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  1. sfpcc1

    Kay Lenz / Unconventional Beauty

    One of the staples of the CW is that all the actors are impossibly beautiful. I actually think the Girl who plays Oliver Queen's sister, (Willa Holland) is the most attractive girl on the show. The closest think to quirky beauty is Emily Bette Rickards as Felicity Smoak, The assistant / cyber hacker, (the one with the glasses who talks alot.) Katie Cassidy was born in 1986, two years after Kay Lenz and her father divorced. I don't know if they have any type of relationship.
  2. sfpcc1

    Not ALREADY dead?

    Frank Cady also played Sam Drucker on Petticoat Junction. He was a busy man in the Sixties.
  3. sfpcc1


    It seems MOVIES, fills the same need as THIS, Antenna TV, or COZI. it something an over the air network can put on the new bands opened up by digital TV. I haven't watch a film on MOVIES yet, but they seem to show older films than THIS, (which I have watched a lot of.)
  4. sfpcc1

    Karen Black 1939-2013

    In Detroit there used to be a Goth / Punk band called *The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black*. I think there no longer around.
  5. sfpcc1

    Karen Black 1939-2013

    She was good as Mother Firefly in the relativly recient film House Of A 1000 Corpses, (2003.) As good in 5 Easy Pieces and an obscure 70's film The Pyx.
  6. sfpcc1

    Movie Amnesia: A Cinematic Mind Game?

    Somebody once figured out the amnesia is more common in movies than in real life. NPR had a story about true Amnesiac and it was very sad and scary. Some modern films about Amnesia: Fifty First Dates Momento Remember Sunday (a recient Hallmark Movie)
  7. sfpcc1

    Is TCM now cutting off ending credits?

    It seems to me most movies made before 1950, (roughly) had few or no credits. All there is is a The End, (or Fin) and maybe a list of the cast, sometimes not even that.
  8. sfpcc1

    Steve Mcqueen

    Late in his career, after he made The Towering Inferno but before he made Tom Horn, Steve McQueen made a version of the Ibsen play An Enemy Of The People. Made around 1978 this film was barely released. I've never seen it. I caught a glimpse of it years ago on a local stations late movie, but it was in the middle. Has anyone out there seen this film? Would it be good for TCM? Edited by: sfpcc1 on Aug 6, 2013 7:36 PM
  9. sfpcc1

    Jack Lemmon

    I'd recomendThe Fortune Cookie, The China Syndrome or Missing. If you want to find an unusual Jack Lemmon performance try to find Alex And The Gypsy with Genvieve Boujold from 1976.
  10. sfpcc1

    Two Nouns For A Name

    I'm not really sure how to move a thread. Here are my last two. Tom Mix, (Mix, like a mix tape or Chex Mix) Brad Pitt ( a brad is a type of nail. I used to work for an upholsterer.)
  11. sfpcc1

    Two Nouns For A Name

    Heather Tom, (Soap Opera actress, Heather is a kind of plant) Taylor Swift (Swift is a kind of bird)
  12. sfpcc1

    Two Nouns For A Name

    Jack Webb Dawn Wells (another plural noun) Bob Denver
  13. sfpcc1

    Two Nouns For A Name

    There is also Leaf Phoenix, (who became Joaquin Phoenix) and his sisters Summer and Rain Phoenix. Grant Show, (Melrose Place) His name is also two verbs. Abbie Cobb, (she's obscure I know.) Abbie like a monks abby, (spelled differently.) Cobb like corn on the cobb. Brooke Sheilds, (well a plural noun and Brooke is spelled diferently.) Bobby Van, (Bobby like an English Policeman.) Edited by: sfpcc1 on Aug 3, 2013 6:05 AM
  14. sfpcc1

    Two Nouns For A Name

    I just started watching a movie I got out of a Redbox Machine called Black Rock. It features and actress called Lake Bell, whose name is two nouns. Can anyone think of another actor, somebody in show business, or anyone at all whose name consists of two nouns?
  15. sfpcc1

    The Honeymooners

    Mr Dobbs you might want to move to Detroit. A local channel is bringing back a version of Bowling For Dollars from the 70's. (Actually you really do not want to move here, New Mexico sounds nice.)

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