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  1. Noir Alley

    Lol. I just looked at my house and my car is parked in front of the house. It's kind of funny because of the photo's perspective, my car looks as big as my house! Then I just looked up my parents' house (50 miles south of mine) and my car is in their driveway! Lol. What's interesting is that I think Google Maps must take the angles of the streets on different days. From the front of my parents' house, my car and my dad's truck is in the driveway and it's sunny. If you click to see the house from the perspective of the side street, suddenly it's overcast, my car is gone and my dad's truck is in the street.
  2. I mostly have autobiographies/biographies of stars that I like and I have a ton of books about I Love Lucy. I don't typically get a lot of the big hardcover coffee table books because I don't have room for them. I will borrow them from the library (if I can), and look at the photos. To Sagebrush: I completely empathize with the trauma of flood waters. My water wasn't muddy, but it was a combination of sewer and rainwater which is pretty gross. We didn't lose books, which I agree would be worse as paper and water don't typically go together well. We had a ton of old NES and SNES games that ended up in the water plus tons of DVDs. I know that the discs still work, but the cover art and some of the cardboard cases are toast on many of them. The game cartridges I don't know if they still work or not, I'm inclined to think yes. But when you've put together a collection of films in good condition, you don't want a bunch of gross water damaged cases lining your shelves. I can't imagine losing books especially ones that are out of print. Sometimes those are very hard to find, especially at a condition and cost that you're willing to pay.
  3. July Schedule is up

    Steve McQueen is okay I guess, I don't dislike him, but he doesn't tend to be in movies that interest me. I do like The Thomas Crown Affair and The Blob. The Spotlight theme states "50 states in 50 movies." I'm waiting to see what the Oregon movie will be. Just perusing the schedule... 7/1 is a daytime tribute to Olivia de Havilland. I think it's funny that they scheduled The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, that's such a nothing role for her. At first, I couldn't figure out why Armored Car Robbery was scheduled as that didn't seem like the type of movie de Havilland would appear in, then I figured out that 7/1 was a Sunday and that was the Noir Alley series entry. Of all the de Havilland films, Devotion sounds interesting. It co-stars Ida Lupino. 7/2 appears to be a Joan Blondell theme. I'll have to read through all the description to see which ones to record. Right now Stage Struck and The Traveling Saleslady look interesting. 7/3 Musicals. Kissin' Cousins. These Elvis movies are so absurd, but I really like Viva Las Vegas and Jailhouse Rock, we'll see what happens with this one. lol. 7/3 Meet the People. I want to see this Lucille Ball/Dick Powell film again. I think this movie is airing another month too. 7/4 Star Spangled Rhythm. I've never heard of this film and it features many of Paramount's biggest stars. 7/7 Party Girl. I had this film recorded at one point but never watched it. I don't think it's on my DVR. 7/8 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I've never seen this movie. For the longest time I thought it was a Disney movie, until I found out it wasn't. 7/10 Twenty Plus Two. The plot of this movie sounds intriguing and I like Jeanne Crain. 7/11 Zero Hour! The plot of this film sounds interesting. 7/12 Steve McQueen movies: Soldier in the Rain, I'm curious about the pairing of McQueen with Jackie Gleason. Baby, the Rain Must Fall, I love the title, and I like Lee Remick. The synopsis also sounds interesting. The Horizontal Lieutenant, this film pairs up Tim Hutton and Paula Prentiss. I've seen two films in the last couple of weeks featuring Hutton and Prentiss and they make a good duo. 7/13 You Belong to Me, This is a Barbara Stanwyck film that I haven't seen. Doctor Monica, this film sounds like it could be interesting. 7/16 Barbara Stanwyck birthday tribute. These are the ones I haven't seen yet: The Woman in Red, These Wilder Years, Ever in my Heart, Lady of Burlesque. I kind of ran of of things that piqued my interest. The Oregon film is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. That's a decent film, so I guess I'm satisfied with that selection. I wish that they had scheduled Love and the Proper Stranger for the Steve McQueen SOTM. I'd like to see that film again. Oh well. Next month we should find out who the SUTS selections are for 2018.
  4. What Are You Watching Now?

    I was in the mood for something fun. Im watching “Where the Boys Are.” It seemed to pair well with my taco salad and Lime La Croix Sparkling water. Now trying to keep my bird out of my water—he keeps trying to bathe in it!
  5. Are you saying I should change my screenname because the 1998 version of Speedracer was allegedly bad? Which btw, I think it came out in the 2000s. I picked this screenname based on the cartoon from the 1960s because I liked the theme song. Yes. I am a big fan of Errol Flynn. BTW: It's MISS Speedracer.
  6. Just click “Edit” on one of your posts and you should see the ability to change the title.
  7. Martin Scorsese: 'Cinema is gone'

    I find that while sometimes CGI is fine and can create some cool effects, other times the CGI is almost too good and too pretty and it makes the scene look unrealistic. I'm not talking so much about the superhero movies as we know that heavy amounts of CGI are involved, I'm referring to things like the recent adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. The bridge and snow covered mountain terrain (where the train derails) is almost too perfect looking and there's a sheen or something on the bridge and snow where it makes it obvious that it's CGI. There's something to be said about having to actually build sets and props out of tangible materials to tell a story. It's interesting to read how an old film was able to achieve a specific special effect just through the use of props and camera angles. It seems like "real" filmmaking to me. It's getting to the point now where we wouldn't even need real people to act in a film, we can just create computer people or even bring back deceased performers or de-age older living performers to restore their youth (E.g. Michael Douglas in Ant-Man).

    Tiffany was 30-something. She was perfectly old enough to discuss film.
  9. As speculated somewhere on these message boards, TCM's Musicals spotlight is indeed for this year's TCM course. The "Mad About Musicals" course starts June 3.

    I love Alicia Malone's accent. I find it charming and have no issues with it. She seems so much more comfortable in front of the camera too. I actually find her pleasant to listen to, as opposed to Tiffany's perpetual "first day of high school speech class" presentations.
  11. Lego Singing in the Rain Set

    This whole thing is missing Lego Cyd Charisse. She and her green dress are what makes the whole "Broadway Melody" number. I will now sit patiently and wait for Lego Psycho.
  12. What Are You Watching Now?

    Right now I am watching "The Time Tunnel" (for the first time) w/ dreamy James Darren on Hulu. I found out about this show via a Me-TV Facebook post! Can't go wrong with Moondoggie and time travel.
  13. That's what I thought as well. If they're doing a theme-day based on killer spouses, I really wish they'd show Julie with Doris Day. I keep seeing the original movie poster on the Warner Brothers Archives site and I want to know the answer to: "What happened to Julie on her honeymoon?"
  14. What Are You Watching Now?

    Lol. It was a valiant effort. I have a co-worker who is re-watching all the MCU movies before Infinity War comes out at the end of the month. It was supposed to come out in May, but Marvel moved up the date. Last I heard, she was up to the second Thor movie. I don't care that much to re-watch all those films, but I'm sure I'll end up seeing Infinity War. I've seen all the movies leading up to it (Though I think I missed some Thor and Captain America in there somewhere), so I might as well see the culmination of ten years' worth of Marvel films. I don't mind re-watching films, sometimes when you're in the mood for a specific film, nothing else will do until you satiate that desire. I just never have the desire to re-watch the Marvel films. I like the movies and see them in the theater and think they're fun and entertaining, I'm pretty much done with them as soon as I leave the theater. I think Guardians of the Galaxy is the only one of the films I've seen more than once and that is because we saw it in the theater and then were on vacation at the beach and it was a million degrees outside. We decided to cool off in the theater and since it was a small town, we had a limited selection of films to choose from. 'Guardians' was playing, so we watched it again. Of all of the films, I think the Guardians films and Doctor Strange were my favorites.

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