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  1. misswonderly3

    Canadian Election Update

    james, this is in response to Latrice Royal, not you; but since the original post has been removed, the only way I could reproduce it was to quote your response to it. So, Latrice: every time someone accuses Trudeau of betraying his avowed pro-Indigenous ideals because he asked Wilson-Raybould to leave the Liberal caucus, I have to wonder at the illogical reasoning behind such accusations. Same thing when people say Trudeau must be anti-feminist, because of course Jody is also a woman. I don't support the way Trudeau handled the whole SNC- Lavalin affair. However, his dismissal of Wilson-Raybould, however wrong and misguided it may or may not have been, had nothing to do with her race or her gender. He would have done the same thing had the Attorney General been white and male.
  2. misswonderly3

    Canadian Election Update

    That's rich, coming from someone who I suspect doesn't give a frig about blackface. The most vociferous critics of Justin Trudeau's black/and brown face escapades are those who just want an excuse to criticize him and know this is something that will embarrass his supporters. Trudeau's blackface incidents are embarrassing and regrettable, to say the least. But they don't mean he isn't fit to govern or be re-elected as prime minister. He has openly acknowledged he was thoughtless and stupid in this matter, and has sincerely apologized. MovieMadness, I wish you'd choose another avatar. That unpleasant pic of Bogart is unfair to the actor -he really didn't look like that, 99 per cent of the time. That avatar pic makes him appear aggressive and nasty, which unfortunately is how it also makes you appear, since it's your avatar. How 'bout this one?
  3. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    — from John Huston’s eulogy for Humphrey Bogart Thanks, nakano. I guess I thought I was quoting Eddie Muller in those words about Humphrey Bogart, which was careless of me, because I did actually watch Eddie's comments after the airing of THTF so should have remembered that he was quoting John Huston. Still, the main thing is the tribute to Bogart, which Eddie clearly felt was best expressed by John Huston. It's true, "there will never be another like him". It's too bad that many people today have barely even heard of him, let alone any of his films. edit: although it was 15 years ago, still, I'm sorry about the loss of your friend.
  4. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    The Desperate Hours seems to be rarely shown, I don't know why. I own this film on - wait for it ! - videotape. And in fact watched it this past summer. It's a really good film, and as you say, Bogart's penultimate performance. Anyone know if Eddie's ever aired it on Noir Alley? I liked Eddie's "outro" comments about The Harder They Fall, especially the last couple of minutes or so in which he paid tribute to Bogart. Sometimes with a legend like Humphrey Bogart it's easy to take him for granted and forget how great he really was.
  5. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Agree with all you say here. I hope I didn't seem critical of Toro, either the character or the performance. I agree he's sweet and gentle and I do feel for him. I just wish they'd given him just a bit more dialogue, just to give us a little more back story about him. Rod Steiger: I love this guy. I always enjoy his performances, whatever he's in. I don't mind his "over-the-top" quality at all, I enjoy it. And as you say, he kind of holds that in check a bit in this film.
  6. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    I like The Harder They Fall. I know next to nothing about boxing, but like all good boxing movies, you don't have to know anything about it to get engaged in the film. Besides, in this case, poor Toro Moreno seems to know next to nothing about boxing too. About the character of Toro: one thing I like about noir films is, they're usually fairly short. They get in, tell their story, and get out. The Harder They Fall is slighter longer than many noirs, but still clocks in at under two hours. What I'm getting at here is, something I would have liked to see in the film would have made it a little longer, maybe by five minutes or so. And what I would have liked is, just a little more development of Toro's character. Yes, I know, he's just a symbol really, a symbol of the kind of poor unsophisticated young guy being made a total patsy by the boxing crooks like Steiger. And maybe it isn't necessary to flesh out (unfortunate turn of phrase, given the subject matter?) Toro any more than he is. But I just think it would have made his character more interesting, maybe even a bit more sympathetic (not that he isn't that), more real, if we'd had maybe just a five-minute conversation between him and Eddie about who he is, how he ended up with Steiger's gang, where he came from, who and what he cares about. Yes, he's a "simple" guy, but just a little more conversation from him, maybe just a few lines, would have made him more human and less of just an emblem of how these kind of guys are used. I really liked Jan Sterling's performance, but then, I'm prejudiced; I always like Jan Sterling. I wish she'd get "Star of the Month", or at least, Star for a Day in August. Still, on the whole, I think Jan is more fun as a "bad" girl, like in Mystery Street (where she's more tough than "bad") and of course, Ace in the Hole. The Harder They Fall was, as we all know, Bogart's last film. Isn't it good that he went out on such a high note?
  7. I agree with speedracer and others here who have said they can and do separate the art from the artist. I do not believe that Woody Allen molested anyone. And I think it's a shame that some are depriving themselves of seeing his great movies based on an unproven allegation. He's a prolific filmmaker, and over the years has made quite a few duds in addition to his many wonderful movies. His best films are funny, wise, insightful, moving - and above all, entertaining. He has contributed to American film culture in a profound and significant way through his best movies, which have deservedly become a part of film history. I sincerely hope that this "cancel culture" which has taken hold over society at this time does not succeed in cancelling Woody Allen's great work. But then again, now that I think of it, that would be impossible. His films are too good to not survive this current fashionable loathing of him. It's been said that Mozart was a bit of a perv. Should we refuse to listen to his sublime music based on what he was like as a person? Don't think so.
  8. Whaaat ? ! Are you talking about Dylan Farrow's accusation? I always understand that even she claimed it was a one-time incident, not on-going abuse. News to me.
  9. Here's the thing about the pedophile allegation, regarding Dylan Farrow (as opposed to the Soon Yi story, which has been disproved.): Admittedly, I know little about pedophiles, am no expert on the subject, and have no desire to know more about these sick people. However, I do know this: someone who is a pedophile cannot stop themselves from pursuing their horrible compulsion as much and as often as they possibly can. So aside from the fact that the Dylan Farrow allegations were found to have no basis and were thrown out in a court of law, twice, there is this other point to consider: if Woody Allen were a pedophile, the Dylan Farrow accusation would not be the only one he'd be facing. The fact that no one else, ever, has come forward and claimed that he molested them (and he could easily have pursued children and found a way to do this if he'd wanted) suggests to me that he never did any such thing, nor did he ever desire to do so. If he were like that, there'd be other allegations against him from other people, and there never have been.
  10. TikiSoo, with great respect (I hate to disagree with you ), Soon Yi Previn was not 15 when she and Woody began their affair, she was of age, I think at least 20. Now, yes, it is odd and what we generally call "creepy" that a man so much older would take a sexual /romantic interest in a woman so much younger than himself. But it is not fair to use words like "predatory" when speaking of Woody Allen and Soon Yi. Soon Yi herself has said many times that she welcomed Allen's attention. And they've been married for many years now.
  11. Not so. Both Allen and Previn have stated unequivocally that he was never a father figure to her, and that in fact he saw very little of her when she was a child. (One trip to the zoo over 15 years doesn't count.)
  12. misswonderly3


    You know, I'm not even really a particular fan of Rene Zellweger. Yet I feel compelled to come to her defence. So, no, I don't believe I've ever seen this actress "in preening mode", whatever you mean by that. She strikes me as just an actress, a pretty good one. She took a few years off, and now she's come back with "Judy", which I've heard is a good film, certainly of interest to Judy Garland fans. I'm not one of those women who automatically gets angry and defensive when women are criticized, but I can't help but find it interesting, in a sad way, that this innocuous female actor has been accused of "preening"; I've never once read a post or article about a male actor being described as "preening".
  13. misswonderly3


    What do you mean by the word "preening"? Have you seen the film? Who are you suggesting is "preening", Judy Garland or Rene Zellweger? Since neither woman is a bird, I assume you mean one of the following: 1.1also preen oneself(of a person) devote effort to making oneself look attractive and then admire one's appearance. ‘adolescents preening in their bedroom mirrors’ More example sentences Synonyms 1.2preen oneselfCongratulate or pride oneself. ‘it did not prevent them from preening themselves on their achievement’ This seems a little unfair. Judy did not spend undue attention on her appearance, other than what her devoted fans would have expected. Nor does Rene. And if you are thinking of the second meaning, in what way is either Miss Garland herself or the actress who plays her "self-congratulatory"?
  14. misswonderly3

    I Just Watched...

    What's that supposed to mean?
  15. misswonderly3

    Somewhat Off-Topic: What have you been reading lately?

    Ha ! You named almost all of George Eliot's novels except the only one I've actually read, which is "Adam Bede". I had to read this, along with "Portrait of a Lady" and the wretched "Pamela" (now mostly deservedly forgotten), along with a few other Victorian tomes, in one of my undergrad English courses. ("development of the English novel"or something - it was some time ago.) I actually kind of liked "Adam Bede", I remember I got an "A" on my essay about it. But that was probably because I actually read the whole damn thing, and actually worked hard on the paper, instead of going to parties and otherwise procrastinating. Ah, university days.

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