct. #13 is not Esther Dale. This woman worked with W.C. Felds more than once, usually playing his rather shrewish wife. #17 played one of two spinster sisters who were neighbors of the stars of a 1970's TV series. #19 was in many things, but is probably best known for playing the wife of an outrageous small town leader in a 1970's TV series.
  9. MilesArcher


    To avoid confusion, Shutoo got some numbers mixed up. #8 is Connie Gilchrist. #12 is Helen Broderick. I should have noticed that when I first read the responses. Lawrence is correct with Alison Skipworth and Ruth Donnelly. That leaves only six more yet to be solved: #2, #11, #13, #14, #17, and #19. I'm surprised that #2 is still on the list. She was in a well known historical movie with Tyrone Power.
  10. MilesArcher

    Retro Trivia

    Here are a few more: #2 Madison High school is where Our Miss Brooks worked as a teacher. She was played by Eve Arden. #4 Tracey Grammar school is, I believe, where Emily Hartley (Suzanne Pleshette) taught school on "The Bob Newhart Show". #5 Livingston, Gentry, and Mishkin is the advertising agency where Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari worked on "Bosom Buddies". #11 Winfried-Louder Dept. Store was where Drew Carey worked on "The Drew Carey Show" #14 Arcade Flower Shop was where Janet (Joyce de Witt) worked on "Three's Company".
  11. MilesArcher


    Thank you Shutoo and Lavender. We now have twelve ladies identified. You both mentioned Helen Broderick. Of course, she was the mother of Broderick Crawford. Also, it was Verna Felton, not Velma, who was Spring Byington's friend on "December Bride". She did a lot of voice over work for Disney, including Cinderella's fairy godmother. Elizabeth Patterson is one of my favorites. She was already over fifty when she started appearing in silent films. Everyone remembers her as Mrs. Trumble, Lucy's neighbor. Well done ladies. We only need eight more.
  12. MilesArcher


    The last clue did it for me. In the 1920's, William Frawley was fired from a Broadway show for punching Clifton Webb.
  13. MilesArcher


    They played mothers, grandmothers, aunts, society women, maids, cooks, and nosy neighbors. They are older actresses. Those pictured here worked in movies and TV shows from the thirties through the seventies. How many can you identify? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  14. MilesArcher

    describe the scene game

    Thanks, Starlit. Now, a young fellow can't seem to fall asleep until a yawning man comes along.
  15. MilesArcher

    Do You Know Me?

    Yes, it's Roscoe Ates and the films I was describing were "Freaks" and "The Champ". In the forties, he was a sidekick to singing cowboy Eddie Dean in a series of low budget westerns. Now you know what I meant by the sisters being inseperable. Princess, it's your thread now.

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