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  1. musicalnovelty

    Red Hot Chorus Girls!!!!

    That's the 1932 MGM Technicolor short "Over the Counter". If you want to see it again, and don't want to wait for it to turn up again on TCM, it is available on the DVD "Classic Musical Shorts from the Dream Factory" available from Warner Archives.
  2. musicalnovelty

    No Demon Seed?

    Turns out they ran DEMON SEED, not SWAMP THING.
  3. musicalnovelty

    Grammer question pls

    You mean about how to spell "grammer"? Maybe we should ask grammer or grand-dad!
  4. musicalnovelty

    November 2018 schedule is up

    George Formby !!!! Thanks TCM!
  5. musicalnovelty

    Probably a tough movie to ID, but here goes.

    So glad to have helped! PICTURE MOMMY DEAD isn't really the kind of movie I am most into (prefer silents, 1930s & 1940s) but am very familiar with it because one of the stars, Susan Gordon was a good friend of mine and I have made an effort over many years to locate and see as many of her movies and TV appearances as I can (and in some cases, get copies to her of titles she either didn't have, or in some cases, had never even seen). This was her last movie. She appeared in one more (of four total) "My Three Sons" episodes after this, then retired at age 17. She led a happy life but very sadly, passed away in 2011 at only age 62.
  6. musicalnovelty

    Probably a tough movie to ID, but here goes.

    Could it be PICTURE MOMMY DEAD (1966)? It doesn't exactly match your descriptions, but I thought it's worth asking.
  7. musicalnovelty

    Question about "The Women"

    Of course! I can get them in the PM or in the AM!
  8. musicalnovelty

    Marion Davies & Leslie Howard

    No, not quite that often. In fact according to MovieCollectorOH's master listing of everything ever shown on TCM, STAND-IN has been shown on TCM only 5 times, ever, most recently in July 2012. I too was disappointed STAND-IN wasn't shown this month, nor even mentioned in the otherwise excellent documentary on Leslie Howard (although I do understand that they can't always mention every film in these kinds of documentaries).
  9. musicalnovelty

    Question about "The Women"

    Oh okay. Not familiar with any recent version.
  10. musicalnovelty

    Help Us Identify These Films!

    Yes, sadly I was not able to attend this time. But always had in years past. And hope to make it again next year. It really is a special and unique event. And not getting to see Gerry and so many other friends there was one reason I was so unhappy I couldn't be there this time.
  11. musicalnovelty

    Question about "The Women"

    One feature with an all-male cast was THE FIGHTING 69th (1940).
  12. musicalnovelty

    Question about "The Women"

    When you say "both versions of The Women" are you including the 1956 remake? If so, that did not have an all female cast. There were men it it.
  13. musicalnovelty

    Help Us Identify These Films!

    I've attended the Mostly Lost workshops and also submitted unidentified stills for the event. Also, have been able to identify several that had been submitted by others. I've also met Cary O'Dell there, and helped with some of the stills he had that needed info. And yes, he's a fun guy!
  14. musicalnovelty

    Noir Alley

    Eddie Muller said that next week's movie will be "The Man Who Cheated Himself" from 1950, and it'll be a TCM premiere. (And I believe that is correct - it has not been on TCM before). It looks like an independent production, released through 20th Century-Fox, and from what I've read about it, it looks like it'll be worth seeing.
  15. musicalnovelty

    Noir Alley

    I too was surprised and disappointed that he said that about Lizabeth Scott. Here I was agreeing with and enjoying his post-movie comments, until the crack "nobody would accuse her of being a good actress" (or whatever the direct quote was). If he had said "great actress" maybe I would not have objected as much, but I think she was always "good" to very good in everything. I have never had any problem with her performances in everything I've seen her in.

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