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    Any and everything Classic Hollywood; reliving my nostalgic Nick-at-Nite days by watching a combination of Hulu, Amazon Prime, You Tube and my DVDs; my favorite TV show of all time--I LOVE LUCY; cooking; baking; trying new beers, wines and cocktails; antique stores; writing my blog; playing with Buddy--my yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure; traveling; sleeping; procrastinating; anything and everything that I like.

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  1. speedracer5

    Hottest Teen Idols

    For the teen idols, I like: James Darren Ricky Nelson --- Movies featuring the teen idols of the 1950s-1960s are some of my favorite movies ever. I love the teen beach movies and the angsty teen-oriented melodramas. I've also always liked Sandra Dee, I think she's adorable. I like Troy Donahue. He's got a bit of a blank-faced Ken Doll appearance about him. No, he's not a great actor, but I like him.
  2. speedracer5

    Favorite Performers By Decade

    I'll admit that I don't have the biggest knowledge of the 1920s films, I haven't seen very many: 20s- Charlie Chaplin & Louise Brooks* *-I really have no female star to choose. I haven't seen very many films of the 1920s and haven't actually seen any of Brooks' films, but do have Pandora's Box recorded. I chose Brooks because she seems pretty cool. 30s- Errol Flynn & Myrna Loy 40s- Errol Flynn & Barbara Stanwyck 50s- Gene Kelly & Lucille Ball 60s- Jack Lemmon & Hayley Mills 70s- Robert Redford & Sally Field 80s- John Candy & Molly Ringwald 90s- Robin Williams & Alicia Silverstone 00s- Ewan McGregor & Keira Knightley 10s- John C. Reilly & Cate Blanchett
  3. "And I'm goin' home and I'm gonna, I'm gonna bite my pillow..."
  4. speedracer5

    Actress Georgia Engel (1948-2019)

    This is indeed sad news. I loved Georgia's character, Georgette on Mary Tyler Moore. She wasn't so much ignorant (like husband, Ted), but she was more incredibly innocent. Occasionally, Georgette would say something hilarious, or she would try to assert herself, like telling Ted to "move it or lose it." After the departure of Rhoda and Phyllis, Mary's female cohorts were Sue Ann and Georgette. Georgette was a nice way to balance out Sue Ann. She also made a nice part of a trio with Mary and Rhoda. I loved the episode where Georgette performs "Steam Heat" (from The Pajama Game) at the Teddy Awards. It seems like every year, more and more pieces of my Nick at Nite nostalgia pass on. It's very sad, even though I know it's inevitable. I watch Mary Tyler Moore often. The entire series is on Hulu and I also have the entire series on DVD. I'm watching it right now in fact.
  5. speedracer5

    What Would Be Your Fan Dedication Movie?

    I would choose The Long, Long Trailer and dedicate it to my family. The four of us have probably seen that movie a hundred times (not exaggerating). We can recite the dialogue and continue to watch it almost every time it airs on TCM. We'll also bring the DVD to watch while we're camping (it's a good camping film).
  6. speedracer5

    Fun movie-related gifs

    The only other place I have ever heard of this movie is on Conan O'Brien, specifically when Paul Rudd appears. Rudd will go on Conan's show, under the guise of promoting his newest film. When it comes time to show a clip from his new movie, inevitably the same clip of Mac and Me will be shown, in lieu of what he's supposed to be promoting.
  7. speedracer5

    Jeopardy TCM Edition

    I believe Jeopardy had a TCM category last week in honor of their anniversary.
  8. speedracer5

    Fun movie-related gifs

    The TCM classic Mac and Me
  9. speedracer5

    Movies to Video Games (or Vice Versa)

    I didn't make a point of watching the show myself, but my younger sister loved it. The show was on before school. We'd always watch it while we ate breakfast, before going to school, so I've seen many episodes. Looking at the show on Wikipedia, apparently it is still on? I had no idea. The only seasons I remember watching must have been the early seasons, with Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket. I remember Misty disappearing at some point. I haven't watched the show for years though. I do enjoy the games. Lego Star Wars is really fun and I'm not even a big fan of Star Wars. I hear that the Lego Harry Potter game is really fun as well.
  10. speedracer5

    Movies to Video Games (or Vice Versa)

    The Lara Croft Tomb Raider movies are good--much better than Super Mario Bros. The Pokemon TV show is pretty good as are the games. My favorite movie to video game would probably be the Lego Star Wars game.
  11. It was neat seeing Robert Osborne and his first introduction. He looks so young too! I vaguely remember TCM in its early days. I was a couple months shy of 10 when it premiered. When TCM started, it was added to my parents' Extended Cable package. I used to watch it here and there, mostly when they aired Lucille Ball movies, but I would catch other films as well. After a few years, TCM moved to a higher tiered cable package than my parents were willing to pay for, so I lost access to it. I used to try and watch it through the scrambled imagery, but it wasn't the same. Does everyone remember this? The sound would be intact, but the image was messed up. So I had to get my classic movie fix through video rental, the library, and AMC. I'll admit that I just put another movie (The Unfaithful) in the DVD player. I didn't really feel like watching Gone With the Wind. I may pop back in later when It Happened One Night starts. I enjoy that film.
  12. I had to do a Google Image search to figure out what this film was. Lawrence, you wear your age well 😉
  13. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    That episode was depressing, I agree. The part of that episode I do like is the subplot with Blanche, Rose and Dorothy caring for the newborn. I like when they serenade the baby with The Chordettes' "Mr. Sandman." BLANCHE AND ROSE (SINGING): "Mr. Sandman..." DOROTHY as MR. SANDMAN: Yessss I also agree with the "Brother Can You Spare That Jacket" episode. It seems that many of the Golden Girls' "Very Special" episodes were downers--like the episode when Sophia befriends the man suffering from Alzheimers. One of the "special" episodes that is funny is the two-part episode where Dorothy is diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Dorothy's storyline is not full of laughs, but in this episode we are treated to Blanche and her dream to become a "great Southern writer." Hilarious.

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