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  1. MilesArcher

    Three in One

    Cleopatra Next: Bill Elliott, Allan "Rocky" Lane, and Jim Bannon
  2. MilesArcher

    It's A Wonderful Town

    For Pete's Sake (1974) - Barbra Streisand chasing around New York.
  3. MilesArcher

    Movie Trivia

    Could it be Edmund Gwenn playing Santa Claus in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in "Miracle On 34th Street"?
  4. MilesArcher

    It's A Wonderful Town

    Speedy (1928)- One of Harold Lloyd's last silent films. Harold drives a horse drawn trolley, pick's up Babe Ruth in a cab and delivers him to Yankee Stadium, and spends a day at Coney Island. The scenes at Coney Island were filmed with hidden cameras so the crowd would not know that a movie was being made.
  5. MilesArcher

    It's A Wonderful Town

    The Naked City
  6. MilesArcher

    Do You Know Me?

    You certainly have a unique way of giving clues, Jeffry. The answer here is Bela Lugosi. He was played by Martin Landau in the movie "Ed Wood". Landau won a supporting actor Oscar for his performance. Oh, the role he initially turned down was probably the Frankenstein monster, a role he later played in "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man".
  7. MilesArcher

    Husband and Wife

    Yes, I purposely did not refer to her role in "The Big Heat" with Glenn Ford. I thought that might be too much of a giveaway. She appeared several times on "Gunsmoke", but one of the characters that she played a couple of times, Sally Fergus, led to her short lived series "Dirty Sally" in the seventies. He took over the leading role on "Wagon Train" after Ward Bond died, and he also took over Charles Bickford's role on "The Virginian" after Bickford died. He appeared on an episode of "Trapper John, MD", which was a spin-off of M*A*S*H. Pernell Roberts starred as Dr. John McIntire on that show. Their son Tim McIntire also became an actor. Here they are together in an episode of "Bonanza": Nice work, Princess. The thread goes to you.
  8. MilesArcher

    Mash-Up Alternate Title

    Roger Byam is Franchot Tone in Mutiny On The Bounty. Blanche Hudson is Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? Candy Johnson is Clark Gable in HonkyTonk. The movie is Dancing Lady. Next: Roy Earle, Nero, and Will Thompson are given shelter by Ellie Banks and Pontius Pilate.
  9. MilesArcher

    Ghost of a Chance

    Dickens' A Christmas Carol - Many versions of that story and lots of ghosts.
  10. MilesArcher

    Husband and Wife

    This husband and wife met while working in radio before World War II. After the war they both embarked on film careers, and over the years they worked together more than a few times. He appeared in film noirs and westerns in his early career, sometimes playing lawmen and sometimes playing villains, ranchers, and assorted other characters. He succeeded two stars of popular TV western series after the original stars had died. He and his wife both worked in a Hitchcock movie, but while he appeared on screen, she was only heard. He once appeared on an episode of a TV show where the leading character's name was the same as his name. She was the ultimate character actress, doing everything from Shakespeare to "The Real McCoys". She often used makeup and costumes to intentionally appear unattractive in her roles. She made several guest appearances on the Perry Mason TV show, sometimes as the murderer. She appeared several times on "Gunsmoke". One of the characters that she played led to her own TV series playing that character, although the show only lasted for half a season. They remained married more than fifty years. Can you name this couple?
  11. MilesArcher

    Ghost of a Chance

    The Time Of Their Lives (1946) with Bud and Lou, as well as Marjorie Reynolds.
  12. MilesArcher

    Briefly Lyrical

    You are correct, Bagels. Here is a clip: Nice work, Bagels. You're next.
  13. MilesArcher

    Briefly Lyrical

    I seen a peanut stand, heard a rubber bandI seen a needle that winked its eye
  14. MilesArcher


    Very good, we have them all now. Some of these youngsters like Natalie Wood and Dean Stockwell had successful adult careers, but most did not. Thanks to everyone for guessing. Lavender got ten, Princess and Peebs each got four and DJBeacon got two. Lavender and Princess don't post photos, so Peebs gets to go next.
  15. MilesArcher

    Name the pre-1970 film

    That's the one, Lavender. Jimmy Stewart plays the accordion several times in the movie. Nice work. The thread is yours.

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