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  1. Ray Faiola

    Lee Grant

    Lee Grant in DETECTIVE STORY: "I took a behhhg!" Joe Wiseman was a lovely gentleman.
  2. Ray Faiola

    Malcolm Arnold & Kwai

    Enter Mitch Miller. He was a powerful producer at Columbia Records. When Columbia issued the soundtrack of KWAI, Miller bought the publishing rights to the Bogie/Kwai arrangement, recorded it with his singers, put THAT on the original soundtrack album, and then prevented anyone else from recording the pairing of the two motifs. Richard Hickox newly recorded the score several years ago and was not able to include this famous cue.
  3. Ray Faiola

    R.I.P. Rudy Behlmer (1926-2019)

    Rudy was a pal. A very sweet guy with a great sense of humor. Really gonna miss him.
  4. Ray Faiola

    Preston Sturges

  5. Ray Faiola

    Movies About Movies - Need Suggestions

    HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE! Faye & Ameche team with Buster Keaton! And honorable mention must be given to the Fox TV series BRACKEN'S WORLD. I have a print of an episode all about picture scoring (with music by Jerry Goldsmith).
  6. Ray Faiola

    Movies About Movies - Need Suggestions

    Well, I would, in addition to HELLZAPOPPIN', add CRAZY HOUSE. The latter is about O&J returning to Universal to make another movie. They're met with guns! How about THE DEATH KISS?
  7. Ray Faiola

    Dick Tracy

    Republic and RKO both had Dick Tracy series. Republic did three serials starring Ralph Byrd (who also did the early 50's tv series) beginning in 1937 and RKO did four bottom-bill features starring Morgan Conway (2) and Ralph Byrd (2) from 1945-47. The most interesting of the features was DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME which co-starred Boris Karloff.
  8. Ray Faiola

    NBCUniversal Launching Its Own Streaming Service

    I didn't see Olsen & Johnson mentioned ANYWHERE in that press release!!
  9. STALAG 17?? Now that is curious. A great film, but certainly not something that would seemingly appeal to the iTunes generation(s).
  10. Ray Faiola

    Teachers In Movies

    Miss Crabtree (June Marlowe)! AND Professor Finlayson!!
  11. Ray Faiola


    Well, he and William Windom would show up on TV wearing practically the same hat! Both from Universal's wardrobe dept!
  12. Ray Faiola

    Hollywood and Boxing

    Chaplin in THE CHAMPION And then there are the comedy boxing sequences in: BATTLE OF THE CENTURY CITY LIGHTS ANY OLD PORT BUCK PRIVATES ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN Also - before he was in BODY AND SOUL, Garfield played a boxer in THEY MADE ME A CRIMINAL (remake of a Junior Fairbanks picture THE LIFE OF JIMMY DOLAN).
  13. Ray Faiola

    Forensic musicologist needed

    Here is the ORIGINAL recording of STREET SCENE from the main and end titles of Samuel Goldwyn's 1931 picture: http://www.chelsearialtostudios.com/street_scene_1931.mp3

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