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  1. LonesomePolecat

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Denholm Elliot
  2. LonesomePolecat

    The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    John Mills next another actor whose kid also is an actor
  3. LonesomePolecat

    Adapt Ability

    POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE next Henrik Ibsen
  4. LonesomePolecat

    A to Z of Characters

    David, Yankee -- Douglas Fowley in YANKEE FAKIR (1947)
  5. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of Filmmakers*

    Kay, Gilbert -- assistant director of SONG OF IDAHO
  6. LonesomePolecat

    ONE word titles

    HOEDOWN (1950)
  7. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Rio Grande Patrol (1950)
  8. Voting has begun! You have until 11:59pm on Sunday September 23rd to vote on your favorite schedule. Anyone can cast a vote on a schedule either by PMing me or by posting it here. The entrants also appreciate your kind comments about how brilliant their schedules are. The winner gets the honor of hosting Challenge #40!
  9. LonesomePolecat

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "I Got Rhythm" from GIRL CRAZY Next Another cowboy dance dumber
  10. LonesomePolecat

    A to Z of Characters

    Sheelah Sugrue -- Estelle Winwood in DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE
  11. LonesomePolecat

    First movie that comes to mind. --- geography

    THE SEVEN SAMURAI next Pennsylvania
  12. LonesomePolecat

    ONE word titles

    PITTSBURG (1942)
  13. LonesomePolecat

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Janet Leigh was in WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME with Donald O'Connor
  14. LonesomePolecat

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    BALL OF FIRE next another live action fairy tale
  15. LonesomePolecat

    Adapt Ability

    ZERO HOUR next Chekhov
  16. LonesomePolecat

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    INTO THE WOODS is quite the ensemble musical -- let's go with my favorite song from the show/film, "Giants in the Sky" next another song with "sky" in the title
  17. LonesomePolecat


    In HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (#4), the gang visits the Quiddich World Cup in which Leprechauns spread gold and a giant firework leprechaun flies in the sky in honor of the Irish team Droopy meets leprechauns in DROOPY LEPRECHAUN (1958) Another cartoon-- SHAMROCK AND ROLL (1969) directed by Robert McKimson When TCM showed DARBY O'GILL on Treasures of the DIsney Vault, they also showed a wonderful companion film in which Walt visits King Brian called I CAPTURED THE KING OF THE LEPRECHAUNS But here's the leprechaun most of us think of when anyone says "leprechaun"
  18. LonesomePolecat

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    title song from THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE Next Another song by Sammy Cahn
  19. LonesomePolecat

    ONE word titles

  20. LonesomePolecat

    *A to Z of Movies*

    (The) Perfect Specimen (1937)
  21. LonesomePolecat

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    ANNIE next laundry
  22. LonesomePolecat

    Adapt Ability

    THE EAGLE HAS LANDED next Rodgers & Hammerstein
  23. LonesomePolecat

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "Boo Hoo" sung by Huntz Hall and the Dead End kids in the first DEAD END movie from 1937 next sung on a farm
  24. LonesomePolecat

    Adapt Ability

    THANK YOU, MR MOTO next P.G. Wodehouse

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