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  1. DougieB

    Fosse/Verdon series

    Good catch. I had to watch it again to hear it. And it's Tab Hunter himself who says it.
  2. If they matched the carpet, Oscar was in more than just legal trouble.
  3. I'm not an emoji person, but maybe I should be. It was funny. You a funny lady.
  4. DougieB

    TORCH SONG TRILOGY is airing

    What a shame. It really takes a lot to catch people's attention these days. Now that we have same-sex marriage and RuPaul's Drag Race, the "outsider" angle of the play may have been blunted. Arnold worked in a hole-in-the-wall drag club, but now they're everywhere. Gay people still have a tough time sometimes, but the angst of Arnold battling with his family (mother) and trying to establish his own family may just read as quaint. I've always loved this play because it reflected my time and elements of my life; when you don't have that personal connection to your own life (ie: young people today) maybe it's easy to just pass over. Too bad.
  5. DougieB

    Thoughts about Rock Hudson & Marc Christian

    I'm not finished with the Griffin book yet, so I haven't gotten to the Marc Christian part. I recall from the time that the main basis for his suit was that Rock continued to have unprotected sex with him after Hudson had been diagnosed, without informing Christian. Tom Clark was also named in the suit as having been a party to the deception and, unless I'm mistaken, I think George Nader may have been named as well. Although to the best of my knowledge Christian remained HIV-, it would seem as though Christian had a great legal basis for a suit, though there always seemed to me to be an element of opportunism there as well. (I think there was some question about how much sex he and Hudson were actually having at that point in their relationship.) Anyway, most of this is my memory, so grains of salt and all that. If I recall correctly Christian figured in the 1980's TV movie about Hudson and the filmmakers took him at his word about the relationship in terms of how it was depicted, maybe because they thought it gave them something bullet-proof and sensational at the same time. Good job, TB, and I'll be interested to hear from people who have more details than my poor brain has managed to hold on to.
  6. Good thing you've got your Gay License because you could get pulled over for that one.
  7. DougieB


    Just out of curiosity, I checked the database to see if this was the same David Butler who transitioned from actor to director and it turns out to be the same one. This was apparently his first film as an actor. He went on to a long career as a director, including a number of Shirley Temple films in the 30's and a bunch of Doris Day films in the 40's and 50's, including Calamity Jane, Doris' personal favorite. His last film as a director was in 1967 with Bobby Vee and Jackie DeShannon, either a sad footnote or a triumph, depending on your point of view.
  8. DougieB

    Fosse/Verdon series

    Agreed. Fosse was taller, with longer legs, and I'm sure you're right about choreographers favoring their own style and look. I didn't mean to slight Gwen Verdon, who was obviously one of the greats, but I think Fosse "stole" (not intentionally) the focus in that number. I wonder how much actual dancing we'll see in the series. Sam Rockwell has given some impressive performances, but is dancing in his wheelhouse at all? Some actors can be full of surprises, so I'm willing to wait and see. I also wonder what the New York/Hollywood split will be. Just from the cast of characters to be portrayed, it seems that it will be more theater than movies, which is probably how it should be.
  9. Or pecs. The kid in me really wanted to see Aquaman in his orange and green suit, but instead we got that WWF character.
  10. And who knew at that time what a talented musical performer she is. Use your Gay License to check out YouTube for the "22 Musicals in 12 Minutes" segment of James Cordon's show. Very clever and super fun. Haven't seen Mary Poppins though.
  11. DougieB

    Fosse/Verdon series

    What a great number. As much as I admire Gwen Verdon as a dancer, I have to say that I couldn't take my eyes off Fosse. It was like watching Fred Astaire; every movement was articulated perfectly. I suppose it makes sense that the choreographer would be so on his game as one of the dancers, but seeing them side-by-side it was even clearer. You can see it in the screen shot above, the slightly sharper movements and poses. There was a moment when they caught each other's eyes and grinned that made me grin too.
  12. DougieB

    Cinema as Time Machine

    The subplot in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) involved a criminal scheme to dismantle/phase out the streetcar system in Los Angeles in the 1940's. I totally agree that the disappearance of streetcars makes most cities that much less "user-friendly" for visitors and residents both.
  13. DougieB

    Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    Gore Vidal worked on that script and he said that he discussed it with director William Wyler, who then directed Boyd to play it as an old lover, and that they all agreed to keep Heston out of that particular loop so as not to freak him out. Even so, Heston almost matched Boyd's passion in those scenes, without having been asked to do it.
  14. DougieB

    Screen Legends, according to Starz

    No. I don't. But Starz has probably just created convenient categories for the movies they already have the rights to. Question: Is Stagecoach one of the John Wayne westerns or just later stuff like McClintock? Bet I know the answer. Good catch on Kirk Douglas. I wonder what they came up with for him.
  15. DougieB

    Screen Legends, according to Starz

    Seriously? Nobody earlier than Audrey Hepburn? I love some of the ones listed and would genuinely consider them to be legendary, but poor Starz needs to get real. But they obviously know their core audience and are catering to them. I wonder if any of them could name a Paul Newman movie before Butch Cassidy. Doubtful.

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