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    Musical numbers in nonmusicals

    Here?s a topic I haven?t seen addressed. You?re watching a movie that can be clearly categorize in a genre other than musical (drama, comedy, action, mystery, ?) when, out of the blue, a song is presented that makes you think ?This seems like a musical.? I don?t mean where a character merely sings a song (such as the sublime ?As Time Goes By? from Casablanca or the ridiculous ?Rolly Polly? from Pillow Talk). I?m talking about a non-musical that presents a song in a manner that screams ?Musical!? Three good examples I can think of right off the bat are: ?Springtime for Hitler? in the original version of The Producers, with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. Kate Capshaw singing ?Anything Goes? in the opening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Ewan McGregor and Rene Zellweger singing ?Down with Love? during the closing credits of the movie with the same name. Can you think of more? (BTW, I posted a similar question on the musical message board at

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