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  1. Retro Trivia

    Here is a big hint: One of the two was a woman.
  2. Briefly Lyrical

    OK, her's one. We said goodbye with a highballAnd I got as high as a steeple

    #3 is Hobart Cavanaugh #7 is Kathleen Howard. She played the wife of W.C. Fields on several occasions.
  4. Briefly Lyrical

    Starlit, you know that's an easy one for me. It's "At The Codfish Ball" from "Captain January". The music was by Lew Pollack and lyrics by Sidney Mitchell. It was sung and danced by Shirley Temple and Buddy Ebsen. Here it is:

    Yes, Lavender. Good work! They all played Hawkeye in various presentations in both movies and television. John Hart had played The Lone Ranger for one season when Clayton Moore held out in a contract dispute. I purposely left out Daniel Day-Lewis because it would have made it too easy. Lawrence gets the thread.
  6. "Mirror names"

    I just thought of another. There was a very busy character actor in the fifties named Thomas Browne Henry. And, of course, "ET" gave us Henry Thomas.
  7. "Mirror names"

    There was MGM leading man Robert Taylor. And there is a young American actress named Taylor Roberts. You may remember her from "Mona Lisa Smiles". I suppose if you go looking for more "mirror" names, you may find some obscure actors and actresses. For an exercise, I tried a few. I found that there was American character actor Edward Andrews and British actor Andrew Edwards. There was American actor Christopher George. Remember "The Rat Patrol"? There is a British actor named George Christopher. American actor Robert Keith (Brian's dad) had a long career as a character actor. There is an obscure British actor named Keith Roberts. However, none of the names that I mentioned were familiar to me as "mirror" names. One pair did come to mind, Rich Little and Little Richard.

    So far, all of the answers from Princess and Lawrence are correct. I'm surprised that no one has gotten the connection yet. The photo of #5 was from a TV series he was in about 1957. Some years earlier he had starred as a TV series western hero when the original star took a year off because of a contract dispute. #6 is an English actor. He appeared in a British mini-series in the early seventies that was broadcast in the U.S. on PBS. I believe it was on "Masterpiece Theater".
  9. Retro Trivia

    Thanks. I had heard that Hugh Beaumont was a minister. Now, two of the stars of TV's "Gunsmoke" actually appeared in supporting roles in the same movie several years before "Gunsmoke" was a TV show. The movie was a post-civil war drama. Can you name the movie and the two people? It has been shown on TCM.
  10. GUESS WHO?

    It's been said that today, December 7th, is a day that will live in infamy. It's also my ninth anniversary with the TCM message boards. To celebrate, I'll give you some rather easy photos to identify. There is a common theme. Can you find it? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  11. Retro Trivia

    I believe that would be Hugh Beaumont.
  12. Musicals on Tap

    You are correct, Starlit. Good work. It's your thread now.
  13. GUESS WHO?

    Thanks, Lawrence. I have a very busy day, so I'll leave the thread open for anyone else to post. If no one does by tomorrow, I'll try to come up with something.
  14. GUESS WHO?

    Since we have the common theme, finding the rest was not difficult. #1 is Gustav von Seyffertitz. How would you like to go through life with that name? He played Moriarty opposite John Barrymore as Holmes in 1922. #3 is Lyn Harding. He played Moriarty in a couple of thirties films that starred Arthur Wontner as Holmes. #8 is Eric Porter. He worked with Jeremy Brett in the BBC's television series in the eighties that was broadcast on PBS in the U.S. By the way, #2, Ernest Torrence, may be best known for playing Buster Keaton's father in "Steamboat Bill Jr.", and Captain Hook in the silent version of "Peter Pan".
  15. GUESS WHO?

    #4 is George Zucco #6 is Lionel Atwill So far, the ones that have been identified all played Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes movies.

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