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  1. solarblast

    Tarazan's Greatest Adventure

    Tarzan's Greatest Adventure
  2. Is the movie in Topic available on TCM?
  3. solarblast

    How do I find when a movie is showing?

    There used to be one as part of TCM.
  4. My The Week magazine good movie choices shows Smiles of Summer Nights as to be shown on 9 pm ET, but TCM will show a James Garner movie as a tribute to him. Will Smiles be shown some other date and time soon? Leonard Maltin gives it four stars (out of four).
  5. solarblast

    Edward G. Robinson wakes up

    According to the imdb, a number of people recall the ending as a dream. Quite a few did not like the dream idea. When I first saw the movie many years ago, I went with the dream idea.
  6. solarblast

    Password change

    Well, using My Profile did not work. The only thing I saw about changing a pwd was two lines. See attached. Well, I can't attach my jpg file. Ah, I figured it out.
  7. solarblast

    Edward G. Robinson wakes up

    Hmm, I did notice it, but it seemed like another of his movies. I think it played once a month ago, so passed it up. However, I don't recall the one a month ago had a dream. Didn't he kill Dan Duryea and somehow ended up in jail? I'm headed for imdb to see if there's any mention of the "surprise ending".
  8. solarblast

    Password change

    I forgot my pwd, and requested a new one sent to me. I finally got to some many digit and character for a pwd. I decided to change it to something comprhensible. No luck. I was on a page for e-mail and tcm changes for a pwd. I kept getting incomplete after I had setup my userid pwd. What's up?
  9. What is the name of the film in which Robinson wakes up to a dream that allows him to escape some predicament?
  10. solarblast

    Inverse Color Movie -- Jim Carrey?

    Yes, Pleasantville is it. Thanks.
  11. About 10-12 years ago, I think, there was a movie that possibly in black and white but flipped to different colors for many minutes depending upon what was happening. It seems to me the setting was mostly in a drug store or soda fountain store. Possibly Jim Carrey was in it. Anyone know what movie it might be? I recall really enjoying it. P.S. There was a Tyrone Power movie made in the 40s or 50s whose screen went from standard color to b/w for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time. There was explanation. The producers couldn't the money for the movie to be entirely in color.
  12. Greed was produced by von Stroheim. Years ago I heard that one Hollywood movie was made that was completely faithful from the book, and took something close to 48 hours to show. Eventually, it was reduced to 6 then 4 hours. It was shown in with a split screen. On one side was a page of the book, and on the other was the actors performing what was shown on the page. Anyone know whether this is true. Wikipedia has an entry for Greed, but does not mention the split screen.

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