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    Flights of Fancy: the Films of Steven Spielberg

    Wow -is this guy over-rated or what-1941 is one of the worst movies I've ever seen-and whats with using the Lord's name in vain-I counted at least 3 or 4 times JC was used- and duel -what kind of idiot would play chicken with a gas truck-Spielberg likes to create tension-well I'm tense enough to cancel my cable!
  2. george1212

    Who is the coolest captain in the movies?

    I miss Captain Kangaroo-rerunning wood be a good idea- good values etc- Question is in the movies-did Bob make a movie?
  3. george1212

    Who is the coolest captain in the movies?

    Captain Kirk is cool- Captain Morgan is not- Kirk cared about his crew and showed compassion and love for everyone, unless you ticked him off- kinda like my dad-and that got him respect- Captain Morgan is the tyrant type, total a-hole-, no respect- Captain Kirk had a Star Ship and was best friends with a Vulcan superman- how cool can u get- Captain Blood-well hand to hand combat aborad ships is probably the most inense and hard to stage etc, and none did it better than Sidbad/Mr Fairbanks Sr is my pick but, unfortunetly I couldn't hear a word he was saying... Message was edited by: george1212
  4. george1212

    What movie is this?

    Its sounds awful - can u name any stars in it-ie clue
  5. george1212

    Meet Me In St Louis HELP!!

    stop stop-u may destroying precious memorabilia! That old style is priceless!
  6. george1212

    Meet Me In St Louis HELP!!

    wow, maybe you can find someone to paint the fence for you too, "Huck"
  7. george1212

    Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?

    Joan Crawford before she started drinking coke? Jody foster's grandmother? Barbara Stanwyk?mmm...
  8. george1212

    Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?

    its the lady who plays Charlton Hestons mother is in Ben Hur-
  9. george1212

    Your favorite Femme Fatal

    thank you - googled - now shes on my desktop-love high tech!
  10. Invasion of the Message Board People - I I am not a machine, ?mmm.. The Brain machine, 1977
  11. george1212

    Little known movies you love and would recommend

    Gee, after reading the code of conduct, all I dare say is: Penny Serenade, Ma and Pa Kettle , or Deadend kids movies are very funny and entertaining. The Three Stooges too -
  12. george1212

    Snow White

    I think you have to watch this stuff with your kids not avoid it- they'll see it anyway-better to talk about it-help them understand-otherwise they get notions- like being a ninja is okay-or war games are fun--lol I suppose you look under their mattresses too- mine had a satanic bible under it! Im surprised you never thought twice about this stuff as a child- i remember washing my fruit more regularly after seeing Snow White, and every ugly old person with a veil became a witch! thanks a lot mr disney-I think shooting bambi's mom was bad, and the way Pinocchio is treated was very upsetting. I was afraid for him when he got the donkey ears-but the dwarfs lose a housekeeper and Neptune a daughter-in the Little Mermaid-suffering and evil are key elements in Disney-someone must suffer-can you imagine how hot is in that mickey mouse outfit/lol lifes a beach, Disney is always bitter sweet-just like life I'll take Max Fleisher cartoons as more important historically-he was way ahead technically. Betty Boop , Popeye, Superman, I know they're not full lenghth, but Snow White is too short anyway, I'd watch "destruction incorporated, volcano, or any triple feature Superman over any Disney. The characters look real in movement and the bad guys really look evil like the witch in Snow White, but Fleisher's are richer looking, more detailed, more believable, for the times of course, but I haven't seen better yet.
  13. george1212

    Mighty Mouse Show

    they are a fav 2 sat morning cartoons r such a drag now-just toy sales- even postman pat-lol Heckle and J were like Chip n/ Dale, they created choas- and destroyed everything, ate everything and drove someone crazy- so funny and exciting to watch-but politically incorrect?(see bugs Bunny thread) Hear I come to save the Day! probably Andy Kaufmans funniest bit-we sure could use MM now!!lol I suggested they show a few cartoons before the features on TCM instead of promo promo promo-they're preaching to the choir-come on mr projector man lets roll the first cartoon! lol
  14. george1212

    Where's Bugs Bunny?

    ah,whatsup doc? but I think, ahhh SHUT UUUPPA!!! is my fav BB/MEL BLANC/line, but one politically incorrect now! I saw a newer BB just awhil ago-cartoon network maybe-lazyily animated and a sanatisied plot- boring but ya gotta love bugs-wonder why they dont have a BugsBunny world, what a riot/DaffyDuck/ rather meet bugs than mickey any day
  15. george1212

    Your Top 3 Disney Features (1937-1967)

    i like george sanders, the king in forever amber, and as the saint, cool i always sing bear necessities, and walk like me-to my 18 and 21 yr old and they laugh.. gotta get a tissue-this reminising gets emotional sometimes JungleBook is great but... too many monkeys for
  16. george1212

    Your Top 3 Disney Features (1937-1967)

    yes Snow White for sure / The Little Mermaid/Under the Sea Pinocchio great topic!
  17. george1212

    Favorite Silent Films anyone?

    i think of that creepy vampire movie, nostrasomething, any Buster Keaton, king of kings was very moving and spirtual, some of the tarzarn... interesting topic tyvm
  18. george1212

    Your favorite Femme Fatal

    no-but if u can hum a few music time/lol/
  19. george1212

    Your favorite Femme Fatal

  20. george1212

    Your favorite Femme Fatal

    yep -yer right -she's one if not the best- mmm... love that one w/ fred mcmurray and he takes her home for christmas- they drank cows milk together-it is a great movie for an old sentimental fool l/me/lol/ I wish it was me taking her home- ssssshhh.. I loved the Big Valley show- ge
  21. george1212

    Your favorite Femme Fatal

    Beautiful picture-thank you- I ve never seen this one -TYSM- Love those 40's glamour girls/etc/photos I like that blonde in Sherlock Holmes -Women in Green- ge great to see Lauren B on now- cool ge
  22. Cheap thrills, very entertaining bit of 'orror, *Robert Taylor+*,(rant1-re: King of Kings airing this last weekend- he'd make a great Jesus- id follow him, not that wimpy guy the movies portray -Christ kicked **** in the temple-Arabs are friendly but don't **** em off, lol- Christ was a perfect man , trained carpenter of 30 years - he must have been a magnificent man, they were all probably afraid of his mere presence-he walked away from trouble several times i believe-it was only when he gave himself up did the torture begin, like when you decide to obey your parents, lol), Hollywood seems to portray biblical characters as one dimensional mindless dweebs that just sit around and beg, kiss ****, or look into the sky or pray incessently, *sub rant 1* - anyone can see that a bird produces song by blowing out their chest, opening up there mouths(beaks) and wagging their tongues - making songs of beauty unique to its own sub-species, just like our own uniqueness a sound like no other-, yet i don't think it would take thousands of years to figure out wind instruments, im fifty and i have yet to meet someone who recommends piano to anyone as the easiest way to understand music theory as if it's some great mystery- i play guitar and after learning piano ( by myself ) i understood theory right away-the same for dentists. They never ask if you'd like your teeth treated and ive been to many dentists- from birth with a bacterial scrub to kill the germs that cause decay-tha'ts all you'd need if you started soon enough-every one nows now i guess, but they are still selling expensive products that dont clean your teeth right-you still have to pay the man eventually-F98765 dentists-! -i still don't get asked and I only have five left- I guess like dentists and ill wait for all the teeeth to rot before finally find away to save them from the start - and not wait til its to late-like urban crime-yo-dude-the characters portrayed in film, often make me ill-when Robert Taylor portrays evil, it is hard to take and very upsetting because I want him to be and he is a hero to me- but thats another topic- (end of sub rant) (Stanwyck>Robert Taylor>Jesus?>hollywood (biblical portrayals)->The Night Walker>cast> if they had nothing else to do-but that's show business)- anyway The Night Walker with Robert Taylor- so handsome, his ex-wife, Barbara Stanwyck (always mesmerizing to watch-don't you know it!), Script by Robet Bloc (wrote "Pyscho" script). is a classic Saturday afternoon thriller-uh oh-Rant2 , (remember, Sir Graves Ghastly, The Ghoul, (good old saturday afternoon DetroitTV> Bill Kennedy -he was a great movie host, first hand knowledge, so funny-looked like my dad, Bill E.Sr- Entertaining as well as informative and they always had a good to great movie on, now its like, if its old enough, people think its okay to pay it tribute to it- i suppose- even Manson had followers- orogatto Sony, for my remote-lol - love bug indeed- Bill would admit a movie wasn't that great - not glorifying every bloody movie you broadcast-but you gotta give what the public wants?, what the advertisors want? the bottom line- I dont know but this movie is a good one for pure entertainment-A William Castle shocker. One great line:"When I'm awake with you, my life is like a nightmare", all divorcee 's can relate -lol- Cool sound track too!
  23. whoops -wrong kidnapping-sorry didnt know about the girl one -i referred to another??? anyway-its deplorable-ever since Caine slue Abel- people do the darndest things-one more reason for Jesus- eh? I think we need to take control-build a navy- green of course,nucleur whatever/it will create jobs-control smuggling etc Our water must be preserved, and our safety is well paramount and get all those rotting ships of the water-lets rebuild -and what about all these old batteries... and...
  24. love that pirate-I WONT ONE!!!!lol
  25. If all I had to eat was mud, and my friends and family we're being wiped out I might decide to highjack something too- God bless the captain for giving himself up for the crew- Hurry Jesus-for Christ's sake and everybody elses. Happy Easter God Bless America-

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