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  1. moviebuff826

    question about a WWII movie "Midway"

    I doubt it will show up on tv that way, anymore, as everytime I've seen this movie (Midway) on tv they don't have that part in it. I have seen the one mentioned where Susan Sullivan was at the beginning and at the end but not in the rest of the movie, but I've only seen that once. The time when I saw her as more of a part of the movie was probably back in the 70's when it first showed on tv and I don't think I've seen the movie like that since and I've seen this movie numerous times. It's too bad that they cut such big parts out of these movies. Sometimes, it adds a lot more as far as explanation of certain parts of the movie, if they would just keep it in.
  2. moviebuff826

    question about a WWII movie "Midway"

    Oh, I presently do not have HBO but could you let me know when that series about the war in the Pacific comes up? I know what you mean about the models in the bath tub thing and I agree that they could've done it better. As far as the battle scenes go, I've noticed in a lot of other WWII movies that they all seem to borrow these same WWII clips. I wonder if there is a limited number of actual battle scenes that were recorded at the time? I think, too, as far as trying to recreate scenes it's probably getting harder and harder to do this with accuracy as so many eye witnesses to these events are now dying and even many of the original planes, etc. are disappearing. I've been to an air show where vintage WWII fighter and bomber planes are flown and on static display and many of the pilots are saying that there just aren't many of these left anymore. What was it about the movie "Pearl Harbor" that you didn't like? I thought the recreation of the Oklahoma rolling over was extremely touching and gave at least some idea of how awful that whole attack must have been. The whole love story in the movie was just ok but I guess I should look more for the documentaries for the I just thought the special effects during the battle scenes were pretty neat.
  3. moviebuff826

    question about a WWII movie "Midway"

    Do you have any idea at all where I might be able to get that version (the tv version with Susan Sullivan in it)?
  4. moviebuff826

    question about a WWII movie "Midway"

    I just wondered if anyone remembered the original showing of "Midway" having the main character (Charleton Heston) involved with a woman (actress was Susan Sullivan). It even showed her at the end of the movie when the carrier came back without Heston and when they were taking his wounded son off of the ship. I have looked EVERYWHERE I can think of to try to find this copy of the movie but I've never found it. I believe it made the movie about 3 hours long, then, instead of the 2+ hour version that's always shown now. Oh, there also was a reference, in this particular version of the movie, to the injury that Heston (his character) sustained to his hand during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I'd appreciate any help I could get on this.

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