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  1. musicalnovelty

    30's/40's Movie Title Request

    It's coming up again on TCM on July 26, 2018.
  2. musicalnovelty

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    MODERN LOVE (1929) - starring Charley Chase. THE AFFAIR OF SUSAN (1935) - remake of LONESOME (1928).
  3. musicalnovelty

    Ted Healy in SING BABY SING

    Nice stills, DickLindsay. Thanks for posting them. But I wonder why someone crossed out Michael Whalen's name on some of them.
  4. musicalnovelty

    Ted Healy in SING BABY SING

    TCM has shown all 24 of the feature films Ted Healy made at MGM (1933-38) over the years, and the two he made at Warner Bros. (VARSITY SHOW and HOLLYWOOD HOTEL). But, SING BABY SING being a Fox movie, it hasn't (yet) turned up on TCM.
  5. No, it has not been released yet. Read more about it here: And here:
  6. MusicalNovelty, thank you, thank you, for all the scheduling posts! It has made my schedule-collecting heart so happy. Would it be possible to post some more schedules from April 26th 1994, onward? Even a few is amazing! Your knowledge shared is appreciated.

  7. musicalnovelty

    Nancy Carroll?? Richard Arlen?? great set designs!!

    Yes, this was one of the last features Paramount produced in Astoria.
  8. musicalnovelty

    Nancy Carroll?? Richard Arlen?? great set designs!!

    The set stills are definitely from WAYWARD (Paramount east coast production F-36, visible at the bottoms of the stills). The first and last still have the still number in the upper right corners. It's hard to see clearly if the numbers start with F36 but if so that would confirm they too are from WAYWARD. There is at least one musical number in the movie, but I haven't seen it in a long time, so don't recall if it looks like the first still. Got a copy of the movie around here somewhere and can check it out and report back later...
  9. Watching MADAM SATAN (1930) on TCM tonight I thought it was an odd choice to select for an evening of films saluting Film Editors. MADAM SATAN is one of the many 1929-30 MGM films in which the scene freezes for as much as ten seconds at reel changes (about every ten minutes) making the film (and especially the editor's work) look sloppy and unprofessional.
  10. Apparently one needs to sign on to TCM Backlot to see this, but from its description this appears to be a link to an archive of Now Playing Giudes.
  11. musicalnovelty

    funny scene in The Giant Behemoth

    I always thought the title itself was funny - Giant Behemoth, what, as opposed to the little behemoth?
  12. musicalnovelty

    Doomsday (1928)

    I saw it at the annual Capitolfest film festival in Rome, NY in August 2016. I enjoyed it very much. Not only was it nice to see Gary Cooper in something I'd never seen before, but Florence Vidor is someone we don't see enough of.
  13. musicalnovelty

    77 Sunset Strip

    Saw that one too. A good one!
  14. musicalnovelty

    77 Sunset Strip

    And on "77 Sunset Strip", whenever there is music being performed, it is usually a tune from an old WB movie!
  15. While perhaps it will never be completely known what happened in Healy's death, the best summary of all credible evidence is in the book "Ted Healy, Nobody's Stooge" by Bill Cassara. To anyone who really is interested in the case, or who is just a Healy fan, this book is highly recommended.

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