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  1. Feego

    TCM Imports has a new host

    Sadly, that intro was retired a few years ago and replaced with this one:
  2. Feego

    Stalker Movies

    The Black Swan An American in Paris The Graduate* And a whole plethora of other golden age Hollywood classics. I love these films as much as anyone, but it's quite startling just how many of these movies depicted "wooing" a woman as simply wearing her down until she's either too tired or frustrated to say no (after doing so repeatedly already). *The Graduate is an equal-opportunity offender in that it features Mrs. Robinson stalking Benjamin who in turn stalks Elaine.
  3. Feego

    Haunted Houses

    Since others here are sharing their personal paranormal encounters, I might as well share an experience I had in college. I worked for a few semesters as grad assistant to three film professors, and I was in charge of evening film screenings. After screenings, I had to lock the wireless projector control in the storage closet and then lock up the auditorium, so I was always the last one out and alone. One evening, it occurred to me that I had never really looked inside the storage closet except to quickly place the control on the shelf and close the door. So out of curiosity, I decided to take a gander inside to see what else was in there. As I poked my head in, my blood ran cold as I saw a face, as real as any I had ever seen, staring back at me from just inside the closet. And that was the night I discovered there was a mirror in the closet.
  4. Feego

    Misleading Titles

    The Curse of the Cat People -- There's no curse and no cat people. Meet Me in St. Louis -- They were already in St. Louis. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- None of them were good and they were all ugly. Giant -- They all looked average height to me. Naked Lunch -- Nope.
  5. Feego

    Haunted Houses

    My favorites would have to be The Innocents (1961), Carnival of Souls (1962), The Haunting (1963), and The Shining (1980). The original House on Haunted Hill is indeed a fun one though! I'm surprised no one has mentioned Poltergeist (1982). It's a bit over the top with its visual effects and doesn't have the quiet eeriness of the films listed above, but it's certainly a horror classic. I wouldn't rank The Uninvited as one of my all-time favorites. I find the central focus on outsiders Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey distracting in the way that the honeymooning couple in Niagara draws attention away from the juicier Monroe/Cotten storyline. However, I do love the scene in which Milland and Hussey first hear the ghostly weeping. It's a moment of horror perfection, so creepy in execution, well acted, and with a palpable sense of sadness. That scene really spooked me, but nothing else in the film measured up to it I'm afraid. For something a little more outré , there's always this:
  6. Feego

    Actor Luke Perry (1966-2019)

    Buffy was all I had seen him in too, but I always liked him in that movie. He clearly had fun and didn't mind being a little goofy, which was refreshing for someone who had already acquired "teen idol" status. RIP
  7. Feego

    Bruno Ganz dies at 77

    The 1979 Nosferatu was my first Ganz film, and yes he's very good in it. I've seen him in some others, including Wings of Desire, but when I heard the news of his death, Nosferatu was the first movie that popped into my head. He was an actor who was just interesting to watch, even when he wasn't speaking, and I love those eerie scenes of him wandering through Dracula's castle in the daylight. And yes, his final scene in that movie is darkly funny.
  8. Feego

    According to TCM, it's still January

    The schedule is correct, it's just the picture of Kathryn Grayson on top that's wrong.
  9. Feego

    TOUCH OF EVIL question here...

    I don't think anyone breaks her arm in the movie, but Leigh actually had a broken arm when they started filming. A special cast was made for her that allowed her keep her arm slightly less bent than a normal cast would so that she looked more natural. In the famous opening scene, she simply has her coat draped over it.
  10. Another reason why it would go against the film's point for Dottie to drop the ball on purpose is because it would only confirm what others said throughout the film -- that she was responsible for Kit's success. All along, Kit had to fight to be recognized for her own talents. In their final moment together before Dottie goes home with Bob, Kit says, "Thanks for getting me in the league." Dottie responds, "You got yourself in the league. I got you on the train." That moment would be rendered false if it was deliberate. Not only would Dottie have let down her team, she would have let Kit down as well by not recognizing her integrity as a player. Had she thrown the game, she would only be proving all of Kit's detractors right.
  11. Feego

    TCM Remembers 2018

    Oddly, they removed the clips from Alfie (for Lewis Gilbert) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (for Milos Forman) in order to make these additions rather than just removing some of the filler shots. Do they have some contractual obligation to that diner to use every last bit of footage? (He asked, facetiously) Anyway, it's nice to see Mary Carlisle at last.
  12. Feego

    TCM Remembers 2018

    I agree that TCM always has the best memoriam tribute and also includes the most people. While it's understandable that no organization can include everyone who passed in a given year (you'd probably have to devote a full half hour to do so), I think it's TCM's consistent greatness that leads to our disappointment when they do inevitably leave people out. We know that the Oscars, SAGs and Emmys play favorites and are more constrained by time, and so it's simply expected that they're going to leave out a ton of notable people. So yes, in spite of some disappointments, I'm always appreciative of the TCM Remembers video for being the best of the bunch. In regards to your last point, it's staggering how increasingly unimaginative the Oscar memoriam becomes year after year. If you go back to the 90s, they had some great video montages with excellent clips. Now it looks more like a high school PowerPoint presentation with nothing but still photos and no clips to identify the behind-the-scenes folks by. Last year when they showed John G. Avildsen at the Oscars, I wonder how many people at home realized he was the director of Rocky and The Karate Kid, or that John Mollo designed the costumes for Star Wars. Is it really that much trouble for an awards show that is dedicated to celebrating film to include actual film clips during their tribute?
  13. Feego

    TCM Remembers 2018

    I did not know that Dewey Martin had passed. He was a nice-looking gent.
  14. Feego

    TCM Remembers 2018

    Another surprising omission is Allyn McLerie, who played Doris Day's pal in Calamity Jane. She also appeared in They Shoot Horses, Don't They? and Jeremiah Johnson. I know they can't include everyone, and they're not all household names, but some of these omissions seemed to be right up TCM's alley.
  15. Feego

    TCM Remembers 2018

    TCM's annual In Memoriam tribute. Some really surprising exclusions this year include Jerry Van Dyke, Connie Sawyer (who was just interviewed on TCM last year), and actress Mary Carlisle, who only just a few weeks ago was the subject of a primetime lineup. The song is “When The Night Is Over" by Lord Huron.

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