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  1. classicsfan1119


    Hello, my friend! Just thought I'd pop in and start going through this fantastic thread. As always, great job! I'll be back from time to time.
  2. classicsfan1119

    Trivia -- Week of January 9, 2006

    The movie was: "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (1965). At the crucifixion, Wayne uttered the line, "Truly, this man was the son of God". There's a funny story that accompanies how Wayne was being coached by his director to deliver this line...perhaps Mongo will be willing to share it. GWTW: Just so you'll know, a "centurion" was an officer commanding a Roman century....and a "century" was a subdivision of a Roman legion. And, "Hatari" is also one of my favorite Wayne movies. ML
  3. classicsfan1119

    We lose Shelley Winters

    Thank you for starting this thread, Mongo. I was sure that you would. I also wish to extend my sincere Condolences to her family and many friends, along with anyone in the film community who knew Shelley Winters, and valued her exceptional acting skills and contribution to film, her work in The Actor's Studio, and the way in which she lived her life off-film, which radiated with the same kind of courage and integrity I easily equate with Kate Hepburn. I will miss her very much, too....but, fortunately I have collected many of her best films, and will continue to watch them with fond memories of this dear lady. ML
  4. classicsfan1119

    ***ASK MONGO***

    Merry Christmas, Mongo! This thread is enjoyed by so many of us...Thank You so very much for all the time and effort you've put into it for us. ML
  5. classicsfan1119

    Essentials Forums

    The "Essential's Forum" is where our members (since 2002....check the dates) have submitted what they consider to be "an essential classic movie". Anyone can add a new/different one anytime. ML
  6. classicsfan1119

    A merry and a happy........

    Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays if you prefer it, to our Board Members, all of the Staff at TCM, and our Service men and women everywhere. ML
  7. classicsfan1119

    Claudette Colbert or Norma Shearer

    For her talent to play a very broad range of roles, I'll go with Claudette Colbert.
  8. classicsfan1119

    Your Favorite Child Stars

    I was reminded the other day, watching "A Christmas Carol" (1938), of Terry Kilburn. He was also in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", among others. ML
  9. classicsfan1119

    Little Boy Lost - Bing Crosby

    The song that you are looking for is "Mon Cour Es Un Violin", and was sung by Nicole Maurey in the movie. Bing Crosby later recorded it as "Violets and Violins" in English for the cast album. ML
  10. classicsfan1119

    Trivia Question? 12/05/05

    It was Stan Laurel who was Charlie Chaplin's understudy.
  11. classicsfan1119

    Favourite foreign films

    Hi Lux. The first few opening bars of Dvorak's Serenade for Strings in E major, Op.22 (in the Larghetto movement), and Rota's first few opening bars for his La Strada theme, do sound very similar, but are not "note for note" as you indicate. Therefore I feel confident that Mr. Rota did not plaigarize from Dvorak's composition, even unknowingly. Both compositions are very beautiful, and I'm glad you like them as much as I do. ML
  12. classicsfan1119


    Looking forward to it, Ken! ML
  13. classicsfan1119

    Favourite foreign films

    Yes, Vallo, I know what you're talking about. Another wonderful Foreign Film that I'm reminded of is "La Strada", and again partly because of it's beautiful Original Music by Nino Rota. ML
  14. classicsfan1119

    Trivia -- Week of December 5, 2005

    I'm more inclined to think that it was John Lund's debut film, "To Each His Own", a movie I'd love to see again (it's been many years). Lovely score by Victor Young, and Title Song by Ray Evans, too! ML
  15. classicsfan1119

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    I'm dying to see what this one is going to be! As always, Shaina, your clues are excellent! Just to get another one, I'm going to say "Ship of Fools" (top notch novel and movie that captures Sociological issues perfectly). ML

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