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  1. I believe he just had a spotlight on TCM a few months ago. It seems that someone remembered him at least.
  2. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    I don't remember William Frawley in this film? I agree that de Havilland's character was annoying in this film. I hated whatever bizarre laugh she had going on. I know Flynn and de Havilland had the better chemistry, but in this particular film, I liked him with Russell better. Lol. I think their relationship was the whole "these two people act like they loathe each other, but secretly they have the hots for one another" type attraction. Patric Knowles usually irritates me in his films and he did not disappoint in this one either. With that said, I enjoy seeing Flynn in such a broad comedic role. I think he had the comedy chops, he just unfortunately never found a The Awful Truth or My Man Godfrey to be able to show them off.
  3. Lol. I was rather indifferent to Montgomery for awhile, but it seems like this year, he's been popping up in everything that I've been watching lately. I now find myself looking for his films in the schedules. Miriam Hopkins was someone who I wasn't particularly fond of for awhile because the first films of hers I saw was Virginia City. I think Hopkins was miscast in that film. I don't particularly buy that Flynn would be lusting after her. But I've seen some of her precode material like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Trouble in Paradise and she's fantastic in those films!
  4. As much as I love Bette Davis and am not as big a fan of Crawford's (though I do think her Warner Brother years are my favorite part of her career), I'm glad Crawford got the role of Mildred Pierce. I cannot picture Bette in the role.
  5. I second the vote for June Bride ! Robert Montgomery and Bette made a great pairing. Look for a young Debbie Reynolds as one of Betty "Thelma Lou" Lynn's friends.
  6. Beyond the Forest, imo, is the highlight of Bette's career! Why oh why isn't this film available on DVD/Blu Ray ?? The only way Bette could have made Beyond the Forest even better would be if she'd reenacted her "Wipe my mouth" scene from Of Human Bondage.
  7. I've seen Casablanca twice in the theater. I actually haven't seen Gone With the Wind all the way through, but I don't think I could sit in a theater for 3.5 hours. Sometimes the people in the theater get on my nerves so much, it's all I can do to make it through an hour and a half. Re: the upcoming events, I may go see West Side Story with my mom if we can figure out a way to meet on a Wednesday night to see the film (we live an hour and a half apart from one another), can't go Sunday because we're coming back from camping three hours away from either one of our homes and we have to hopefully pick up the bird from the bird store where he's being boarded for the weekend, otherwise we'll incur extra charges. After West Side Story, I'm hoping to go to: Rebel Without a Cause in September and White Christmas in December. Maybe Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in October, but I'm undecided about that one.
  8. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    This is the main reason to watch “The Pirate.”
  9. Wednesday, June 20. In case anyone needed help in knowing which Errol Flynn film to watch during his birthday tribute: While I own all the films being aired, even the short film, and would watch any of these films in a heartbeat, I recommend: That Forsyte Woman. This is a later Errol film, the only film he made at MGM. He just happened to be at MGM during the 25th Anniversary celebration and that's how he ended up in the famous MGM luncheon video. He's visible sitting next to Greer Garson. The look on Errol's face looks like he'd rather be anywhere else than sitting in that room. If I remember correctly, Errol and Greer are sitting in the same row as Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. Talk about being in the party row! Anyway, I digress. While That Forsyte Woman has its issues, imo it's Robert Young, I would argue that Errol gives the strongest performance. He has to play against type and portrays the cold and humorless Soames Forsyte. Uncertain Glory. This film features Errol in a somewhat villain type role. Throughout the film, you never really know what Errol's going to do, hence the title I suppose. Errol plays a prisoner who manages to escape during his execution after the site is bombed. While on the run, Errol meets up with his friend Sheldon Leonard and ends up romancing Leonard's girlfriend, Faye Emerson. Errol ends up being found by French detective Paul Lukas. At the same time, the Nazi's are holding innocent French citizens hostage as a means to retaliate against some sabotage on one of their bridges. They inform the French that they will only release the hostages if the saboteur comes forward. Errol offers to turn himself in as the saboteur as to release the hostages. However, throughout the film, he flip flops so much, runs off with a woman he meets, and does other things that you don't know if Errol will come through in the end. The Sisters. In this weepie, Bette Davis is paired with Errol. Bette and Errol play newlyweds who marry and settle down in San Francisco after meeting at the 1904 Election party (in which Theodore Roosevelt won a second term) in Silver Bow, Montana. Bette is one of three sisters and is arguably the smartest and most sensible one--however, Errol is hardly the most sensible man. He is a sports reporter who just wants to give his wife the life he thinks she deserves. Tired of having no money, Bette ends up getting a job as a secretary at a department store and thrives. Errol's ego is bruised. This was a great film for both Bette and Errol and shows vulnerable sides of both actors that isn't typically visible in their respective films.
  10. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    I have yet to be impressed by Lizabeth Scott. She seems like a poor man's Lauren Bacall. I recorded Pitfall but haven't watched it yet, so maybe Lizabeth will win me over.
  11. speedracer5

    "Roman Holiday" Disney promo

    Roman Holiday = sadism? hmm... Gregory Peck did seem to enjoy pulling one over on Audrey Hepburn in that "Mouth of Truth" scene. o.O I will go out on a limb here and say that Paramount and William Wyler probably did not perform as extensive research on the origin of the phrase "Roman Holiday." I am sure that they probably thought something like "This is a film that takes place in Rome and features a princess on a holiday from her duties, hence, Roman Holiday."
  12. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    When I read this title, immediately this came to mind: "It's close to midnight... something evil's lurking from the dark... 'Cause this is Thriller! Thriller night..." I know MJ later says something like "Inside a killer thriller tonight..." but you can't tell me that "killer thriller" does not sound like "Killer diller." Lol. Then of course, there's my favorite part from the video: MJ's "It's only a movie!"
  13. I don't know who your cable/satellite provider is, but you may check On Demand to see if any of the films you recorded are on there. If you don't mind watching movies on your computer/phone/tablet, you could also utilize the Watch TCM app and see if the films you want to see are listed there. TCM usually puts *most* of the films they air on Watch TCM and they stay on there for about a week or so.
  14. I think Roman Scandals is on the WB Archive. I've seen it pop up on TCM occasionally. Lucille Ball plays one of the slave girls in that film.
  15. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    I love this movie, though I love musicals. I already owned the 1-disc version, but specifically got the 2-disc version because one of the special features is the PBS American Masters documentary about Judy Garland. I couldn't seem to catch this documentary on my local PBS station without being subjected to the hour long pledge drive breaks. I got the 2-disc just so I could watch the documentary without interruptions. I'm just curious, 50-cents or not, do you typically purchase films you have no interest in watching? I don't know how your library system is, but the library can be a great resource to "try out" films before purchasing them.

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