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  1. DakotaSiouxWoman

    What your favorite Bogart/Bacall movie

    I would have to say the big sleep
  2. I would have to say Guess who's coming to dinner
  3. DakotaSiouxWoman

    John Wayne

    What film of his made you into a fan
  4. DakotaSiouxWoman


    Of All the Movies that came out that year, Which one was your favorite and why
  5. DakotaSiouxWoman

    Joan or Bette

    Which one was your favorite and why
  6. DakotaSiouxWoman

    Clark Gable

    How old were you when you discovered him
  7. DakotaSiouxWoman

    John Wayne

    What is your Favorite Movie of his
  8. DakotaSiouxWoman

    Wyatt Earp

    Of All the movies that were made about him, which one is your favorite, Well for me I would have to say Tombstone What your's
  9. DakotaSiouxWoman

    Who is the best

    Western Director

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