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  1. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    I'll bet you're right. He hadn't really established himself at that point, so he was probably being nudged in the direction of what had already worked for someone else. Thankfully he survived in the business long enough to basically be himself. P.S. Love the "Encountered, Briefly" avatar. You sure can pick 'em.
  2. DougieB

    "Les Girls"

    If she had arrived earlier, she probably would have competed for roles with Leslie Caron and Cyd Charisse. Very exalted company to be in. She was obviously multi-faceted. She managed very well playing the "two faces" of Angell, her own version and Lady Wren's version. I supposed Cukor had a lot to do with helping to keep the different personas straight, but Taina was certainly up to the task. Kay Kendall too. It was fun seeing Kay demurely sipping a spoonful of obviously distasteful medicine in her own version, then greedily swigging gin from a perfume bottle in Angell's version. The comedy was all deftly handled, but I couldn't help wishing there were even more musical numbers, because the ones we saw were knockouts. I'm actually ready to see it again and it's still on my DVR, so... Did you notice that Alicia Malone referred to her as Tania (Tan-ya) Elg? Homework, girl!
  3. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    It really begs the question of how much Cooper and some of the other male glambots of that era were "in on it". It's not exactly gift-wrapped, but it's right there front and center. I suppose they allowed themselves to believe it was only for "the ladies".
  4. DougieB

    "Les Girls"

    I'm old enough to remember when CinemaScope was introduced, an innovation that I loved. So I always have a fondness for the movies from that era, even the lousy ones. The first widescreen musical was There's No Business Like Show Business and at that point they hadn't quite figured out how to deal with all that space. Some of the numbers looked like they were filmed in an airplane hanger and featured all sorts of extra added nonsense just to fill the screen to capacity. By the time Les Girls came along they'd figured out widescreen wasn't about capacity; musical numbers could be streamlined and elongated in really elegant ways. As well as Les Girls, Daddy Longlegs is another example of a very stylish and "modern" use of widescreen, in particular to enhance choreography. (Funny Face and Silk Stockings too.) It was a great era in graphic art in general, when the 1950's were starting to morph into the early 1960's and all that deluxe "Mad Men" coloration and configuration. Les Girls was a prime example of what was now possible and it's such a shame that musicals were beginning to fade just when they were really getting their footing in the new medium. P.S. It actually brought a tear to my eye seeing the CinemaScope logo and music used for La La Land after all these years. Ah, what might have been...
  5. DougieB

    Brainwashing: Capra style----

    My feeling about the film has changed over time too. I still think it's too long and obviously was taken from a three-act play, but Capra had a good handle on the "nuttiness" of the characters and didn't let it get out of hand. A production is playing at this very moment at my local community theater; I'm still deciding whether or not I'll go, because I'm afraid of what could happen in less capable hands than Capra's. I don't think Capra bothered as much about social "classes" as he did about individual people and he understood that individuals who are capable of reinventing themselves are the bedrock of social stability and eventual evolution. The fact that he tended to recast some of the same people from movie to movie kind of reinforces that idea. It was great seeing Ward Bond walk in the door, along with some of the other regulars. It's easy to look back, without a world war looming (I hope), and critique some of the ideas thrown out in the course of the film/play, but the sense of danger lurking beneath the surface of the era meant that people's minds were on all sorts of theoretical solutions. It may or may not be correct to say that Capra only explored a limited number of them, but let's remember that Capra was directing an adaptation of a (very successful) Broadway play, not promoting some kind of "auteur" agenda.
  6. DougieB

    Most romantic couple on screen

    Can we vote twice? (Probably not, but it's such a difficult choice.) My back-up would be Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne. The romance in Love Affair (1939) is so sweet, but Boyer also has such an intrinsic erotic charge to his personality and Dunne seems so open to it, that it's pretty sexy as well. And the humor...Not at all overdone; just on the level of a very pleasant camaraderie. Sometimes movie couples have their ups and downs over the course of a film (in terms of audience relatability), but I never once lost the sense of attraction between these two fine actors.
  7. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    When you've got it,,,,,, Not a fan of the hair. All it needs is a spit curl. But I'm a huge fan of the attitude.
  8. DougieB

    "Les Girls"

    I couldn't resist. And now back to Les Girls ......
  9. DougieB

    "Les Girls"

    You're so right that the story doesn't hang together totally, but this movie is such a treat to watch. I've loved Mitzi Gaynor ever since I can remember and Kay Kendall is too precious for words. One of the few times I've seen Taina Elg is in this movie, but I love her as well. The three of them in the "Ladies in Waiting" number are wonderful; they really do seem like an "act", which makes the premise of the movie ring true. But you're right; once the whole thing hits the courts it gets pretty muddy. It's much better to just relax and watch some of the most stylish musical numbers ever put on film. All it needed was Dolores Gray to make this musical nirvana.
  10. DougieB

    A Very English Scandal

    There's more than one kind of sex??? That's just wrong.
  11. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Or maybe not...
  12. If there's a point of dispute, it would be as to whether or not The World of Henry Orient (1964) is a "world class" film. (I think it is.) But there shouldn't be any dispute that Merrie Spaeth and Tippy Walker gave stunningly natural performances as the two early-teen running buddies obsessed with "celebrity" pianist Peter Sellers. It's remembered mostly as a Sellers movie which included the added star power of Angela Lansbury and Paula Prentiss, but the heart and soul (and the bulk of the screen time) belongs to the two young girls. It's an especially difficult stage of life to capture accurately on film, but these performances really shine. I watch just about every showing and, thankfully, on TCM it seems to show up at least once a year. It didn't pave the way for big movie careers, but that may have been a choice on the part of these two intelligent young actresses. Walker is on the left; Spaeth is on the right.
  13. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    And when he did stand up, it looks like he dressed to the left.
  14. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Isn't nature wonderful?
  15. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    It's a pity that his face grew coarser as he aged. He always had the good looks, but only what I would call true beauty in the early decades of his long career. But I suppose that's true of most of us. And anyway, the early beauty could never have done something like High Noon.
  16. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Just another quick Gary Cooper fix. I always wanted to post this somewhere because it's so dreamy, so I guess I'll do it here.
  17. Rayban started this thread with Neil North in The Winslow Boy (1948) and I finally just watched it on my DVR after the recent broadcast. I agree that it's a very noteworthy performance, but he isn't even mentioned in the print ads and poster. The film centers more on the father, the older sister and the lawyer, but there's a standout scene in the family home where the lawyer (Robert Donat) confronts North almost brutally, confusing him and reducing him to tears in order to confirm for himself that the boy is innocent. North held his own in a very intense and intimate scene with Robert Donat, no small feat.
  18. One of my favorites is George "Foghorn" Winslow as Henry Spoffard III in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). He's the one who told Marilyn she had a lot of "animal magnetism". He only had a couple of scenes but he stole them from the adults, Marilyn included. I love the scene where Marilyn is stuck in the porthole with Winslow standing under the lap robe she's holding up, offering his hand to Charles Coburn in place of hers. When Coburn kisses the hand, Winslow yells "Stop that!" in that deep voice of his and poor Marilyn is left trying to duplicate it to explain she has laryngitis. Hilarious.
  19. DougieB

    Random Alerts!

    I wonder if any of the gear are "toys". "Growly"-voiced guys probably make good money doing voice-overs for truck companies. The absolute worst is Duluth Trading Company, with the growly-to-the-max guy selling "ball room" jeans and the underwear that supposedly doesn't act like a meat grinder. I used to order from them, but I won't now on principle. The manly man act is way too much.
  20. DougieB

    Cinema as Time Machine

    This is really extraordinary. I wish more footage from that era were speed corrected because it makes so much difference in the viewing experience. It was fascinating to see streetcars sharing the streets with what seemed to be an equal number of automobiles and horse-drawn carriages; obviously it was the transition point.
  21. DougieB

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    My favorite Hall-of-Famer, Gary Cooper. The camera loved him, both formal portraits and more candid shots.
  22. DougieB

    A Very English Scandal

    I don't remember the scandal, but this looks amazing. I wonder how long it will take to show up on BBC America. I'm so glad that Hugh Grant isn't letting his legacy as a cute young thing stop him from aging into roles like this. Loved him in Florence Foster Jenkins. And it seems to be a side of Ben Whishaw I haven't seen before. Not looking forward to the dog getting shot, but I definitely won't miss this one.
  23. Sorry you're not feeling so well. Hang in there. Thanks for doing all that research. They're both great movies. Citizen Kane has pretty much stayed at the top of the AFI Top 100 Movies list, but The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is way down, at around #30, which I think is too low. I'm glad it's such a favorite of the Guest Programmers. I've always wondered how much the Guest Programmers get to choose and how much they're following TCM guidelines. I think I remember someone saying on these Boards a while back that the movies were sort of worked out between them, but I can't say for sure.
  24. DougieB

    Sexual Freedom

    Thanks for coming back into the discussion. Topics like this are sometimes thrown out there and then abandoned by the original poster. Unfortunately we are all quite attuned to code words and terminology these days, out of necessity. Our discourse is infected with them, all along the political and/or moral spectrum. I'd like to suggest that "pornography" and "pornographic" have become such words and that they aren't really meaningful in any kind of absolute sense. I've never seen Fatal Attraction, so I have only your word that it has "pornographic" content. You bolstered that claim by referencing a memory that Katharine Hepburn called "such films" "filth", stating it was her terminology, not yours. I may be doing you an injustice, but it seems to me that it is your preferred terminology for something which is out of step with the "traditional social attitudes" you wrote about in the original post. If you believe you're FAR from a prude, maybe you should look at why your chosen terms are so censorious. We all probably feel that our "values" have a moral weight, so we've allowed the confusion between the two to happen, furthered by the fact that "morals" and "values" are such subjective terms to begin with. I don't think anyone misunderstood that you weren't talking about loin cloths. I think what wasn't understood was why you provocatively called your thread SEXUAL FREEDOM and then seemed to (to me at least) degrade the idea as being a "liberal position" to ensnare young viewers.
  25. Nuance is so hard to come by these days, but you're right about the broad range of content and intention, sometimes including racial and ethnic stereotyping. Your idea of a host and guests is a really good one. When TCM has addressed such ideas in the past, they've done it in the form of a curated series with a moderator to help put the films into perspective for modern viewers, hopefully avoiding the pitfalls of political correctness. And, as you said, never losing sight of the objective of properly honoring veterans. I have to admit to being shocked when TB clocked the event at 82 hours. That could be part of the problem, since it means scheduling a lot of the same films year after year to fill all that airtime. A more focused event on the day itself could mean that each year they could rotate films, thematically or otherwise. It's an important day; we all know of someone whose life was sacrificed. I'm not personally fanatic about the genre, but I know the films are a touchstone for many others who find comfort and validation in them. But, as others have noted, war is hell and we need to keep that in mind as well.

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