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  1. MIA Actors and Actresses

    Phillips Holmes comes to mind as he started with Paramount with much promise. He was handsome and brooding, the forerunner of Montgomery Clift. He starred in "An American Tragedy" the first version later filmed as "A Place In The Sun". He starred opposite many of the Paramount cuties of the early 1930's. Then he switched gears moving to MGM. His roles became smaller and more insignificant till finally MGM dumped him. There were a few more roles for lesser studios and he acted in a few plays before joining the Royal Canadian Air Force and was tragically killed in a mid air collision. I wondered why he fell from grace when he had such great looks and acting skills.
  2. Dorothy Malone (1925-2018)

    I remember my Mom watching her every Tuesday and Thursday night on Peyton Place.
  3. What do you know about Carole Landis?

    I am also a fan of Carole Landis. I don't think she got the roles she deserved. I especially enjoy her in "Turnabout". If you can, try to see it as it's it's very funny.
  4. The Paramount Network Jan 18.

  5. Hooray! W. C. Fields night 1/2

    I agree with both Speedracer and Tikisoo. I'm a big Jean Harlow fan. Several years ago Film Forum ran a festival of Fox pre code films. Jean starred with Spencer Tracy in Goldie, her only Fox film. I had read where the film was cheaply made, silly and downright awful but I still wanted to see it bad enough to travel to NYC to see it. It's never been on TV or video and probably won't ever be. I guess I 'm one of those "true cinephiles". LOL.
  6. a sure way for tcm to boost their ratings....

    I have to disagree. TCM is "Turner Classic Movies". It's a movie channel with no commercial interruptions during the films. Why begin mixing in TV specials and a horde of other TV memorabilia? There are other stations for this such as Get-TV, Antennae-TV, Me-TV, etc.
  7. Hooray! W. C. Fields night 1/2

    I agree with Tiki. I was very disappointed when I saw it the first time. I anticipated a film full of laughs and fun from these two actors but the movie fell flat.
  8. Hooray! W. C. Fields night 1/2

    I never heard of Susan Fleming (Angela from Million Dollar legs) but she resembled Ruby Keeler. When I looked her up I was surprised to read that she was married to Harpo Marx from 1936 till his death in 1964. They had 4 children. I also wondered why I never heard much of Lyda Roberti till I read that she died of heart failure in 1938 at the age of 31. Interesting!
  9. Tomorrow night TCM presents 4 W. C. Fields films; two from Paramount and two from Universal. The first film, Million Dollar Legs, is a TCM premiere. I remember seeing this movie at a film festival many years ago and I couldn't stop laughing. The other three are also very good and worth watching. Don't miss them!
  10. A Sadly Missed Opportunity

    I wondered the same thing; especially since "Becky Sharp" is an RKO film. I'd understand if it was a Universal, Paramount or Fox film. Why doesn't TCM show it?
  11. Day ____ and NO Now Playing Guide email

    I couldn't believe it but yesterday I received my first TCM monthly newsletter in my email. I had signed up months ago. I had all but given up that I would receive it until yesterday.
  12. 2018 Star of the Month Predictions/Hopes

    I wish that TCM would have a day dedicated to Alice Faye. I know she was a Fox star so I don't expect her to ever be SOTM but it would be nice to give her a day. Same for Tyrone Power.
  13. Now Playing Magazine Emailed Yet?

    I registered for it a second time over the Labor Day weekend and I still haven't heard or received anything from TCM. Very aggravating.
  14. Now Playing Magazine Emailed Yet?

    Same here. No email from TCM. Only it's now 12:24am on Saturday 9/2.

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