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  1. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    This thread is intended for people to share their thoughts on films that they recently saw. I also made a counter thread "A Waste of Space on the DVR" for those films that were total duds. This is not limited to films seen on TCM. I just watched a few films: Wabash Avenue. I just saw this film with Betty Grable and Victor Mature. I remember last summer, Dargo tried to get me to like Mature more. While I did like him in I Wake Up Screaming, I can never see him as the supposed heartthrob that he was supposed to be. Mature does absolutely nothing for me--lookswise. I do like him as smarmy characters. He seems to do smarmy well. Betty Grable was beautiful as always and wore many costumes to show off her great legs. This film was entertaining when I watched it, but is ultimately forgettable. The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This was a great film. While it was heavy on the CGI, it was a fun film with an interesting plot. James Spader was great as the voice of the villain, Ultron. The Avengers themselves were also fun, and I thought it was interesting how the filmmakers worked around Scarlett Johanssen's pregnancy (stunt doubles & CGI). I also like that the group seems to be evolving and making room for two new Avengers: The Scarlet Witch (played very well by The Olsen Twins' sister, Elizabeth Olsen) and Falcon. I look forward to the next film and the next superhero film in the Marvel franchise-- Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. I recorded this film for Jean Arthur. I'll have to admit right here that I've seen three Capra films: It Happened One Night, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Arsenic and Old Lace. My opinion of star Gary Cooper unfortunately is not that high. He was awful in Love in the Afternoon. I found him very dull and in Love in the Afternoon, director Billy Wilder would have been better off hiring a mannequin for Cooper's part. In Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Cooper wasn't that bad, but I can't figure out WHY he was such a big star. Maybe he was better in silent films. Cooper just seems to have no pizzazz. Perhaps if they had cast James Stewart or maybe even Cary Grant, it might have been more interesting. I wanted to say Errol Flynn, but he might have had too much flair for the part of Longfellow Deeds. I hate to say it, but I liked Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder's remake better! But I did love Jean Arthur in this film. She never gives a bad performance in my opinion.
  2. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    I'm curious about Coop's ballet shoes.
  3. speedracer5

    Nickaloaden Kids Choice Awards 2019

    You should probably direct this question to Nickelodeon. This is a movie message board where we discuss classic film and topics pertaining to Turner Classic Movies.
  4. speedracer5

    Upcoming Releases

    Ooh I'll definitely be picking up Swing Time. It'll come out just in time for Barnes & Noble's July Criterion sale!
  5. http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2019-06-01 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2019-06-08 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2019-06-15 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2019-06-22 http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2019-06-29
  6. speedracer5

    John Barrymore Don Juan vs Errol Flynn Don Juan: Which did you prefer?

    Given the choice between Errol and anyone else, Errol will win each and every time. I love how colorful this film is and I love the costumes! I believe the costume designer, Travilla, won an Oscar for his costumes in this film.
  7. speedracer5

    John Barrymore Don Juan vs Errol Flynn Don Juan: Which did you prefer?

    Ricky's Don Juan movie was shelved. We never do find out which movie he made instead.
  8. speedracer5

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    That would make sense. The first primetime timeslot for each Saturday in May is also showing TBA.
  9. speedracer5

    Wizard of Oz favorite character

    There are so many characters to enjoy in The Wizard of Oz: I love the Wicked Witch of the West. I love the Munchkin that says "Follow the yellow brick road" in the really deep voice. I love the tree that slaps Dorothy when she takes the apple. I love the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. The gatekeeper is my favorite Oz character, "Who rang that bell?...Well bust my buttons, that's a horse of a different color, come on in!"
  10. speedracer5

    The Top Ten Films of Debbie Reynolds

    I haven't seen all of Debbie's films, but these are my favorites: 1) Singin' in the Rain 2) Susan Slept Here 3) The Tender Trap 4) The Catered Affair 5) The Gazebo 6) The Mating Game 7) Two Weeks With Love 8 ) Tammy and the Bachelor 9) Charlotte's Web 10) Kiki's Delivery Service The latter two films she just provided a voice, but I liked them nonethless. I also enjoyed her in It Started With a Kiss, I Love Melvin and What's the Matter With Helen?
  11. speedracer5

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    I am finally getting a chance to actually look at the new schedule! I've only seen a handful of Jane Powell films, so this could be an interesting spotlight. If she's up to it, it'd be really cool if TCM could get Jane Powell to help host her spotlight. Powell is a native Oregonian like me! Noir Alley 6/1 The Asphalt Jungle 6/8 Nora Prentiss 6/15 Pickup on South Street 6/22 Shadow on the Wall 6/29 On Dangerous Ground 6/2 That Night in Rio You Can't Have Everything looks interesting. I've heard of the Ritz Brothers, but have never seen them in action. I'm looking forward to the Alice Faye/Don Ameche feature. I like Ameche and his films aren't played often on TCM. I also don't think I've ever seen any Carmen Miranda film and she seems to have popped up a lot with Ameche and Faye. 6/3 I'm curious about the "Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame" series. Breathless. I've always wanted to see this movie. 6/4 Zou Zou. I've also never seen Josephine Baker in a film, so this looks like it could be interesting. 6/5 I love musicals, so I'd probably watch all of the Jane Powell films. 6/6 I can't say I'm excited about the WWII film series. I believe it is the 75th anniversary of D-Day this year, so the series makes sense. I like the WWII films that take place on the domestic side, or the ones that do have war, but feature a romantic angle that unfolds against the backdrop of the war. The straight combat films I find boring, but depending on who is in the film, I may be convinced to watch. 6/8 Nora Prentiss. I own this film, but this is a great movie and I look forward to hearing Eddie Muller's comments on it. 6/8 appears to be an Ann Sheridan evening, which I wholeheartedly support. I would be curious to know what film they're trying to procure for the 5pm slot on this day. It still says TBA. 6/9 The Patty Duke evening looks interesting, I'm disappointed that they didn't select Valley of the Dolls, but I own it on Criterion, so I can make my own Patty Duke evening. Lol. 6/10 Hollow Triumph looks interesting. It's a Joan Bennett film that I haven't seen. 6/14 My second favorite short film, The Wonderful World of Tupperware ! 6/15 Pickup on South Street. This is a great movie. Nice selection for Noir Alley. 6/17 The Glass Key. I've been wanting to see this film again for quite some time. 6/22 My birthday! I will be camping this day, but I will record the Noir Alley feature, Shadow on the Wall. 6/25 Disney Vault. The Moonspinners!! I love this movie, I already own it, so I won't record it, but YAY! 6/26 Eleanor Parker birthday tribute. I've seen most of these, but I'm interested in The Seventh Sin and The Last Ride. 6/30 The Claudia double feature! I've been wanting to see this films since I created a Dorothy McGuire SOTM schedule in the last Programming Challenge! This is the highlight of the month for me.
  12. speedracer5

    Recent Buys

    So I'm in the Bay Area for work and they have the most amazing used DVD stores here. While waiting for check-in time at my hotel, I went to 2 DVD stores, both in San Jose, both on the same street! S Bascom Ave is the place to be! Anyway... both stores had a section labeled Classics, which was amazing. Both stores also had a dedicated Criterion section which was also amazing. I may have gone a little insane, but sometimes, if you see something, you just have to get it, or you may never see it again. Especially since I don't live here and would maybe get to go to these stores 1-2x a year (depends how many times I get sent to the Bay Area). I can tell you that Austin, TX was a dud for used DVDs. Anyway, I managed to find: -Meet the People. I know this is a MOD movie and it'd be easy for me to obtain, it's not often you find these movies in the used DVD area. I like this musical featuring Lucille Ball and Dick Powell. -A Barbara Stanwyck Double Feature: To Please a Lady and Jeopardy. I haven't seen To Please a Lady, but I loved Jeopardy. -Kino release of Pitfall featuring Dick Powell and Lizabeth Scott. The Kino release was only $5! -Kissin' Cousins. This Elvis movie was really dumb and not nearly as good as my favorite, Viva Las Vegas, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. -Night and the City. Criterion release. It was only $7.95. $7.95!! -Best Foot Forward. This isn't even one of my favorite Lucille Ball films. But it was only $5. Call me a completist. Lol. -Honolulu. This Eleanor Powell musical would NEVER make it in today's culture, but I love Eleanor Powell and enjoyed this film. It's also another MOD movie. -Ace in the Hole. Another Criterion film and it was only $9.99. $9.99! Then I worked on my Fox Film Noir Collection. I didn't pay more than $10 for any of these. -House on Telegraph Hill -No Way Out -The House on 92nd Street. I haven't even seen these Fox Film Noir films, but I've been trying to collect the series. The second DVD store I went to actually had a lot of these Noir films, but I already owned most of them. They had 2 copies (2 copies!) of Nightmare Alley. I've never seen this film for sale anywhere. I had to get my copy online. I also saw Moontide. Another film that I had to buy online.
  13. speedracer5

    Recent Buys

    I took advantage of the Criterion sale on Tuesday and purchased the following: All That Heaven Allows, The Sweet Smell of Success and Notorious.
  14. speedracer5

    Actor Luke Perry (1966-2019)

  15. speedracer5

    Actor Luke Perry (1966-2019)

    This is so sad. I'm not surprised after reading how severe his stroke was, however I was surprised to read of him having the stroke at such a young age. I watched Beverly Hills 90210 every week with my parents back in the day--even in elementary school when I was obviously too young for it. It ran from first grade through tenth for me. Lol. Dylan McKay was my favorite character on the show. I'd pick him over Brandon in a heartbeat. In honor of Luke Perry, I am re-watching the show. It's streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime right now. The best part of opening credits. RIP Luke
  16. speedracer5

    The Curse of Kerr, IT RHYMES WITH STAR!

    I think if I understand right, GGGGerald is saying that the collection of cutouts on these ladies' dresses resembles the codes used on maritime signal flags.
  17. speedracer5

    I Just Watched...

    Manhattan Melodrama makes me laugh, if only to think about Mickey Rooney growing up to look like Clark Gable.
  18. speedracer5

    Disney Channel

    I would Google “Contact Disney Channel.”
  19. speedracer5

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    I would agree that that looks like Bette Davis in the Blu-Ray art work. She's dressed like that in Burnt Offerings as well.
  20. speedracer5

    Upcoming Releases

    WB Archive is releasing Lady in the Lake this week. The more I watch it, the more I like it.
  21. speedracer5

    Recent Buys

    I just picked up the following: -A Letter From an Unknown Woman. I loved this movie when I borrowed it from the library. I love true, intensely romantic films. -I worked on my Fox Film Noir collection and picked up Fallen Angel, Dangerous Crossing and Moontide. -I finished my double feature about the Winfield family and picked up On Moonlight Bay. I’ve found that I really enjoy the pairing of Doris Day with Gordon MacRae.
  22. How sad to lose Stanley Donen. He made many of my favorite musicals. I also remember his moment at the Oscars... back in the day when the ceremonies were actually fun to watch. Stanley sure lucked out meeting Gene Kelly during the early part of his career and it just goes to show the immense amount of talent he possessed, if Kelly was willing to take on a 20-something and co-direct a series of films with him. I know they had a falling out however during the making of It's Always Fair Weather. Stanley by then had hit it big with Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and didn't want to go back to co-directing a film. Of Stanley's films, I love On the Town, Singin' in the Rain, Funny Face and The Pajama Game. As someone else mentioned, he was great at directing a variety of film genres. Charade is fantastic as is Two For the Road. I also enjoy Arabesque and Indiscreet. I've been wanting to see Surprise Package because I'm a fan of Mitzi Gaynor. Reading over his filmography, he was also a big choreographer. He worked as a choreographer on many of my favorite films: Cover Girl, Anchors Aweigh, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame. RIP Stanley Donen.
  23. I much prefer SUTS because there is a bigger variety of programming. Yes, there will be your usual stars featured, but sometimes TCM will manage to program something on Bette Davis day (for example) that I haven't seen before. What I do like about SUTS is that they'll include lesser known stars, or character actors who I enjoy. I'll also discover "new" stars that I like by being able to be exposed to a large portion of their work at once. I'm also able to further discover a star whom I'm not as familiar with by being able to see a whole day's worth of their work.
  24. I don't know if I hate Oscar month, but even I haven't found much to watch... and I feel like I've seen barely anything. I discovered that Walk on the Wild Side with Capucine, Jane Fonda, Anne Baxter and Barbara Stanywck is on Amazon Prime. I've been wanting to see this film forever because I'm intrigued by the cast... so I'm looking forward to watching this one. The problem with Oscar month is that there is a finite pool of films to pull from. Each year, there will be a few more films, but there will never be more classics that can be added to Oscar month's offerings.

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