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  1. musicalnovelty

    TCM's first few monthly schedules

    Hello, yes, I'm still with us....just not on here every day. Will send you an email...
  2. musicalnovelty

    Hal Roach shorts on TCM

    "Poker At Eight" (1935) starring Charley Chase is scheduled for Sunday morning, March 31, 2019.
  3. musicalnovelty

    TCM/Charley Chase talkback thread

    The 1935 Charley Chase short POKER AT EIGHT is scheduled to be shown on TCM on Sunday morning, March 31.
  4. musicalnovelty

    Hal Roach shorts on TCM

    "Too Many Women" (1932, Boy Friends series) is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, March 24, 2019.
  5. musicalnovelty

    Hal Roach shorts on TCM

    "Bum Voyage" (1934) starring Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, 2019.
  6. musicalnovelty

    Did anyone predict the Oscars?

    I predicted I wouldn't watch it. And my prediction came true.
  7. musicalnovelty

    Wallace Beery film title?

    The still number is actually 553, not 5SS. And the lady is Marjorie Rambeau, not Dorothy Jordan.
  8. musicalnovelty

    Rare Movies/TV Appearances

    "Look In Any Window" has been shown on TCM twice: in June 2012 and in Dec. 2014. It'll probably be on again. Some of your other questions (Cyd Charisse, Clark Gable TV appearances, etc.) can be answered by checking IMDb. It's not perfect, but it's a good start. And sometimes you can find out if something has been released on video or DVD by checking IMDb under "Company Credits" for a title, such as the TV version of "The Women".
  9. musicalnovelty

    TCM's first few monthly schedules

    Yes, I do have schedules for those first months of TCM. Over the years, as the question came up of what were the first movies shown, I have listed them. Rather than trying to find any of those old posts, I'll list them again...later after I dig out the old schedules.
  10. musicalnovelty

    TCM's first few monthly schedules

    I think I'm one of those you're referring to who told you I have a lot of the old schedules. But we never worked out a way for me to get them to you. Anyway, re-checking the dates you still need, I find I still have some you are missing: April & May 1994 and July 1995. I was pretty sure I also had a lot of the 1998 & 1999 schedules too (by that time they were the "Now Playing" booklets) but I can't seem to locate them right now. But it shoudn't be hard for me to get copies of the April & May 1994 and July 1995 schedules off to you. We'll have to get back in touch by PM.
  11. musicalnovelty

    more interesting movie photos..........

    It's coming up again on TCM on May 2.
  12. musicalnovelty

    more interesting movie photos..........

    Still no. 1 is a portrait of someone with the initials DH, not from a film whose title has those initials. And it is definitely from RKO Radio, about 1933. So who is the RKO actor from about 1933 with the initials DH? Confirming a couple of others: No. 7 is from "Murder In the Clouds" (1934) - Warner Bros. No. 8 - the guy is Wallace Ford.
  13. Yes, as delighted to see they included Gloria Jean and Susan Miller, I was very surprised and disappointed that Mary Carlisle was not there. As I watched it for the first time, all through it, I was expecting the next name to be Mary Carlisle. Then it ended...and no Mary C. Anyway, good job, TCM.
  14. It's on YouTube, just search "TCM Remembers 2018". I just watched it a couple of times there.
  15. musicalnovelty

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    So, it looks like the films to be shown on Dec. 12 will be the new additions to the Film Registry, so KING OF JAZZ will not be on, at least not that night.
  16. musicalnovelty

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    It may be unlikely they'd reschedule it already, but one title that might be shown on Wednesday night is KING OF JAZZ (1930). It was originally scheduled for Dec. 11 but later replaced by STAGECOACH. Reportedly KING OF JAZZ is to be rescheduled, so let's see if it shows up on Wednesday night, Dec. 12.
  17. musicalnovelty

    TCM's Christmas Promos (2018) - A wonderful (l) present!

    I'm not sure how to make this image show here, but if it works to click on to this link you can see another misspelling I caught on TCM back in 2009: Borgnine, Ernest (Borgine) TCM 012911.bmp
  18. musicalnovelty

    Laurel and Hardy - 12/06

    Lots of Laurel & Hardy on TCM in December: In addition to the films on Dec. 6, the shorts TOWED IN A HOLE and HELPMATES are scheduled for Dec. 10. The feature HOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934) is coming up on Dec. 11, and BABES IN TOYLAND (1934) is scheduled for Dec. 24. And, there's more coming up in January! On the 7th there'll be a whole night of Stan & Ollie! Thanks, TCM!
  19. musicalnovelty

    TCM Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    Apparently there was a problem that has been cleared up. The movie is being re-scheduled. Thanks to all those who made it happen!
  20. musicalnovelty

    TCM Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    I see that KING OF JAZZ (1930) has been dropped from the Dec. 11 schedule. VERY disappointed. What happened, TCM?
  21. musicalnovelty

    Shorts not mentioned on TCM schedule

    For anyone keeping track, I saw a short on TCM last night that (so far) has not appeared on their schedule for Nov. 27. It was the 1931 Vitaphone short "The Grand Dame" starring Patsy Kelly. It was shown just before the 1933 WB feature "Grand Slam" - the idea, clearly was to run the short preceding a feature that has a similar title.
  22. musicalnovelty

    MovieCollectorOH: website change

    MovieCollectorOH, In order to make sure you know about it for your project (listing every film shown on TCM) I wanted to let you know that they ran a short last night that is not listed on the schedule. It was the 1931 Vitaphone short "The Grand Dame" starring Patsy Kelly. It was shown at 3 AM (eastern time), just before the feature "Grand Slam" (so technically it was shown on Nov. 27, 2018). Keep up the good work!
  23. musicalnovelty

    Red Hot Chorus Girls!!!!

    The short "Over the Counter" (1932) will be shown on TCM on Saturday morning, Nov. 24 at 1:36 AM (eastern time).
  24. musicalnovelty

    George Formby

    Thank you, TCM for the night of George Formby movies (Nov. 16). More, please!
  25. musicalnovelty

    George Formby

    Yes, some might find his comedy a bit too silly (and too British). But I've been a big fan for many years and was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that TCM had scheduled four of his movies (even just one would have been great!) for Nov. 16. This was the first time I've seen a George Formby movie on American TV since a local channel ran his 1937 comedy "Keep Fit" way back in 1980.

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