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    All things Classic Hollywood, classic television, my favorite show of all time: I LOVE LUCY, movies and television in general, old time radio shows, Disney, watching football, fantasy football, watching boxing, watching old school WWF Survivor Series, Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble (Macho King FTW!), antique stores, thrift shops, camping, road trips, traveling, discovering new beers and cocktails, reading, history, and learning in general. I just love learning!

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  1. speedracer5

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    Secret Ceremony? I am honestly trying to remember why I recorded it... I think it was to see the pairing of Mitchum with Elizabeth Taylor.
  2. I completely agree with Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood. I also agree with Bogart as Rick in Casablanca. These film roles (and so many others) are so iconic, it's hard to even imagine anyone else in the part. Some stars seemed to have lucked out in landing multiple iconic film roles that they are cemented as legends and not just stars. Many big Hollywood stars of the golden era never landed that part that would endure for decades to come and turn them into icons of the era. Rita Hayworth as Gilda Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Psycho Jack Lemmon as Daphne in Some Like it Hot Montgomery Clift as Prewitt in From Here to Eternity William Powell & Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man
  3. speedracer5

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    I loved him in The Night of the Hunter and Cape Fear. It's fascinating to me how Mitchum can be so dreamy-esque in his noir films, and then a total creep in films like 'Hunter' and 'Fear'... and his characterizations are the same! He was absolutely terrifying in 'Fear,' especially in the houseboat scene with Polly Bergen. (Great, now I think I'll have to watch Cape Fear tonight when it gets dark). I also loved him in Out of the Past, especially his "Baby, I don't care" attitude. He was great in some of his early films like The Locket and Crossfire. Even though, frankly, I think almost anyone could have played his role in Crossfire. I've also seen River of No Return, but it's been so long, I cannot even remember anything about it--except for Marilyn Monroe's jeans and the river. I also loved Holiday Affair with Janet Leigh. It was a nice departure for Mitchum. Looking over Mitchum's filmography... apparently I haven't seen many of his movies. If I had to rank my top 5 Mitchum films based on what I've seen: 1) Cape Fear 2) The Night of the Hunter 3) Out of the Past 4) Holiday Affair 5) The Locket On my DVR, I have: Where Danger Lives, The Sundowners, Secret Ceremony, Rachel and the Stranger, and My Forbidden Past all recorded.
  4. speedracer5

    Host replaced?

    I found it absolutely absurd that a person’s accent is criticized for not sounding American. News flash, many classic film stars do not have American accents either. Now we have a person’s outward appearance being criticized, including speculations of plastic surgery. A wrist tattoo is in no way indicative of a person’s ability to introduce film. It's fine if people don’t care for the host, I wasn’t a fan of Tiffany. But the comments made in this thread were mean spirited and narrow minded. That’s what I didn’t care for.
  5. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    Per Twitter, Eddie Muller says his top 5 femme fatales are: 1 Jean Simmons, Angel Face 2 Joan Bennett, Scarlet Street 3 Jane Greer, Out of the Past 4 Peggy Cummins, Gun Crazy 5 Jean Gillie, Decoy --- I've seen 4/5 of these performances, I haven't seen Decoy.
  6. speedracer5

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    I rarely watch TCM Underground. I'm not a big fan of horror movies and the TCM Underground seems to mainly consist of terrible horror movies. Occasionally, I'll see something on the schedule that I want to watch, e.g., Roller Boogie or Burnt Offerings, but it's few and far between. I wouldn't mind if TCM dumped Underground and replaced it with another series, a la Noir Alley. For that matter, I rarely watch Silent Sunday Nights or TCM Imports, but I know those series, and probably TCM Underground, have their fan bases. I wouldn't dream of trying to prevent silent and foreign film fans from seeing these weekly showcases.
  7. speedracer5

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    In-N-Out's burgers are okay, but their fries are terrible. I went to an In-N-Out a few months ago and literally watched them slicing potatoes to make into french fries. Whatever happens to the fry between potato and fryer is anyone's guess. I much prefer the local fast food chain, Burgerville, centered in the Pacific Northwest. All ingredients are locally sourced and their burgers and fries taste great. They have these amazing Walla Walla onion rings, which are only available during the summer. Hardee's I think is Carl's Jr on the West Coast. Carl's Jr is actually pretty good. They're my second favorite after Burgerville. I was just in Austin and considered going to Whataburger because I've heard of it, but had never gone there, but I never ended up going. Next time I guess.
  8. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    I liked Touch of Evil but I thought Charlton Heston's Latino makeup was ridiculous. I also thought it was weird that he didn't even attempt a Latino accent--though if he'd done that, we could have ended up with a "Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's" situation and that would have made it worse, I think. I liked Orson Welles' prosthetic nose. It looked like he attached a potato to his face.
  9. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    I wouldn't be able to get by without my DVR either. I like being able to watch what I want at the time I want. TCM Primetime starts at 5pm for me, and often times, I am not ready to just stop for the day and spend the evening watching movies. But I don't want to miss out on things I want to see. And sometimes, there are movies I want to see that are airing, but that particular day, I might not be in the mood for that film. Oftentimes, movies that I want to see are on at an inconvenient time, like when I'm at work or when I'm asleep. There are other evenings when I'm limited for time, but want to watch a movie, so it's nice that I can go through my movies and find something short. Re: Filmstruck. I've looked at the offerings and some look good, but many of them are movies that I already have. I'm not going to subscribe to a service to watch movies that I could watch for free. I also don't like that you're restricted to watching on your device or on the computer. I want to watch movies on my TV, not on my phone and not on my laptop. If Filmstruck were to come up with a smart TV app or an app that can be installed on Playstation or XBOX then I maybe would consider it. I wish Watch TCM was also available via an app that can be installed on the TV or on a video game console.
  10. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    I sometimes watch Noir Alley live too, but only at 9pm Saturdays. I usually always DVR it too, in case I fall asleep or need to rewind because my bird distracted me, or even if I just want to see it again. I like that TCM airs it twice. If I forget to record Saturday’s offering, then I have another chance.
  11. speedracer5

    Noir Alley

    Well said! While I think smoking is disgusting in real life, for whatever reason, I like it in old movies. It’s just part of the time and as much as I hate to admit it, they make smoking look cool! At 34, I won’t be swayed to take up smoking “to look cool,” but I can’t help but think that it looks cool. I like that the characters offer cigarettes to others like one might do with appetizers. Even Bette Davis and Paul Henreid’s cigsrette scene in “Now, Voyager” looks romantic even though in real life, I’d be like “blech! No!” I also like that the characters just smoke nonchalantly. Not like in real life when many of the smokers I know have to make a big deal about how they need to smoke. I just think, “ugh just do it, away from me, and shut up about it already!” I’m always fascinated by how characters seemingly put away highballs of straight booze so easily. I’m not a fan of drinking straight booze. I too like how the characters help themselves to someone else’s alcohol. The nightclubs always look so elegant and what I’d give to sit in one of those swanky nightclubs sipping a champagne cocktail. Sometimes the drinking looks sexy. Can’t help it. Sometimes I’ll make the same type of drink the characters are drinking if I happen to have the ingredients on hand. I don’t mind alcohol and smoking in films. I don’t need my media censored for me. I am a self sufficient person who can make her own decisions.
  12. speedracer5

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    Errol, my love? Why? Had he not been so self destructive, I bet he would have turned into a very handsome, distinguished, older man. I just watched “Gentleman Jim” the other day and it’s sad to see how much he aged in such a short period of time.
  13. speedracer5

    Barbara Eden (1931-2018)...?

    I loved her as “Diana Jordan” in “I Love Lucy.” “My mother told me to pick...YOU!” Don’t blame her, given the choice between Ricky, Fred or Ralph Ramsey, I’d pick Ricky too. Re: How to Marry a Millionaire,” which part did she play? I also liked Barbara in an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show.” She plays a young woman who moves to Mayberry to start a new life. Her vocation is as a manicurist. She ends up opening her manicuring business in Floyd’s barber shop. The men of Mayberry enjoy having their nails cleaned and trimmed by a pretty girl...until their wives get jealous and demand that their husbands stop visiting Barbara.
  14. speedracer5

    Grammer question pls

    According to the dictionary, films noir and film noirs are both correct. I always thought that noir was one of those words where the plural and singular were the same. I guess that shows what I know. Lol.
  15. speedracer5

    November 2018 schedule is up

    That would also be a good choice as presumably the casting directors would provide some sort of insight or opinion or something that would back-up the choice as to why such and such film is an example of great casting.

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