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    Most Beautiful Musical Moments

    Look for the Silver Lining from Till the Clouds Roll By Something Good from The Sound of Music He Loves and She Loves from Funny Face One Alone from Deep in My Heart Between You and Me from Broadway Melody of 1940 Dear Little Boy from Star How's that for variety!
  2. TC1943

    Plainest man who became a star?

    Not really sure why I'm reading this thread, but I am taken aback by the Bing Crosby comments. Probably the most popular entertainer of the mid-20th century, there is little doubt about his ability to sing. He may not be your taste, but he is extraordinarily gifted. As for his skills as a father, let's not slam people's character when we don't really know the whole story. Lots of disagreements about this part of his life, so I wouldn't make such rash comments. I really don't understand why so much of the commentary you see online these days, whether its newspaper articles or youtube videos, is so angry. Opinions can be stated without being so emphatic and hateful. Hope this sounds like neither.
  3. This is really too bad. Warner Bros. and Fox HAVE spoiled us, but there are still lots of films I would like to own. What about Jean Harlow's films? What about "A Guy Named Joe," "The Human Comedy," "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes," to name a few? I have ordered several of the made-to-order Warner Archives films, only because there is no other alternative. The quality of the print and of the sound varies greatly and I have been disappointed a couple of times.
  4. I ordered five titles and have watched two of them so far, Strange Interlude and Ice Follies of 1939. Both looked and sounded great, but no extras, not even a trailer on the first one. I was happy to see them offered and had been waiting a long time for some of these titles to surface, so it doesn't really matter. Warners has done a great job so far with their box sets and single title classics, as have Turner and 20th Century Fox.

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