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  1. midnight08

    The Carole Landis Tribute

    I would definitely record "Turnabout". I remember when I watched it for the first time it made me laugh so hard it hurt. It was very lighthearted comedy and is still funny after almost 80 years.
  2. midnight08

    The Carole Landis Tribute

    Happy 100th Birthday today to Carole Landis! TCM's film tribute to her on her centennial starts tonight at 8pm.
  3. midnight08

    The Carole Landis Tribute

    Much thanks to "Topbilled" for reviving this thread and reminding us of the tribute to Carole for her 100th birthday on New Year's Day. I'm happy that TCM is recognizing her. I wish they would have a day dedicated to her in August during SUTS. She was a beautiful talented actress who never received the recognition she deserved.
  4. midnight08

    New Year's Eve movie suggestions

    I believe that "Made For Each Other" with James Stewart and Carole Lombard has a memorable New Year's Eve party scene.
  5. My wish every year would be that TCM could air some of the Universal, Paramount and Fox (pre 1936) films. But I know it won't happen. Fredric March as SOTM is a good example. "Topbilled" listed on another thread all the dozens of films he made for Paramount in the 1930's but yet TCM is mainly showing the same ones over and over that they always show. The Paramount film "Design for Living" has already been shown several times.
  6. Glad to see that a Clara Bow movie will be showing on Tuesday March 5 in primetime at 8pm kicking off Fredric March as SOTM. "The Wild Party" was Clara's first talkie. I believe this is the third time TCM has shown this film but it hasn't been shown in several years. I wish TCM would show more of her films. She was the "IT" girl, the epitome of the flapper in the 1920's. All of her talkies have been restored and many of her silents have also been restored but since most are Paramount films (now owned by Universal) her films are never aired on TCM.
  7. I don't understand it but after several months of NOT receiving my "Now Playing" newsletter email I received it for December. I had given up. I sent several emails as to why they stopped and that I wanted them restarted without ever getting a response. Maybe it's the magic of Christmas.
  8. midnight08

    Age does not matter in Hollywood?

    Angela Lansbury also played Elvis Presley's mother in "Blue Hawaii" yet she was only 9 years older than Elvis.
  9. When TCM switched to an email "now playing" guide I was one of the first to sign up for it as I subscribed to the "now playing" magazine for several years. It took 3-4 months and several inquiries before I finally began receiving the "now playing" guide thru the email. I received it for a number of months but it stopped again. I haven't received it for about 3 months. I've given up. Have other TCM members had this problem? I don't have any more incentive to keep trying to receive it so I just browse the schedule for the month and write down any films of special significance that I want to view.
  10. midnight08

    Dean Martin- Sep. Star of Month

    I wish TCM would have shown "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" as it includes two of my favorite TV stars; Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett.
  11. midnight08

    *CANDIDS* 2

    Does anyone know what happened with Joe (bansi4)? I know he had Parkinson's disease but he was still posting now and then. This thread was my favorite. Everyday when I came online to the TCM board this thread was the first one I viewed.
  12. midnight08


    Thanks for letting me know. It's sad to hear. I know there was a thread several months ago about former posters who either disappeared or passed on but no mention was made about "johnboy".
  13. midnight08

    Carole Lombard....Star of the Month?

    I believe Carole and Jean would have gotten along beautifully. Several years ago I read a book called "Gable, Lombard, Powell and Harlow" which chronicled the relationships between these four stars. Although Carole had divorced William Powell they remained the best of friends. Powell went on to date Jean. Jean and Gable were like brother and sister. We all know the chemistry that Gable had for Carole and visa versa. They were all friends and went out together on occasion. They even attended the 1936 Oscars together. The unusual thing about it is that there are no photos of the four of them together nor are there any photos of Jean with Carole. Even though top notch stars are rarely loaned out to other studios it does happen. Carole was loaned out to MGM for "The Gay Bride" in 1934. Right before her death MGM was working out an agreement with 20th Century Fox to loan out Jean Harlow. I also believe that if they had worked together the atmosphere on the movie set would have been wonderful. Both stars were known for their generosity and kindness toward the backstage workers and all the "little people" that worked behind the scenes.
  14. midnight08

    Tyrone Power

    I liked Tyrone Power and found him a great actor in all genres. Tyrone and Robert Taylor were both extremely handsome men but I find Tyrone to be a much better actor than Taylor. He was more believable in his roles.
  15. midnight08

    If They Had Lived...

    Sometimes I wonder where Rudolph Valentino might have gone had he not died before the sound era. His popularity had slipped somewhat but it gained momentum when he signed on with United Artists for The Eagle and Son Of The Sheik. He had an accent but those who knew him claimed his accent wasn't thick. But the sound era also brought a new type of romantic idol such as Clark Gable. The era of the Latin lover ended. Rudy's contemporaries such as Nils Asther and Ramon Novarro weren't as popular in the sound era and faded. Ramon had a pleasant voice and even a great singing voice but it wasn't enough. I wonder if Rudy might have failed the voice test and retired, become a character actor such as Gilbert Roland or possible a producer/director working behind the scenes.

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