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  1. misswonderly3

    I Just Watched...

    Interesting you mention George Macready. I just watched "Paths of Glory" last night , where he plays an obnoxious - I'm tempted to say "evil" -French general. Richard Widmark is another great example of a guy who often - particularly in the first half of his career - played horrible people,psychos or racists or weirdos, whatever - and apparently was an absolute sweetheart in real life, long-term marriage, only the one wife, pleasant and professional with all his co-stars and directors, etc. I don't know about narrowed eyes, but he sure looks scary here: So, did you find out what the wacko co-worker's problem was?
  2. misswonderly3

    I Just Watched...

    Really? I've never thought of Robert Ryan as "beady-eyed". In fact, he has rather nice eyes. Actually, I would say his eyes often convey a certain sadness, even when he's roughing someone up ("Why do they make me do it ? !")Now, it's true, since he often plays the "bad guy", he does sometimes narrow his eyes to look menacing. Comme ca: But on the whole, I love Robert Ryan: his face, his eyes, his acting, and almost all the films he was in. He's one of my faves.
  3. misswonderly3

    Changes Coming for the Academy Awards

    I like all three of those guys !
  4. misswonderly3

    This particular Backlot Commercial is driving me crazy

    Here's one I really miss:
  5. misswonderly3

    This particular Backlot Commercial is driving me crazy

    This one was quite long...it was magical.
  6. misswonderly3

    This particular Backlot Commercial is driving me crazy

    Actually, at the risk of looking like the contrarian in the room, I don't really mind the backlot commercials, or for that matter, even the wine ads. For one thing, any TCM promo, even if it's about selling their own products, is still more watchable than the majority of regular tv commercials. For another, I dunno, I just find them not all that bad. BUT ! "That said", what I do mind about them is they have more or less replaced the really well-done, interesting, and fun TCM "bumper" ads, or "interstitials" - not sure what they're called - that TCM used to show on a regular basis. I mean those little, maybe one minute long, bits TCM used to show , usually right before a movie, maybe to get us in the mood. Some of these included an animated film looking very noirish, with late night subway riders, a woman in the window of a brownstone walkup, and an all night diner. Another featured clips of different things and places that resembled film - I mean, they looked like actual celluloid- like a man running up some steps, the sun rising on the windows of a factory, a train....hard to describe, I tried to find it on the web to post it here, but no luck. But anyone who's seen it, I'm sure they'll agree with me, it was genius. I also remember some funny little shorts, back in maybe 2006 or so: they showed a still from some movie (there were a few different ones) on a brick wall, as though the film still were graffitti. One had an old couple walking down the street, the old man looks at the image on the wall. I think it was Lolita. He kind of smirks at it, and his wife pushes him to continue their walk, glaring disapprovingly at the alluring image of Lolita. Again, absolutely brilliant, so clever and funny and so well-executed. They must have at one time had a whole staff making these smart, funny, entertaining, movie-loving little promos; I loved them. Haven't seen anything like the ones I described for a long time - guess they had to make way for the ads they have now. That's pretty much the main thing I don't like about the ads: they replaced those incredibly imaginative and creative little shorts. I tried to find some to post here as an example, but had great difficulty finding anything. It may be because I don't know exactly what to type in to find them. But here's one: Anybody remember what I'm talking about here?
  7. misswonderly3

    I Just Watched...

    Thanks for the detailed and interesting write -up on Straw Dogs, Lorna. Speaking of that director, have you seen The Wild Bunch ? This was the first Sam Peckinpah film I ever saw; it was featured in a film class I was taking. I remember at the time I really disliked it, but it's funny how we can change over the years. I've seen The Wild Bunch two or three times since then, and now think it's an exceptionally good movie. Now, in true Sam Peckinpah fashion, it's not a pleasant movie, it's not fun to watch. Not something you'd want to watch with your mother, maybe. But it's got some great scenes, and it's rewarding to see those icons of classic Hollywood cinema, Robert Ryan and William Holden, in their sunset years.
  8. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Just realized...nobody would want Marjorie Main to pull off her gown.
  9. This was my question: "But sewhite, maybe I'm missing something here ( I admit, that happens more often than I care to say), but as far as I can tell you don't say what thread this post you're referring to was on. Can you enlighten me, please?" But, sorry, I still do not know which thread your post was on, and I'm interested to see it. See,"General Discussions" is the forum. It doesn't tell me what particular thread your post was on. There can be many threads in any one forum. Or maybe you started a new thread, and began it with the quote you initially thought they deleted. In which case, what was your thread called? I feel as though I'm harrassing you about this, and I don't mean to. But it's an easy thing to remember which exact particular thread IN "General Discussions" your post was on. I'm just curious.
  10. But sewhite, maybe I'm missing something here ( I admit, that happens more often than I care to say), but as far as I can tell you don't say what thread this post you're referring to was on. Can you enlighten me, please?
  11. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Oh, no, the spam has started. It's so dreary...and seems to be an everyday occurance now. It spoils our fun a bit, when we're all on this thread at the same time, doesn't it?
  12. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Eeek! How could I get these two Marjories mixed up ? ! Yes, of course I was thinking of Marjorie Reynolds !!! Well, I just gave myself my own laugh of the day. Hey, what's so funny about me in a Carole Lombard-like gown? Are you saying I couldn't pull it off? I'll get you for that!
  13. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Lorna, I'm sorry, I misread your earlier post. If you go back to that post you quoted, you'll see I edited it.
  14. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Ok, who doesn't love Carole Lombard? I wish they'd show more of Carole...of course, since she died so tragically and so much before her time, there simply aren't as many Carole Lombard films as we'd all like. And yes, Carole always looks gorgeous. But let's have a little love for Marjorie Main. I know she was in some thankless roles ( the wife of Vincent Price in His Kind of Woman comes to mind...), but she was also in some good films. I'm thinking in particular of Ministry of Fear, a delightful, very entertaining, kind of noirish British film directed by one of my faves, Fritz Lang. There are lots of good things to say about this movie, but the one I want to focus on is the casting of Marjorie Main as Ray Milland's romantic interest. Marjorie is so pretty in this. plus, she handles a German accent fairly well (or is it Austrian? probably German, for reasons the story uncovers quite early on.) Here she is looking like she means business: I think she could carry off a Lombard-like gown quite well.
  15. misswonderly3

    Noir Alley

    Shirley they must have shown Double Indemnity a few times. In fact, I'm guessing many times. It's considered one of the ultimate noirs. EDIT: Sorry, wrong program ( ! ) (couldn't resist) So clearly I did not read your post carefully, Lorna. You never suggested that Double Indemnity had never been aired on TCM; you said you didn't think it had ever been aired on "Noir Alley". And I think you're right .

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